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Opposing Thumbs

We have Florida resident season passes to Disney World.  And that means that we can attend any time we wish, with the exception of the blocked out dates.  Those dates include Christmas week, spring break, and basically summer.

Which is fine by us, because those are typically the busiest weeks imaginable at Disney World.

Our “block out” dates ended last week.  And to celebrate, we hopped in the van and made the trek to Disney World.  Forgetting that we live in Florida, and it was still August.  And also that there are still a good number of families who are still on vacation.

I wore my jeans.  Because I’m insane.  And I cannot bring myself to done shorts.  Unlike the First Lady, who is obviously the Free Spirit in her family, and has no problem wearing shorts when it’s 115 degrees in the shade.

We made our way to Epcot because we reasoned that there is just a lot more room.  Plus there are considerably more attractions that are housed indoors.  Where the sensible people hang out.

And I tell you, at one point when we were all the way over in World Showcase I truthfully thought that I was going to lay down on the pavement while everyone stepped over me, while I begged to be airlifted out.

Just to clarify, we made the journey all the way to the World Showcase, in the heat, along with 3000 other tourists, because that’s where Mexico is.  Mexico = Frozen Margaritas and Churros.

I will brave the Velveeta Nachos for a Margarita and a Churro chaser.

However.  Velveeta Nachos + Margarita + Churro + extreme heat + exhaustion = one middle aged woman praying for death to come swiftly.

But that’s not the point of this post.  Wait. You mean there’s a point?

While standing in line to board Test Track, Fiddledaddy pointed out to me the teenager directly in front of us.  She was obviously texting on her iPhone.  But what drew my attention, was the speed in which she was texting.  With just the use of two thumbs.  I sidled up closer to her, and watched.  She was composing something of a novel.  I could not believe the speed at which she was typing.

And it was then that I noticed that many of the teenagers we passed at Disney World were busy looking down while texting.  All you could see of them was the part in their hair.  How much of life are they missing by looking down!

But I consoled myself with the thought that if I should in fact drop to the pavement, the teenagers would spot me since they are looking down anyway, and be able to step over me.  Whereas the families with the double strollers would run me right over because they were constantly looking backwards to make certain they hadn’t lost any children.

This whole texting business perplexes me.  It is a rare day that I feel the need to text.  And if I must, I labor over those short texts.  They are physically painful for me.  First of all, I have no choice but to wear my rhinestone red reading glasses.  The strong ones.  And then I am only able to type using my right pointer finger.  The same one that gets a good workout whenever I’m correcting the children.

Which from the use of it, you’d think I’d be much faster at forming words.  But nay.  One simple short sentence can cause me to sweat.  And think of curse words.  (Which yes, do count.)

So Fiddledaddy challenged me to begin phone typing with my thumbs.  Like normal, non-technically challenged people.  That idea was met with whining and foot stamping.  I evidently possess deformed thumbs that curve outwardly, while my thumbnail curves over the thumb.

I think I prefer to keep my eyes focussed straight ahead.  God went to a good deal of trouble to create all of the beautiful sights around me.  I don’t want to miss a thing.


18 Responses to Opposing Thumbs

  • Funny, I only text with my left thumb. And I’m right handed.

  • I want a churro! And a frozen margarita!

    The problem I have while texting, is that I finally figured out the T9 function on my old phone, and now have “upgraded” to an IPhone, and the full keyboard throws me off. Luckily, I can only text German numbers, and only know four people here! I just call instead!

  • “This whole texting business perplexes me. It is a rare day that I feel the need to text. And if I must, I labor over those short texts.” I am so with you! And I don’t have a fancy phone either, so to text something means I have to do the whole 2-2-2, 4-4-4-4, 7-7…not for me. And they do miss out on a lot. I was at a Christmas American Idol concert with my daughter, and the girl in front of us spent the whole concert texting. Now tell me, WHY did she purchase tickets for the concert? Given, we were in the nosebleed section, but that is all the more reason to PAY ATTENTION!!

    The reason I like Epcot’s Mexico on a hot day is the ride in the dark cool on that little boat.

  • We spent 16 hours at MK about two weeks ago… we thought the crowds would have died down… Ha. You can not tell the economy is suffering at Disney. Anyway, we rode something like 24 rides (some twice in that number) and saw every parade/firework they had… I say all that to say… you have to have some strong resolve to brave the heat, blisters, and CROWDS in JEANS.
    You continue to amaze me!
    Oh, and I have to ask: Did Jensen have any explosions?

  • I can’t get over how fast teens can text either. I sweat over typing a couple of sentences with my phone, getting the right letter, pressing another button to get punctuation marks or capital letters. Augghh…. I guess this makes me officially old? There is a definite generation gap. As for Disney, I have a love/hate relationship with it. It is alot of fun, and brings back so many childhood memories of going, but I can only stand 2 straight days of it and then I’m DONE for a decade or so. haha When I come to FL, I much prefer to sit on a quiet beach. Paying all that money to walk among crowds on a hot FL day? That’s my idea of insanity, so I must be insane, because I’ve done it more than once. LOL

  • I don’t text at all- I figure a phone is for phone calls. But- anyways- I saw a commercial for something or other that said that teenagers text at over 70 words per minutes while their parents text at about 7 words per minute.

    We’re going to Disney in about 3 weeks- I hope the crowds will be much smaller when we get there!

  • I’m a right thumb texter. And on the rare occasions that I try texting with both thumbs, I’m so thankful my iPhone knows that “qhwre aee ypu”” means “where are you.” Sometimes that phone is smarter than me.

  • I was the jeans-wearing teenager and young adult. And then I realized no one gives a crap what my legs look like. Trust me, it’s much cooler that way. Although Florida in August, does it really matter what you’re wearing? You die of the heat anyway.

  • I guess you have to pick your battles in life. I did choose not to go the texting route, and we do not have it on our Verizon cells. I feel pretty hip just having the cell phone. Plus I know it would become an addiction, easily enough, for my family.

    When I had my son in the Fall of 1998, at age 41, I told my husband that I truly wanted to raise him in an “old-fashioned” way. Now he does have a DSLite, with maybe 6 games, so we are not severe. But, he does get ample time to just play in the dirt, so to speak. But, it isn’t easy to pursue in this high-tech culture. And you are right-on re: what young folks are missing, including “people skills”.

    On the flip side – I would love to take my son to Disney World one of these days. My parents live in Spring Hill, Florida Oct.-April, so it is not too far. But my daughter is having Baby #2, due December 27th. AND Baby #1 will be One Year’s Old on December 13th – Yup, 12 months apart. So I will be wearing my grandma hat, for sure. So, we shall see.

    And DeeDee, I was in Florida in June – we were picking up my MIL’s belongings, as she moved back to NY. Our job was to load up the U-Haul trailer and tow it back to NY behind our Durango. I was in Leesburg, FL.
    HOLY MOLY – was it ever H-O-T!

    You aren’t a-kidding when you talk about the heat – WHEW!

  • Hilarious…I don’t text either and I’m not a fan of the heat…I’m an indoor girl I am!

  • I luv 2 text! it is a new lang. b4 long u stop using english -btw luv yr blog.

  • i do text…but am just a mere amateur compared to teens these days.

    however, it’s a great way to ask my husband a quick question if he’s in a meeting and doesn’t need to step out to take a phone call.

    i’m totally with you though, on the kids looking down constantly!! they are missing SO MUCH in life~~ 🙂

  • I am right there with ya on the texting thing!

    Seriously jeans in August? Are you nuts? LOL


  • We don’t text at all, and actually had the function blocked on our phone, because our family kept texting us anyway…

    And we are not middle-aged. We are young dinosaurs…the only reason we have cell phones is because I’m a labor doula, and am required to have one for my certification. 🙂

    I don’t understand texting anyway…who WANTS to be connected ALL the time?

  • I always get Sea World passes and there are no black out dates, but I avoid the common vacation times anyway. Must admit, I text constantly!

  • i have to say it frightens me that in the ELEMENTARY SCHOOL handbook which covers to 5th grade at our school there is an entire page devoted to the fact that cell phones are not allowed in class and neither is texting and then listing the consequences for being caught ….
    hello isnt 5th grade like 10? 11? we are not dinosaurs but thats just ridiculous.
    my cousins 13 y/o daughter has an iphone plan that costs more than our entire family plan and home service put together…13? and dont even get me started on the things lke i pods and laptops instead of barbie and ghetto blasters?

  • atry wearing a skirt. cool and comfortable

  • Ok, so I am convincing my husband that homeschooling is WONDERFUL for many reasons, one of which is that we can vacation when other families won’t. Since we are pooooor right now, can I tell him we’re going to crash on your couch and floor for our next vacation? Eh? Come ON. Please!???