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The Cable Man Cameth

A couple of years ago, in an effort to save a little money, we got rid of our cable. “Got rid” is perhaps not accurate. Instead, we reverted to very basic cable. Which afforded us the 3 major networks, plus a couple of minor ones, PBS, and a Spanish speaking station. Oh. And the Trinity Broadcasting Network. Which evidently stars some gal with pink hair.

Or was that a kid’s show on PBS?


The first couple of months were hard, as I would sit in front of a static screen, willing HGTV to appear before me. But alas, other than a few tears shed over the loss of the weather channel and FOX News, I got over it.

Fast forward two years, and we began looking for new ways to trim our budget. Fiddledaddy did some research and learned that if we bundled our home phone, business phone, internet access, and cable, we would save an additional $50.00 a month.


But there was a catch. Our cable would be upgraded. So, for $50 less each month, we would be getting HUNDREDS OF CHANNELS AGAIN. IN HIGH DEFINITION!

We were torn.

And then we got over it and accepted this gift horse.


We’ve had to put severe limitations not only on ourselves (because hello? Weather channel. 24 hour disaster coverage!) but also on the children.

Fiddledaddy and I previewed afternoon Disney channel fare and we were dismayed at what we found. The shows geared to the “tweens” were rife with attitude, disrespect, belligerence, and general snarkiness.

So we’ve banned afternoon Disney channel television.

Making us wildly popular with our tween girl.

And while I’m thinking about it, I had an opportunity to spend some time with a group of 2nd through 5 grade girls at our church recently. They were discussing books, movies, and tv shows that they watch.

Apparently, some of them had gone to see the movie “Twilight.”

Seriously? Isn’t that a movie about vampires? Sensual vampires? And isn’t it rated PG-13?

These were 9 and 10 year old girls. One of whom was a pastor’s daughter.

I dunno. Maybe I’m like 90, and just didn’t realize it. But I can’t see how that’s appropriate for 9 and 10 year old girls. Am I missing something?

It is interesting to note that I spent my childhood afternoons seated in front of “Dark Shadows” with my mother. I have to say in retrospect, that I was allowed to see a number of movies that I really wish my parents had not allowed. I still have images in my head that haunt me.

Maybe that’s why I’m taking such a strong stance.

On a brighter note, my girls have discovered the joys of “The Brady Bunch.” And were more than a little horrified to learn that their mother can sing the entire theme song loudly and off key.

I fully expect that “groovy” and “far out” are going find liberal usage in everyday language around here.

And frankly, I find that outta sight.

I know I’m horribly outdated and old fashioned, but I do miss the old shows of the 60’s. Other shows I loved to watch were “Get Smart”, “My 3 Sons”, “The Flying Nun”, and “The Partridge Family”. To name a few.  Innocent entertainment.

Join me in a glass of Geritol and tell me the shows you all loved from your youth!


41 Responses to The Cable Man Cameth

  • Little house on the Prairie, I really wanted to be Laura!
    I know what you mean about the lovely choices on TV – I’m lucky my two still think Curious George is wonderful!

  • Yes, cable tv is a horror these days.
    I am not looking forward to the tween years here.

    I’d go for no TV if it wasn’t for Big Daddy.

  • I agree completely about Disney – very disappointing. Their sarcasm gets them jokes on the TV and then children use it at home. We have also banned it in our home.

    We love Andy Griffith and Lawrence Welk. My boys roll over that one…but they will still watch for entertainment.

  • Cable! We just got home from a glorious week spent at the beach. I love the pool and the ocean, my children LOVE the chance to watch cable TV (we don’t have it at home). When it was time to leave I had to PRY the remote out of their hands. Sad but true.

    I loved (ok, LOVE) to watch My Three Sons, Hogans Heros, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, The Brady Bunch, Andy Griffith, Dick VanDyke, Love Boat, Happy Days, Gidget…. the list goes on and on.

    The fun thing about the girls watching vintage TV is the phrases they pick up. The other day my 8 year old told me something was “swell”. I laughed so hard I cried. Now we all are saying “swell”. 😀 I learned “polishing the apple” (buttering someone up) from My Three Sons. I intend to use that phrase, a lot! hahahahaha

    After a week of cable watching, my resolve to stand strong and not have it at home is intact. I didn’t care for the shows intended for tweens (what nut thought of the October tag – Wiz Tober?). Even TV Land disappointed me. I was hoping for some nice family sitcoms, instead there was a Married with Children marathon. sigh…..

    Thank you TV People for putting vintage TV shows on DVD! I {heart} you!

  • Afternoon Disney def. leaves something to be desired, however, Disney channel in the morning is great. They play playhouse Disney, which is great, but it is for the younger kids. Look for the Hallmark channel, they usually have some pretty good, healthy shows.

    I loved Full House as a kid, that and Little House on the Prairie.

  • I am typically hanging out on a lonely limb when it comes to what my kids can watch too. My 6 yo is one of the only kids she hangs out with who hasn’t seen HS Musical or Hannah Montana. I just don’t think it is necessary to introduce high school topics like dating to my 6 yo. Ugh, I hate feeling like a prude.

    My 6 yo has however discovered I Love Lucy and laughs her head of at Lucy’s antics. It is so clean and any remote innuendo (which there is very little of) goes completely over her head. Love it!!

  • I’m with you on Twilight. Horrifies me that my daughter’s Christian friends are reading the books, watching the movies, and noone seems to question it. I do, and won’t allow it… good luck with cable. It’s a battlefield for sure:-) We allow disney for our 10 and 12 year olds, but I do have to edit, and probably should be even more vigilant than I am!

  • You are def not alone Deedee. I love brady bunch, little house, leave it to beaver, happy days etc. 🙂

    My kidsdon’t usually watch Disney in the afternoon but the morning they do sometimes. I will have to doublecheck that again. I banned them from the cartoon network I cannot believe the crap that is on there geared towards younger kids. In any case one other thing you could do is check most of those series out that you like from netflix and let the kids watch those adn the best part is they are without commercials so no more “mom I really need this greatest toy” etc. I realized my son was watching too much tv when we were in the grocery store and instead of asking me for a pack of skittles he asked me for a “taste the rainbow” 🙂
    the good news though is Jensen would probably love noggin (nick jr. now I think)

  • I Love Lucy, Andy Griffith, and The Partridge Family. And The Honeymooners. The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Bugs Bunny and all Loony Toons. I hate the garbage on TV today and almost never watch it, other than TLC. There is literally nothing on prime time I ever watch.

  • LOL, we’re right in the middle of a Get Smart marathon via the internet. Watched all the available Brady Bunches as well. And *every* episode of Little House. I’m trying to remember if Hogan’s Heroes is fit to watch – I know I watched it as a kid, but as you point out, that doesn’t really say much, does it?

    I like sci-fi as a kid, too – Star Trek, Buck Rogers, Battlestar Galactica. But all the usual family fare as well.

  • Good for you. All you have to do is spend a little time with a crowd of teenagers these days to know their parents don’t monitor their tv time. MTV was banned in my house until my kids went to college, as was Beverly Hills 90210, and several of those other shows geared to teenagers. They thought they were abused. Today they are both teachers and they are preaching the same sermons to their students I preached to them. I tell you, I learned stuff screening those shows and I am over 40! And today’s cartoons! OMG! We love TV Land and watch Andy Griffith and I Love Lucy regularly. That’s healthy entertainment!

  • Oh my! I am in complete agreement. I do not understand the Twilight phenomenom. We don’t have cable or any tv for that matter. We didn’t get a converter box and I must say the house has been more peaceful. The snarkiness of the Disney channel is ugh.

  • I too was appalled by the Disney channel afternoon selection that we sampled on vacation this year!! We don’t get any tv, cable or network, but we get lots of DVDs from the library. The Cosby Show is even better 20 years later!!

  • Bewitched, Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres, Petticoat Junction, Brady Bunch, Addams Family, Munsters… wish I could re-create that era for my kids, but we’d all miss computers!

  • The attitude that the kids on the Disney channel have is terrible. It is very frustrating. Parents are made to look like idiots who don’t “get it”. Many times the dads are especially seen as stupid. I have 3 teens and really we don’t watch a lot of “regular” cable TV. We do pick out shows on Hulu. They have a lot of vintage stuff. (haha! I call myself vintage, so what if I “live” in the 70’s and 80’s:)
    We have to even watch what comes on the History or Discovery Channels. Those channels are big into evolution, sometimes it is more subtle….but it is there. The entertainment industry wants our children—as parents we must hang tough. ( I will step off my soap box now.)

  • I’m totally with you on this. We haven’t had cable since our kids were born (our oldest is 6) so thankfully we haven’t had too much of an issue with it. I’m glad to see that there are other parents out there that are taking a super conservative stance when it comes to what our kids are watching.

  • We also hate afternoon Disney around here. I have a 9-year-old who likes to watch the shows, but the 5-year-old is the one who started using the snarky phrases. We slowly banned all the shows. But even the older shows can give kids an “education” as well. We happened across an episode of Leave It to Beaver one day where they were dealing with an alcoholic neighbor.

    I need to just buy them more legos and craft supplies.

  • A couple of years ago, my middle daughter’s music class did a medley of old TV show songs. When we really want to horrify our 14 year-old, we break into a chorus of The Beverly Hill Billys, Gilligan’s Island, Laverne and Shirley, The Brady Bunch, The Addams Family, etc. We all laugh our heads off as she is mortified with us! It is sad we have to worry about what our kids watch on Disney.

  • I dvr Tom & Jerry for my kids and they LOVE it! However, my 5yo son recently told me he plans on smoking when he gets older – and after I picked my jaw up off the floor – I realized he saw it on the cartoon! ARGH! We had a long conversation, er, lecture, about black lungs and stinky breath and rotten yellow teeth after that!

  • Oh yeah – and remember the Little House rape episode??? I was about 12 at the time and my mom, I’m sure, was SO glad to be explaining THAT to me!

  • Growing up I only got about an hour a day of TV allowed, my parents were STREEGHH-ICKTT! I loved innocent little Gilligan Island, Cosby Show, and Brady Bunch.
    We are fairly restrictive with my kids, but they act like we are SUPER restrictive.
    Nothing with any form of witchcraft or sassiness (I hate it, but I even think we are gonna ban a couple of fairly innocent premise shows that seemed to turn it on a bit thick lately). We love the old cartoons on Boomerang. My kids watched the Smurfs and were mesmerized Saturday, then my son asked, “Why was there only ONE girl Smurf?”
    Hmm… never thought about that one!

  • We upgraded for a couple months with our DISH Network, within in a month we went back to the basic family package. The only stations we watch some Nick at Night, some TV Land, Fox News, The Food Network and Animal Planet. The rest are always ignored.

  • Amen, sista!! There is a whole lota trash out there that little kids have access to…worse yet, parents that don’t seem to give a flip that they watch it!! My 5 year old son only watches PBS, and Noggin (before our sattelite service was disconnected that is) and picks up more than his fair share of “attitude” just being alive in this universe!!

  • Totally with you! My almost-10-year-old hasn’t even seen the High School Musicals even though they’re rated G.

  • Come on! I know I’ve been out of the loop awhile since I now have high school aged sons, but elementary girls are reading/watching Twilight? You’ve got to be kidding?!?

  • The shows you mentioned were all favorites. Also My Favorite Martian, Green Acres, and The Monkees (on Sat. morning).

  • I loved the Monkees and was more than a little devastated when I realized I had been watching re-runs. I was totally in love with Peter until I realized he was my dad’s age. Eeekkk!

    Wasn’t it you who rented a cabin to watch HSM with your daughters?

  • I remember fighting with my brothers about what we were going to watch after school: Taxi or Three’s Company!

  • My favorite, hands down, was Growing Pains. Huge Kirk Cameron fan! 🙂

    Have you noticed movies that were rated PG when we were younger would not be rated PG now? Karate Kid gets a PG13 rating in my book, but I guess that didn’t exist back in the day.

  • I have to say I love this post! We are getting ready to get rid of cable all together. The only thing I will miss is the food network. My husband will miss football. However, there are recipes online and football on the radio. My kids need to see less of what is on tv.

    I agree wholeheartedly that “twilight” is NOT for kids. I don’t even think early teens should see this. I haven’t seen it myself, but just from the commercials, it’s wildly innapropriate. I cannot judge those who do let their kids see it, I can however control what my kids see.
    A lot of kids my daughter’s age (6) are already into the disney afternoon stuff. Graced by God, she understands that the kids on those shows act bad for an audience, and doesn’t want to see them!
    God bless!!

  • I guess I’m in the minority here. No problem, I can handle that. My girls (10, 13, and 15) watch Disney and Nick all the time. There are certain shows they’re not allowed to watch on those channels though. Guess I suck as a mom.



    Crazy girl. You so don’t suck as a mom. 🙂 I am certain that you’re never in a minority here. I am blessed to have moms with a whole bunch of different opinions stop by here. I am also triply blessed to say that most everyone who does share their opinion, plays nice. I’ve never felt the need to delete anyone. I know that’s rare, and I don’t take it for granted.


  • Personally, I never missed an episode of the Brady Bunch. Don’t tell anyone but a couple weeks ago we were in a hotel visiting the King Tut exhibit in Indy. The episode where Marcia votes Mr. Brady Father of the Year came on and I’m humiliated to say….I wept! At the end!! And not because I had wasted 30 minutes of time. It touched me. I should be weeping because it touched me.

    Petticoat Junction. Loved the name Bobby-Jo (I just typed Booby…same dif) – felt sorry for Betty and Billy though…Jo. Loved Steve.

    Lost in Space

    Gomer Pyle – was that the name of show too…or just Gomer’s name. Loved Gomer.

    F-Troop. (I’m dating myself here)

    McHale’s Navy

    Here Comes the Brides. Please don’t get me started on the cuteness that is and was Bobby Sherman. Be.still.my.heart.

    Judy, Judy, Judy,

    You are my people. 🙂


  • I’m with Judy…as the shows she mentioned were my fav’s and most of the others listed here were my kids fav’s – yep, I am old!
    And speaking of Bobby Sherman…the short-lived but much loved show “Getting Together” starring the king of cuteness himself was a must see for me….every Friday night following the Partridge Family….
    aaahhh…..David then Bobby…..who could ask for more????

  • Thought of two others that will also date me….

    Family Affair and Nanny & the Professor

    Although I bought the dvd of the first season of Family Affair at Cracker Barrel a while back and well, interesting how things like smoking (yes, Uncle Bill smoked) and the evening cocktails were common place on those 60’s “family shows”….

    but gotta love Juliet Mills (Nanny) – always wanted to be her or Angelique (Lara Parker?)
    from Dark Shadows….
    and btw, did you hear that Johnny Depp bought the rights to Dark Shadows, the movie….he is playing Barnabas Collins….

  • Andy Griffith, I Love Lucy and Little House on the Prairie!!!

    And, no… you’re not missing something. Well, nothing that isn’t trash.

  • our kids are not allowed to watch anything not pre recorded without us.
    however that said my 5 year old watches ghost hunter with me and both boys are fascinated with CSI Miami…
    we watch them together and keifer has asked what kind of school he needs to be a csi and tanner wants to be a ghost hunting penguin tamer.
    whatever at leasst they are currently interested in learning for more than just basics for right now.
    they dont watch any of the tween stuff or most of our satellite channels. cartoon network or boomerang whichever has the older cartoons is allowed.

  • I am a youngin, but loved watching the Brady Bunch growing up. I was addicted to watching Full House too!

    My kids are 3 and 5, so we’re still in a Playhouse Disney mode. We watch a lot of Noggin when we are stateside as well. If you get Sprout with your thousand and 12 cable channels, it is all PBS shows, and I’m sure Jensen would like it. (Even the girls, because some of those shows are fun!) I don’t allow many of the older Disney shows, even though my 5 year old insists they are “awesome”. I will sometimes allow the dreaded Hannah Montana, but mostly because those shows usually ending with Hannah admitting she should have listened to her dad!

    I LOVE the Twilight series. I have seen the movie, and will be going opening night to see the next one. And while I could “defend” letting a teen read the series, I cannot imagine letting my kids read it until they are in the age group in which the books were intended.

  • Andy Griffith ROCKS….Sheriff Taylor, Aunt Bea and her dill pickles, Barney and his antics, The Darlin’ family—LOVE THOSE!!!

  • I loved I Dream of Jeanie and Bewitched! Somebody mentioned Buck Rogers up there – I’d forgotten all about that! Loved it too!
    I concur on the “Twilight” thing… besides it being a complete beating… there was a least one scene totally inappropriate for “tweens”. I’ve forgotten alot of it…

  • We call Disney shows “disobedient shows” when explaining why my children aren’t allowed to watch them. Now they get it, and will come and tell me themselves if something they watched over at someone else’s house was “disobedient.”

    And totally with you on Twilight. I don’t get why so many Christians are letting their kids read an watch it, even in our Christian home school circles.

    When we moved, we decided we would have no tv. No rabbit ears. No local channels. No children’s channels. No news. And we are fine with that. Recently, our phone company came round offering packages, and we found out we could save a few bucks, and get faster internet if we tried out the DVR cable. So we tried it for two months, and could find nothing worth recording. Happy in the land of no tv.

  • Yep. No Twilight here. My daughter is still young yet – just learning to read – but it’d still be a no-go in the Jubilant household regardless.

    Disney is limited to morning hours. We recently discovered Boomerang that has Tom & Jerry, Penelope Pitstop and Jetsons. My kids get more out of that station than any other.