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Chicken Piccata


Before I start talking about chicken, I have to tell y’all what happened with the steak last week.

I had purchased the tenderloin steak from Sam’s, per Kathleen’s instructions.  And since there was no Brandy in the house, I opted to use a Mesquite marinade by Weber.

And I was nervous.  These were not just any old slab of beef for a buck ninety nine a pound.  Oh no.  I had about ten dollars invested in this dinner.

Well.  I hovered over the grill, for fear I’d burn it to a crisp.  I pulled it off just before the smoke inhalation did any permanent damage.  And I’m happy to inform you all that Fiddledaddy declared it the best steak he’s ever eaten.

In fact, the words SHOE and LEATHER never entered the conversation.  I am vindicated.

On to the poultry.  Last night I fixed my Chicken Piccata.  I’m sure I’ve posted this recipe a million years ago, but it’s worth reposting.  Because I had forgotten how easy it is, and how wonderful it tastes.  There are never any leftovers with this one.

Chicken Piccata

  • 4 Chicken Breasts (Halves)
  • Salt & Freshly Ground Pepper
  • 2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
  • 2 Tablespoons Capers
  • 1/2 Lemon
  • 1 T. Butter (or Margarine)
  • 1/2 Cup White Wine (plus a couple of swigs in case the children are bickering)

Rinse the chicken breasts and pat dry.  Place each breast flat on a chopping block.  With your knife parallel to the chopping block, slice the breast in half through the middle to make it half as thick.  Season each breast with salt and pepper.

To a skillet over high heat, add the olive oil and as many of the chicken breasts as will fit in the pan without overlapping.  Brown for 2 minutes on each side, then set aside in a warm oven.

To make the sauce, reheat the skillet over medium heat.  Add the wine and reduce for 2 minutes or so, stirring constantly to scrape the brown bits off the bottom of the pan.  Stir in the capers and the lemon juice.  Remove from heat and add the butter, stirring until melted.  Adjust salt and pepper to taste.

Pour the sauce over the chicken and serve.  Then take a bow.

My kids fight over the capers.  Just what are capers anyway?

Have a wonderful long weekend everyone!  I’ll be back on Tuesday.

(I’m not going to put Mr. Linky up this week.  I think I’ll hold off until I have a little more momentum with Saturday Stirrings.  But, if this totally wrecks your plans, let me know and I’ll throw it in.)  🙂


7 Responses to Chicken Piccata

  • I’m SO glad to hear the expensive tenderloin didn’t turn into expensive shoe leather!! 🙂 The chicken recipe sounds delicious…and easy–right up my alley!

  • Yay for you and the new found steak grilling skills!!! I soooo need to find my own skills in that area. Your piccata looks yummy, I’ll be adding that to our menu soon. thanks!

  • What are capers and where do you get them? I’m not sure my picky family would eat them anyway. Can you make this without them?

  • Capers are related to the olive family and are small, tiny, almost look like a peppercorn… they do have a unique flavor (think Greek) and most kids eat them without even knowing they are there! Thanks for the recipe!

  • Yum! Adding this to my recipe list!

  • Mmm….capers! We buy the very big jar at Costco, which is SO very cheap and lasts forever as they are pickled!
    Only one kid picks them off, but everyone else eats them up. Thanks for the reminder to make this yummy dish! I’ll give your recipe a try although I don’t think it’s much different than the one I’ve used before!

  • Thanks for sharing!! Must try. And soon.