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They’re Baaaaack

(Cue creepy music)

We’ve been getting our share of precipitation lately.  And what luck.  This is what greeted me when I opened the curtains this morning.


And there were 6 more just like him, hanging onto the family room picture window.  Waiting for me.

If you’re new here, you should know that I have a long and torturous relationship with the frog population here in Armpit, Florida.  So much so, that I’ve dedicated an entire category to my tales of amphibious woe.  These writings will serve as evidence when one day I mysteriously disappear.  And the frog population all carry with them a satisfied smirk.  As they hop off into the sunset.

I’m justifiably concerned about the size of the frogs this year.  If you’ll recall, after the 25 inches of rain we received last year over the span of two days, there beget a plague of miniature frogs.  As far as the eye could see.


Well.  As far as I could see from the safety of my house.  Which I did not leave for several weeks.

I suspect these are the same band of frogs.  Only they’ve mutated into some sort of freakishly large frogs.  Ready to pounce on me as soon as I open the door to retrieve the mail.

And I will not give them the pleasure.

Besides, that’s what children are for.

And btw, my neurosis was completely vindicated this week by this little news article.  I will never ever drink from a can of anything.  As long as I live.  Amen.

Have a great weekend.  I’ll be back for Saturday Stirrings.  Where my menu will not feature Frog legs.


13 Responses to They’re Baaaaack

  • That is so gross… whether they’re big OR little. : P I guess you could stock up on Sams club jumbo sized everything and never leave the house again.

  • We used to live in the pinky toe of the boot known as Louisiana…literally hundreds of frogs would cover my windows some nights…the kids loved it. Me? Not so much! Be grateful for only 6!

  • I KNEW soda was bad for you! I KNEW it!

  • This reminded me of a horror movie I saw on tv when I was a kid, “Frogs”. So I looked it up on imdb. It’s as stupid as I remember. 🙂 Here’s the write-up, if you dare to read it…http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0068615/synopsis

  • Gee, thanks for the link. I could have lived my WHOLE life without knowing that and been just fine.

    Oh, lovely Diet Dr. Pepper can before me, whilst thou betrayest me too?

  • I couldn’t stomach looking at the article plus I really like soda!! 🙂

    “never leaving the house again” – isn’t that what the Internet is for??? Does Carabbas deliver?

  • We were completely enjoying the frogs in our ponds this morning…but they do tend to stay there…in the ponds. I love their chirp as they jump from the mud to the deeper water.

    Yes, I believe that’s the same lovely chirp that I hear as they leap off the door jamb INTO MY HAIR!


  • I think maybe you ought to stop feeding them the leftovers of a Steak & Shake milkshake…they’re going to tell all their friends…

  • You’ve got frogs; we’ve got crickets. Millions and millions of nasty crickets who create such a stench when they die that you almost wish they hadn’t. Except then, you’d still have the crickets jumping out at you from every direction when you step outside.

  • AH! So much to look forward to now!

    I will say no more, for now.

  • When we lived in Houston they would cling to all the windows.

  • Ummm…those are Cuban Tree Frogs (Note “bubble” finger tips). Bad…bad, bad frogs. I could go into all kinds of environmental stuff here (if I really knew much of it), but I do know they’re bad for “Armpit,” Florida. They eat the “good” frogs that actually eat the mosquitoes. So if you can catch them, KILL THEM!!! (easily, and humanely done by placing them in a ziploc in the freezer
    …which I have done, but have to admit it gave me a bit of the “willies” 🙂 )

    And hopefully this isn’t the start of a plague…piles of stinking frogs lying around is NOT my idea of “paradise”. 🙂 ha ha
    YOU ARE A KILLER OF FROGS! I knew there was another reason I liked you!!!!

    I just don’t think I could ever open the freezer again. Not even for ice cream…


  • Oh, no! They’re baaaAAAaaack!