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Steak for Dinner


Last week when when I posted about shopping at Sam’s Club, I got a comment from a sweet reader and fellow blogger, Kathleen at Treasured Chapters.  She commented about shopping for steak at Sam’s.  This made my ears perk up, because I had just served a steak, masquerading as shoe leather, for dinner the night before.

I have no clue how to buy steak.  I’m pretty proficient with a grill (except when it explodes), but typically I’m an ignoramus when choosing a good cut of meat.

You’d think I’d know what I was doing since I come from a long line of Texas farmers.  And at different times in my childhood, we even raised animals for food.

Except that we made the grave error of naming them, and then were completely unable to commit murder, much less slap them on a plate.

We had two cows, named Sammy and Red.  Then there was Maria, the pig.  And her offspring.  Little Maria #1, Little Maria #2, and you get the idea.  Gorgeous George the rooster and all his wives were a great source of childhood amusement as well.  And I can’t even talk about Piggy, the rabbit, without tearing up.

Okay, Piggy was a pet.  Never intended for food.  Although, that was her fate I fear, when she disappeared from her cage one cold Christmas morning.  Sob.  Sob.

Where was I?

Oh yes.  So, Kathleen has come to my rescue with her beef recommendation.  The following was the comment she left after the Sam’s Club post:

We buy the big beef tenderloin at Sam’s. And by “we”, I mean my husband because he’s the chef of the family. The tenderloin is typically around 60-70 dollars but renders the most tender, juicy, delicious steaks EVER!! We have yet to find any restaurant with such good steak (even the expensive, fine dining steakhouses). It generally lasts us for 7 or 8 meals, which means it feeds our family for less than $10 per meal. My husband makes killer sauces to go on the steak (peppercorn, brandy sauces…). I keep telling him he needs to bottle them and make us some dough, but cooking is just a hobby for him.

I e-mailed her back immediately and asked her to do whatever necessary to get a recipe out of her husband.  Rising to the task, she sent me an e-mail on Friday.

And as luck would have it, I also headed to Sam’s Club where I picked up a small package of Tenderloins.  I haven’t cooked them up yet, mostly because Kathleen’s recipe calls for Brandy.  And I am completely out of Brandy at present.  Which is probably for the best, because after the day I’ve had, a bottle of Brandy would have never made it past 4:00.  Just sayin’.

Anyhoo.  I wanted to now turn it over to Kathleen.


Steak, it’s what’s for dinner

guest post by Kathleen of Treasured Chapters

(with special thanks to Kathleen’s husband, the man behind the meal)

“OK…so my husband, like I said, does this with no recipe—to taste—but he has given me some rough numbers here. And these are procedures for the steak and sauce; he does not do a marinade—honestly the tenderloin is so good, it does not need a marinade!):

First, season the steak with salt, pepper, whatever you want to season it with.

Fry the steak in a skillet on high heat (preheat the skillet to get it really hot). Then sear the steak on the high heat (this helps to seal in the moisture and flavor).

Brown both sides of the steak. Then take the steak out of the skillet.

In the same skillet—and now over medium heat—put in onion and fresh garlic. Also add 1 c. brandy (if you have a gas stove, be careful because the brandy is flammable (and I know your propensity for setting fires! J)). Add beef bouillon to taste (1-2 cubes). Cook for 3-4 minutes. Put in 1/2 c. water and cook for another 3-4 minutes. Put in 1/2 cup heavy cream (yeah, this ain’t good for ya!). Cook for 5-10 minutes until the sauce gets thick and creamy. For added flavor, add some fresh cracked pepper.

Put the steaks back in the pan with the sauce and cook to desired doneness, turning to coat with the sauce.

The key, he said, is the taste-testing as you go. If you want a richer sauce, add butter (hey, I don’t call my husband Paul-a Dean for nothin’!).


I can’t wait to try this.  And I’ll be buying a bottle of Brandy immediately.  (OF COURSE FOR THE RECIPE)  Okay, y’all know how this works.  If you have a recipe or kitchen tip, link your specific post to Mr. Linky below.  And then link back here.

You are always welcome to use the comments section if you don’t have a blog.


6 Responses to Steak for Dinner

  • We prefer rib-eye.

    But, I do know that there is a trick to picking the meat and it’s all about the “marbling”.

    And, specifically the “marbling” — some meat has “strata” and that’s some tough chewin’!

    Jay does the cooking on the grill.


    It’s the one time, when you want to go in thinking, “I’m buying the fat!”

  • When I was little, my dad raised rabbits for us to eat. We had Samson and Delilah and Rhonda and Romeo and Juliet. Yeah. Are you kidding? We could never eat them!!

    Hey maybe all this publicity will get my husband to start bottling his sauces!! 🙂

  • I am the world’s worst cook! This recipe sounds great, but I’m sure I would either set the kitchen on fire (WE have a gas stove) or ruin those expensive steaks somehow. Sadly, my husband doesn’t even know how to boil water, although, when I was recovering from surgery he was so desperate for something besides bologna sandwiches that he browned some ground beef for sloppy joes. Busted! That is considered “cooking” in this house.
    Enjoy your steaks!

  • I was totally going to link up today with my recipes for tonight’s “Girls’ Night In” (which is code for “J is at work, I’m home with the kids and my friends feel sorry for me), but they are complete rip-offs from someone else. Does it have to be original?

  • I try to do “cooking camp sessions” with my kids twice a month….so they won’t starve when they move away some day.

    We have some pretty easy and very tasty recipe selections on our recipe blog: http://www.houseofbowlingrecipes.blogspot.com

  • Oh honeys! My husband was a butcher and I can’t seem to buy the right steak! hehe! So I asked his friend and he said rib-eyes and t-bones are the way to go. Stay away from skirt and flank steaks. So I go for rib-eye with lots of marbling (fat) in the meat. And I cook them in the oven.

    I put HEB steak seasoning and A1 Thick and Hearty sauce. Cover with foil and bake at 425 for about an hour—more or less depending on your preference of rawness. I prefer rare and take mine out between 30 and 45 minutes. Will likes his done, done, done so I keep his in there for the full hour.

    As for any recipe that calls for alcohol, well, let’s just say I’ve found out that apple juice is a good substitute when you realize all the alcohol somehow ‘leaked’ out of the bottle!!!