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Down, but not out

I’ve been dealing with a pesky muscle spasm in my neck and back.  I say it’s stress related, as I’ve not attempted to demonstrate to my children my ability to do a handspring.  This time.

And I also say that the stress emanates from All The Bickering that my children put me through.

Which reminds me, I need to make that weekly call to my Dad to apologize for my general childhood rottenness.

Also, I inadvertently super glued my fingers together in an effort to fasten Cailey’s award jewels into her AWANA pin.

All this to say that my time at the computer has been restricted.  Unless I can figure out how to type with my toes.

Which I say is totally possible, as I am able to peel a banana with my feet.

I know.  My talents are limitless.

I’m going to spend the weekend cuddled up with my heating pad, a large bottle of Ibuprofin,  and a good book.  My sweet friend Ann Kroeker (who is a REAL writer, as opposed to me who will be from here on out, a blogger who types with her feet) just sent me her new book, “Not So Fast.

It’s all about practical ways to slow down in this fast paced world.

Ann, this couldn’t have come at a better time!

Have a great weekend everyone! I’ll be back with Saturday Stirrings next week.


8 Responses to Down, but not out

  • After having been through many, many muscle spasms in my back PMS related), my physical therapist finally gave me the secret. Ice massage. This is much worse than putting an ice pack on the spasm. Here’s what you do:

    Get a styrofoam cup. Fill it 3/4 full of water. Freeze it. Then peel off the foam about an inch below the ice level. The foam is for the comfort of the person torturing you. You get the ice part. Your “helper” massages the spasm with the ice for a full three minutes. It will become numb during that time. (Hint: have helper hold a towel right under the spasm to catch the ice cold drips before they get too far.) Do this four times a day. It really does help!

  • I ALWAYS superglue my fingers together whenever I use superglue!!! EVERY time!!!! 🙂

  • Enjoy a hot bubble bath too!

  • Did the spasms start before or after AWANA???

  • Disposable gloves! My husband does a lot of work (car, ususally) that requires disposable gloves, so we always have them around the house.

    Takes care of the entire super-glueing your fingers together problem.

  • I know that feeling of muscle spasms in the neck and upper back. I have herniated disc that flair up when the weather changes. Have a restful weekend.

  • How would any of us survive your life for an afternoon?

    I hope that Not So Fast is encouraging and hopeful, and that this weekend is refreshing for you…and healing.

    May you find a few moment’s peace.

  • I always have muscle spasms in my legs (still trying to figure that one out. I’ve been to about every “ologist” there is, and have been poked and prodded in between) I know a hot bath helps me, you should try it.

    As for stress, our family knows a little about that. My mom had to go to the hospital by ambulance awhile back. When they didn’t find anything wrong, they said she was stressed. (Which anyone who knew her would attest to) Later, we found out that she had a viral case of meningitis (I have NO idea how to spell that, and I’m to lazy to look it up) Anyhoo, my point is…. DON’T BELIEVE WHAT DOCTORS SAY. I find that when they don’t figure it out soon enough, they make up their own diagnois. (No offense doctors)