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What’s Your Sign?

A big thank you to all of you who have let it be known that your child thinks he/she is also an animal of some sort.  It’s always a relief to know that I’m not alone in my crazy.

And yes, Jensen still thinks he’s a dog.  We’re all just holding on and waiting for this particular phase to pass.

Jensen has made friends with all the dogs in the neighborhood.  But no so much with their owners.  For he will exit the house and begin howling.  And all leashed dogs within hearing range pull free from their owners to come and bid him hello.  And then lick my boy.  With tongues that have also licked their own…well, you know.

I stand calmly by with disinfectant.

If no dogs are present, Jensen will instead head to the backyard and howl over the fence.  Causing all the neighboring fenced dogs to join in the howling festival.

We’re popular here in the neighborhood.

But one resident has clearly had enough.  And she let her feelings be known by posting a notice on her bedroom door.  And because we all know that dogs can’t read, she made sure that her message was understood in a pictorial.


And yes, he’s been known to sit and paw at her door.  While fully engulfed in Dog Whine.

She in turn has adopted her sister’s love of loud music.

I’m composing a sign of my own to post on my door.

Enter at your own risk.  Nervous breakdown in progress.

So, what’s your sign?


13 Responses to What’s Your Sign?

  • Could be worse! At least he doesn’t think he’s a frog!

  • You haven’t noticed your son acting a bit weirder around the full moon have you?
    He doesn’t have excessive fur…er…I mean body hair?
    Just thought I’d cover the possibility of him being a wolf.
    Oh, okay! So, maybe…just maybe I need to get off this old black and white movie kick I’ve been on. (it was just a thought.haha!)

  • My 6 yr old daughter just made me a sign for my room that says “Quiet Place”

  • My sign would be:

    “Welcome to our home! Kick back and grab some earplugs!”

  • My ex-sister-in-law gave me a notepad yesterday that states “If evolution was true, mothers would have three arms.” Of course, it would have to be 6 or 8 arms to do all a mom does. I have and 11 y/o boy and 3 girls, 9 years, 21 mo and 11 wks. My arms are plenty full these days!

  • “Can’t I at least use the facilities in peace?”

  • My 6 year old son has three imaginary friends/co-workers, Jen (male not female), Trucka and Boss. They go hunting and fishing together and carpool and work together. He will run around all day, in and out of the house, chatting back and forth with them. Recently, though, we’ve had to make a new house rule. “No talking to imaginary people at the table!”

  • I have teenagers. Mine would be:

    “Please stop texting and TALK to ME!”

  • NO WHINING!! Use indoor voices only, we have close neighbors now. Don’t wake up mom before 8:30. 🙂

  • I have two actually, I have one that says..”It’s been Monday ALL Week.” and my other one says “I live in my own little world, but it’s okay, they know me here.”

  • Mines would be

    “For the HUNDRETH time PLEASE do not barge in! (That includes you Kenzie)”

  • I remember asking my mom to make various tails for all the creatures I wanted to be: a cat, dog, horse, and even a parrot. I remember sitting on the kitchen counter while she washed dishes saying, “Polly want a cracker! Polly want a cracker!” over and over and over.

    The woman was a saint.

    So are you.

  • The only sign I need is on my nightgown/oversized t-shirt. It says, “Mommy needs SLEEP!”

    Oh, and my girl isn’t really meowing anymore, but I’m sure something else will take its place sooner or later. She was “ribbitting like a frog last week.