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The Field Trip, Part Deux

First of all, let me say thank you for all your well wishes.  My tongue is almost back to normal, and I’m taking my meals with a fork once again.

Life is good.

Well, we did it.  Today we went on our planned field trip to the Kennedy Space Center.  And although you may find it hard to believe, all of the children behaved very well.  Even Jensen.

Except for that one fateful moment of panic when I looked down at the camera to find THE RIGHT DADGUM BUTTON TO PUSH, and then looked up to discover that Jensen was GONE.


We began frantically hollering his name and running in all directions.  When we heard a faint, “WHAT?”

He had scampered into a display rocket capsule, and was preparing for lift off.  (That whole leash idea?  It’s still on the table.)

But other than that, he was very good.

And I’d love to be able to tell you that the day passed with no incident whatsoever.

But that would be a lie.

When we were entering the space compound, I needed to show proof of residency, to acquire free tickets.  Whenever we go somewhere that requires a good deal of walking, I leave my heavier purse at home and travel light.  With 3 children, TWO food coolers, and a dilapidated stroller used to haul all of our crap.

Therefore, I place my drivers license (and other assorted cards that we might need in case we end up in an emergency room) in a zip lock baggy, and put it into my much smaller purse.

Fiddledaddy was parking the car, and I had all of our bags and children in tow.  When I arrived at the window to show my drivers license, I whipped out my little baggy and held it up, examining the contents against the glare from the sunlight.

After a few moments, I realized that the baggy I had extricated contained a tampon, mini-pad, and 6 ibuprofen.

I looked at the woman behind the window and said, “This isn’t going to help me get in, is it?”

“No, indeed.”

Quickly, I retrieved the correct bag, produced proof of residency, and scurried through the gate.

A little while later, I received a phone call from Fiddledaddy who needed me to come get him through the gate, as he had forgotten his wallet.

AND WHAT LUCK!  He was at the very same window that I had entered through.  With all the nonchalance I could gather, I began rummaging through my purse.

She waved Fiddledaddy through, “Oh, never mind honey, I remember you.”

I always like to think that it’s my winning personality that people will remember when I’ve blown through their lives.  That’s my delusion, and I’m stickin’ to it.

I’m going to take a break from Saturday Stirrings this weekend, as I’ve not had any culinary inspiration to draw from.  You know, with the whole hideous tongue incident and all.

Have a wonderful weekend!


10 Responses to The Field Trip, Part Deux

  • You too, Dee Dee.
    Thank you for the smiles!! 🙂

    Bonsall, CA

  • Your winning personality HAS left an impression on me! It’s no delusion.

  • Love it! I was sitting at the computer laughing out loud and my family wondered what in the world I was laughing about. It’s not like I could tell my 7 and 9-year old about the tampon, the mini pad and the ibuprofin!

    Never a dull moment!

  • So funny!!!! Glad it was a fairly uneventful fieldtrip.

  • The tampon bag. Niiiice. I wonder how that would go over at airport security?

  • Heh – that’s a great story. You lead such an “interesting” life…

  • I think that little baggie full of goodies would make you remembered forever at the Space Center! You are probably a legend among those in the staff lounge by now…

  • Fun! And I’m SURE it was your winning personality coupled with the tampons. POSITIVE.

  • Reminds me of a concert I went to in college. Punk rock. Wild. Crazy. Had to be searched. Had hidden a tampon holder in a sock and stuffed it in my jacket pocket. The heavily pierced and tattooed bouncer at the door made me drag it all out and place it on the table, and apparently he had never seen a tampon holder before because he opened it up, even after I informed him that he really didn’t need to do that. To this day, I’m not sure who was more mortified: him, me, or my sweet and naive brand-new boyfriend!!! Good times, good times.