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Decorated in Early Tiger Beat

My mother had impeccable taste in furnishings, heavily leaning toward the Victorian era.  Think Dark Shadows.  It was not unusual for her to spot a piece of furniture on that show, and then stealthily hunt one down for her own home.  She loved the unusual.  In fact, at one point I had an antique crib for a bed.  It was beautifully ornate dark wood, with a canopy.


Exhibit A (circa 1969ish)


Exhibit B  (and yes, I’m wearing a black velvet choker necklace with my G.S. uniform.  I was a rebel.)

The only issue was that I could not straighten my legs out.  A minor inconvenience.  And why the fetal position is still the most natural one for me to this day.

At about this time, I began reading issues of Tiger Beat and 16 magazine, searching for pull out posters of my beloved teen pop stars.  I asked my mom if it would be okay if I taped a few posters up onto my bedroom walls.  Knowing, of course, that she would say no.  She kept an immaculate show case type house, and life sized photos of Donny Osmond went against her decorating style.

Imagine my shock and disbelief when she said that I could adorn my walls any way I chose.

Recently my daughters came to me and asked me if they could decorate their walls with some posters of their own choosing.

I said “NO!”

Just kidding.  I said that they could.  Knowing full well that issues of Tiger Beat and 16 Magazine have never crossed this threshold.

This is what my girls are into.


(They decorated these from larger than life coloring posters, and their mission is to fill all available wallspace.  It’s good to have goals.)


Actually, I’m killing two birds with one picture in that I’ve been promising a photo of the new bunk bed for so long that it’s not even new anymore.  And you should know that the OCD in me had to take time to straighten Emme’s bottom bunk.  My girls make their own beds, and let’s just say that Emme’s idea of making a bed properly isn’t even in the same zip code as my way of thinking.

Emme is Oscar, to Cailey’s Felix.  Which is very very odd if you knew their personalities.

Okay, ‘fess up.  What poster adorned your childhood walls?  And don’t worry, no one around here will call you a weirdo.

37 Responses to Decorated in Early Tiger Beat

  • Too funny! We’re actually in the process of moving rooms around so that the girls can finally have their own rooms. So when my 11 yo asks me if, after we’ve painted her new room, can she go in and paint flowers and whatever, I say “ask your father”, thinking he’d never go for it (he’s been so against even taping things on the walls all this time). But, sure enough, he says “Sure!” This is going to be … interesting …

  • John Stamos, Bon Jovi, Ricky Schroder, the CHiPs gang (yes, I said the CHiPs gang; I’m not proud)…many more, but those were my faves. My room looked like yours only I had each poster crooked–not all nice and neat like yours.

  • You were fortunate, because my mother wouldn’t allow me to adorn my walls with anything other than antique pictures.

    They matched the antique bed and dresser.

  • SOOOO funny! I would first like to say that crib/bed is awesome, and I wish I could find something like it for my daughter.
    Second, I love that you have photos of you poster covered walls. I too, have a photo of myself standing in front of my “horse wall.” It was covered top to bottom in pictures of horses. Yes, I was a dork. And yes, my mom was probably thankful I was a dork. I sure do hope my kids grow up to be dorks 🙂

  • My walls looked much like yours except covered in photos of the Monkees. Oy.

  • No posters adorning my walls in childhood. However, when I was first married, I quickly discovered it was my husbands favorite wall decor.

    (He’s finally grown up.)

  • Kirk Cameron, Ricky Schroeder, Poison, New Kids on the Block… the list goes on. I loved seeing your pics! ;o)

  • Oh, Thank God someone else said The Monkees too. I was afraid I was the oldest person reading this blog. LOVED the Monkees!

  • Kirk Cameron, Jon Bon Jovi, & Menudo

  • John Stamos, Kirk Cameron, Rick Springfield, and others….I could’t wait for that TEEN BEAT pull out poster!! 🙂

  • Long haired boy bands of the 80s and 90s, Poison, Guns N Roses, Bon Jovi, and a TON of U2 (I know, different genre).

    My coup de tah if you will was finding a door size poster of Skid Row from their first album (they were on their third or fourth I think) in the back of the music store, with a few little rips on the side I got a wicked deal! Then spent an hour or more gingerly taping the rips so you couldn’t tell they were ever there.

    I have boys, their walls have Nascar drivers. Could be worse, right?

  • Went for the older crowd. David Bowie and Sting and Robert Redford. Though I am sure I drooled for Kirk Cameron as well. Also plastered the wall with words and sayings I cut out of my brothers Rolling Stone mags.

  • My sister and I were remembering and laughing about this the other day. Would you believe we had a poster of the Soloflex man? LMAO just thinking about it.

  • Kirk Cameron and NKOTB!

  • Ok, I think I may be a little younger than the rest… Leonardo Dicaprio.

  • For a while Kirk Cameron and New Kids on the Block. Then I got all obsessed with dead stars. My walls were then slathered in Jim Morrison and James Dean posters. I also had a life-size cutout of James Dean in my room. Life-size. Loved me a Natalie Wood movie. And named my daughter Natalie.

  • You understand we reveal our ages with these choices. I see some of the above choices that my daughter had on her wall. I had…David Cassidy who was in direct competition with Bobby Sherman in my sister’s room.

  • Shawn Cassidy, Donny Osmond, Leif Garrett, Bee Gees!! I think that is all!

  • Where did you get those larger coloring pages for your daughters????? I know so many little girls who would LOVE those and would love to hang them up like that!!


    I got them from Wal Mart. They are aptly called “Giant Coloring Pages” (20 included) and they’re made by Crayola. They keep my budding artists busy for HOURS!


  • Kirk Cameron, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Vanilla Ice (oh dear…did I just say that outloud?!)…the list goes on and on.

  • Benji (the dog) and horses,

    then John Stamos,

    David Lee Roth ( I went through a bit of a rebellious stage I would rather not speak about, thank you for not asking)


  • Davy Jones, Donny Osmond, possibly a Bobby Sherman thrown in there, was a big Monkees fan.

    Oh my, we do get better with age. Tiger Beat and 16 magazine – had TONs of them. Oh, David Cassidy, too. Didn’t you wish you could be one of the Partridge Family and travel all around in that funky bus?

    I must have played my “45” of I Think I Love You by the Partridge Family a zillion times.

    We survived!!

  • My mom did not like tape or tacks on the wall. BUT I was allowed to hang a poster of Kevin Bacon (Footloose.) I got it from Spencer!

  • Rob Lowe and Tom Cruise. When Dirty Dancing came out I had a poster of Patrick Swayse (sp) and Jennifer Grey.
    Your girls’ room looks very similar to my daughter’s. Soon enough they’ll be putting up Hannah Montana and the Jones Brothers. Enjoy the fairy princesses while they last.

  • Corey Haim, New Kids on the Block, and Kirk Cameron. They were only allowed on one wall though. The rest of my room was decorated by my mother. I am glad she allowed me a little personality though!

  • Can you believe Jon Denver ? I still love him!

  • David Cassidy and Bobby Sherman.


  • ok….I remember your love for Donny. But, now seeing the pictures, I think you *MIGHT* have been a tad obsessed. Just sayin’. LOL!!!!!!! How fun that you have a picture of it!

  • Well, my mom would NOT let me put posters on the walls….but I could put them on the back of my bedroom door….

    Parker Stevenson. {sigh}

  • Since I shared a room with my older sister and she considered the walls “her space”, none of the posters on the wall were mine. Therefore, I took it upon myself to decorate her posters instead…moustaches, extra eyelashes, etc. For some reason that didn’t go over very well with her. For the life of me, I don’t recall what images were on those posters to begin with, probably a Donny or two or maybe some Brady Bunch members.

    So, where’d ya get those cute bunkbeds?

  • You know, I just wasn’t that into teen idols growing up. I thought Leif Garrett was cute, but I didn’t get magazines with posters in them. How odd! I guess I really was a nerd.

    I had shelves all along my walls with stuffed animals on them – they were still there until my brother had kids & my Mom redecorated my old room so they’d have somewhere to stay when they visited (they were boys).

  • i loved the monkees, but they were way too old for me…Davy kissed me on the cheek @ Six Flags when i was 4. But posters….Rob Lowe had the place of honor (and the largest posters)right over the bed and then there were the other boys from the outsiders and later Kirk Cameron….but it was also mixed in with Marilyn Monroe, JFK and later Bon Jovi and Poison

  • Same as you, Donny with David Cassidy thrown in for contrast. Oh, and Davy Jones. I also had that exact same girl scout uniform. I’m amazed looking back that they allowed us to wear dresses that short to school! Those really were simpler times.

  • I love these pictures,my older sister had the Osmond pictures all over our bedroom door and I remember the kissing poster.lol.. remember when you could wear your girlscout or campfire uniform with pride to school and not todays kids..and I read recently they are making a new “Dark Shadows”

  • Kirk Cameron and Tom Selleck… my boyfriends. =)

  • Erik Estrada, until “the incident”, which involved the season finales of CHIPS and LIttle House on the Prairie airing during the same week. I was only allowed to stay up late one night a week, so I had to choose. After watching CHIPS, I tried to bribe the babysitter into telling my parents that I went to bed early – I couldn’t resist Ponch’s magnetism! (Gag!) Unfortunately she was an honest babysitter and she ratted me out. So I missed the Little House finale. I was devastated. And really angry. I gouged out Erik’s eyes and colored his teeth black. It was all his fault! I think I had some issues, maybe?

    Later on I had about 14 pictures of John Stamos all over one of my walls. He broke my heart when he married that salad girl. Fortunately for him, by that point in my life I didn’t have any posters left to deface! I still think he’s the cutest thing.

    I loved Dark Shadows!!! I hope they don’t ruin it if they do make a new one.