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And Now, For My Viewing Pleasure


Fall is here.  But you’d never know it by the balmy temperatures here in Armpit, Florida.  It’s Fall in my play book because I cannot turn on the news without hearing about impending hurricanes, and more importantly, the television lineup promised by the various networks.

A welcome relief after the veritable wasteland known as television viewing ever since my beloved Lost ended the season so long ago that I can’t even remember what Juliet looked like.

Since we got rid of cable, our viewing choices are limited.  But I can’t say that I really miss anything that cable television had to offer me.  Except for all of HGTV.  And so, since Lost ended, I’ve rebelled by watching nothing at all.

As far as reality viewing, I gave up on Survivor several seasons ago.  I don’t think they could get me to tune in even if they offered me a coveted spot as one of the contestants.  Which would be a ratings bonanza on their part.  If you are privy to my actual camping/survival skills, you would understand.

I’d likely be the first contestant to actually die on the show.  Something like that always boosts ratings, I find.

I stopped watching Big Brother many years ago.  They just don’t make contestants like Chicken George any more.

And I just never got into shows like the Bachelor.  Dating was horrifying enough when I was on the business end of it.  Why would I want to watch contrived dating on television?  (I will now duck down to avoid all the tomatoes being lobed at my screen from you Bachelor fanatics.  I KNOW WHO YOU ARE.)  🙂

And American Idol?  Well.  Paula’s gone.  There are no words…

And this is going to shock a few of you.  I never watched the last season of 24.


I just kept getting farther and farther behind, until I couldn’t justify taking the time to catch up, and by then, I just didn’t care if Jack saved the world. Again.

But I would like to know if Tony was really crooked.

And then there was Lost.  Which in all honesty, I’ve often thought I really should get all episodes from Season 1 on and watch them again.  So I won’t sit in front of my television during their last and final season with my brows furrowed, yelling “WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?” at the television set.

It won’t happen.  I just think I should do it.

And btw, Lost is set to air in early 2010.  Which is really not all that far away.  In dog years.

Until then, there is hope on the horizon.  I can feel it.  Donny Osmond is going to be on DWTS. (stifling a girlish giggle)  I stopped watching a season to two back, but I’ll be tuning in this season.  While my husband openly mocks me.

One last hope for my viewing pleasure, is a show that premiered a couple of months back called Glee (billed as a musical comedy, for the aspiring underdog in all of us).  I was one of those drama nerds in high school, and I thought the show was brilliant.  With the exception of one questionable story line. Can’t wait for it to come back. (Premieres September 9th, btw.)

Those are my thoughts from the couch.  What’s in your Fall television lineup?


18 Responses to And Now, For My Viewing Pleasure

  • Three shows on my list. NCIS. Also the new NCIS spin-off. (Can’t think of the name of this one….chalk it up to a senior moment.) And last, but not least….The Unit. That’s it.

    I must say that I am becoming a fan of Hulu. Reruns are my friend. (Maybe I need more real life friends?)

  • Hulu + Netflix= Happy me. Lots of Dr. Who (the new), Dead Like Me, and old Avengers ’67-’68, plus watching BBC comedies with my oldest keeps me reminded that I have no need for cable television. (HGTV and AMC would be my downfall should we have cable–which we haven’t in 11 years, which is a good thing.)

  • I loved the Glee episode that played last year. So I will be tuning in. I LOVE So You THink You Can Dance and now that is on during the fall instead of just summer. Seriously, LOVE IT!! And (hangs head in shame), I have the new Melrose Place set to DVR. Oh my goodness I can’t believe that sentence is now in print on the World Wide Web.

  • Already back into the new season of Psych. Will also watch NCIS as well as the new NCIS in LA. I have to admit that I watch “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.” Honestly, it wasn’t SO much about S-E-X in the beginning; it seems fixated on it now. The finale is on Monday; not sure if I’ll pick it up again when it resumes whenever. Love “The Mentalist” too. OK…stopping now. Clearly, I watch too much TV because there are more I could list.

  • They replayed the Glee pilot tonight. I can’t wait for the show to start. And I think I know which story line you speak of…I suspect there are two that raise my brow.

    I squealed when I heard that The Amazing Race is starting back up at the end of the month. That is hands down my favorite show.

    I also love So You Think You Can Dance…once they get past the initial rounds of auditions. That part is horrible.

    I watch entirely too much TV. I basically am on the couch every night from 8:30 on. I love me some TV. But Amazing Race an So You Think You Can Dance are the only two I really care about.

  • Life. It’s a GREAT show on NBC….should be starting back up soon. YAY!

    Also, DeeDee, I thought about you a few days ago, when I drove by a gigantic billboard of the Osmonds. You know, you can see Donny and Marie, IN PERSON, here. I’m just sayin’. 🙂

  • Well, I have to admit we watch a lot of smut around here but its all Tivo-ed (how does one turn tivo into a past tense verb) so the kids don’t watch it. Cause that makes it alright.

    So I am looking forward to Greys Anatomy, Private Practice, Ugly Betty, Bones, House, Numbers and Big Bang Theory.

    I like DWTS but I got a bit turned off when 2 of the contestants . . . were people I would prefer my kids not know existed (the guy from j*ck*ss and h*fners “friend”). I am just not a huge reality tv fan.

  • No TV or cable here. But we got Hulu and Netflix…I like Hell’s Kitchen, Pretender, House, Bones, and Lie to Me when it comes to “TV” shows.


    The most hilarious show ever!

  • I have no Fall line-up, not even in my vocabulary any longer. We have been cable free since April 2006. No Netflix or Hulu – just zilch.

    Just for the record, it was the hardest thing I ever accomplished (and I was 49 at the time) . My family disliked TV and it was simply no big deal to them – so I suffered alone!

    We do have TV/DVD player, but only G-rated, with an ocassional PG that has been thoroughly researched ahead of time.

    So DeeDee, I commend you on getting rid of the cable. At least on the internet, what is available is free.

    My mom, to this day, will start a discussion about a TV show, and then I will look at her funny, and she exclaims with a chuckle
    “Oh Yeah, I FORGOT, you don’t have TV” – it makes for a good laugh.

  • I am hooked on too many shows! Jason makes fun of me and the depths of my depravity.

    My must-sees are The Office, Grey’s, Brothers and Sisters, and honestly several others. I may need to reevaluate my TV schedule…

  • We have such similar taste in tv! We don’t have cable/satellite so only receive network channels. I have never seen even one episode of 24. And my life is on hold until LOST returns; what will I do when it is over for good? I loved the teaser episode of GLEE and look forward to watching it. Other than that, I can’t wait for The Office and The Amazing Race.

  • How could you NOT watch 24??? My life will be much happier when I get my weekly Jack Bauer fix. For now, our family has a weekly date where we all pile on the bed and watch Monk, Psych, and Eureka. Fridays are awesome!

  • I watch WAY TOO MUCH TV. And like a previous poster, I DVR most of it. It allows me to watch in my bedroom WITHOUT children and giggle at inappropriate jokes (Two and a Half Men is totally inappropriate and I laugh hysterically…oh my.)

    Apparently I watch most of my TV during those weird off seasons that the cable networks do. I ADORE Burn Notice, but the season finale was a few weeks ago. I am already having withdrawals already. I also love In Plain Sight, which also ended a month or so ago…

    I don’t think I watch anything on network TV…wonder if I should look to see if anything strikes my fancy.

  • I am somewhat of an insomniac so I watch TONS of shows online. I have a list as long as my arm that I have gotten completely caught up on over the summer.

    Chuck is probably my fav show, followed by Bones, House, NCIS, Grey’s Anatomy,The Listener, Lie to Me, Mental, Bachelor, Bachelorette, DWTS, Better off Ted, Warehouse 13, Biggest Loser, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, CSI NY

    Ok, I will stop. I still have more, but it’s starting to get embarrassing.

    Oh, I watched 24 for the first couple of seasons, but just couldn’t make the committment to watch during the evening and I have never rented the seasons to catch up.

  • Ok, one more.

    Hell’s Kitchen is AMAZING! If you could take out the 100+ bleeps every episode it would be perfect. I don’t watch when my kids are around, but I LOVE GORDON RAMSEY!

  • Nothing coming in over our tv wires–NOTHING. No rabbit ears, no basic cable, no local channels, no news. Nothing. We cut that wire when we moved, and now we have access to everything we want to watch, or want our children to watch, on NetFlix! Hooray for freedom!

  • Like you, I have watched NOTHING since LOST ended for the season. It was the only thing I watched.

    But my parents have been watching LOST on DVD and I went over there last night and saw the first two episodes from season 5. It was so great! Can’t.Wait.For.2010.