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So I’m a Nerd

On those rare occasions that I can get anyone to sit down to a board game that involves imaginary money, I call “BANKER.”

When playing Monopoly, I not only handle the paper money, but the real estate as well.  You might say it’s a conflict of interest.  I say that it simply streamlines the game, since I am clearly the most capable person available to multitask the all important job of KEEPING ALL THE MONEY STRAIGHT, AND FACING THE RIGHT DIRECTION.  AND BTW, THE REAL ESTATE CARDS SHOULD BE NEATLY FILED BY COLOR AND PRICE.


I cannot understand why no one wants to play with me.

It should come as no surprise to you that I am beyond excited to be taking Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University course at our church.  Since I play the banker in our real life game of Monopoly, Fiddledaddy elected me to attend for our little family.

And besides, the thought of being strapped into a seat for two hours while someone discusses money is enough to send Fiddledaddy screaming for the fire exit.

While I, on the other hand, can sit mesmerized, on the edge of my seat, taking copious notes with my perfectly sharpened #2 pencil.  Nearly hyperventilating at the mere mention of compound interest and mutual funds.

Sunday night, we learned that there are basically two types of people when it comes to dealing with money.  There are the Free Spirits.  And there are the Nerds.

Guess which one I am?

I’ll give you a hint.  When I was a single gal living in Los Angeles, my accountant offered me a job EVERY SINGLE YEAR that I brought in my taxes for my return.  My spreadsheets were a work of art.

Our checkbook could be framed and hung on the wall, it is so lovely.  AND BALANCED.  (I don’t let Fiddledaddy even breathe on it.  Lest he should SMUDGE the delicate inky renderings.)

All of the dollar bills in my wallet (all 6 of them) are facing the same direction, right side up.

My fingerprints are on EVERY SINGLE RECEIPT that enters our house, and every dollar spent is assigned a category, and then filed alphabetically.  After having been entered into Quicken first.

The word that you are searching for is FREAK.

But according to Dave Ramsey, I’m a nerd.  And proud of it.

Now, one of the characteristics of a Free Spirit is that they are habitually late to everything.  And Fiddledaddy would argue that in that  particular respect, I have Free Spirit leanings.

Because I seem to always run late.

However, in my defense, I would argue that I’m always late BECAUSE I AM TRYING TO GET HIS CHILDREN OUT THE DOOR.  And his children are notorious dawdlers.

When I was child-free, I was extraordinarily punctual.

I’m sure you’ll be hearing a rebuttal from F.D. soon.

So, financially speaking, what are you?  A Free Spirit or a Nerd?


22 Responses to So I’m a Nerd

  • Without a doubt, I’m a nerd. I, too, log every cent into Quicken, categorized, saving important receipts until the statement come to make sure a store clerk hasn’t caused any “discrepencies” if you know what I mean… And the dollar bills one way? I even make my son keep his one way! When he says, “Look, Mom, count my money”, it all gets put in order first, facing the same way, large denominations on top. My heart skipped a beat at “park place for a coast”.. I can’t comment. I’m too horrified. But sitting in a financial meeting. I’m with Fiddledaddy! You couldn’t pay me enough! Not even a free week’s stay in Aruba for four just to listen!

  • Nerd.

    I’m also an accountant by training.

    I’m raising all my kids to be nerds too. It helps to be a homeschooler, as the brainwashing is all day-every day.

    And the punctual thing. . .it’s my husband we are always having to wait for! (And he just retired from the military! Wonder if it’s a “rebellion” thing?)

  • I’m a NERD. Quicken and I are the best of friends. We have a close, personal, daily communication kind of relationship. Free Spirit sounds so much more interesting, but there isn’t a drop of it in me. Even with 2 young kids and another on the way, I’m still ridiculously early to 90% of events in our life. It’s a disease, I tell you. It is a disease.

  • OHH, Ohh, I did FP University. It didn’t stick.. but it was GREAT!
    I admire your strict skills. My hubs and I are free spirits… not a good financial combo!

  • I would be considered a free nerd.

    I am never late on a bill, but I’m not quite so anal about my taxes.

    I don’t know how to do spreadsheets.

  • Free Spirit for sure. Actually I may be a third category as in complete money denial? Plastic is my friend and my hubby handles our money. I know if I spend too much by how deep the frown is… of course now, since I spend most of our money on our twins, he give me some slack, because how can you deny their cute little faces?

  • Oh yeah, I and I guess I’m a Super Free Spirit with money because everywhere else in life I’m a Nerd and I’m always punctual, even with twin toddlers.

  • Well I would say by nature I am more a free spirit but by having married one who is equally free I have been forced to become more nerd like. I havent done the university but would like to. I have the smart couples finish rich and workbook…I really need t get it back out and work on it cause we have paid off everything but the house and Target….both vehicles are paid off as well as the travel trailer and we have bought a few big ticket items thepast 6 months and paid cash(industrial welding machine, welding bed, accessories needed to run welder etc….)
    plus having added new babe @ christmas last year.
    punctual however I am not…I struggle on a daily basis to get all of us dressed let alone out the door.

  • We’ve done FPU as well & are working Baby Step #2 as best we can. I can’t wait to scream “We’re Debt Free” next year!

    That being said, I think I’m a little of both. I like to be the one to enter the info into the spreadsheets, etc., but I also have tendencies to stray from said sheet. Unfortunately, DH is also a little of both. It works to our advantage when we’re not both “Free Spiriting” at the same time, then things can get a little out of control.

  • Oh I am definitely a NERD. No one is allowed to write in the check register but me. My husband doesn’t even have a clue how to enter information into Money. And I am doubting he knows how to check the bank balances online (which I do DAILY).

    As for being on time, well, what can I say, we have FIVE kids….when we had just two, we were on time ALL the time. That third one sent us over the edge, LOL

  • I’m a nerd temporarily freelancing as a free spirit.

    ; 0 )

  • My hubby gets to be the nerd. I have been our camp’s financial secretary for 2.5 years, and I am TERRIBLE at it. Hey, it’s only off by 55 cents, who cares, right??? 🙂 (BTW, I’m quitting to stay home this fall, so no need to worry about the camp any longer). 🙂

  • WelI, as always, I am not a perfect fit in either category. I DO keep track of every transaction. I, too, was using quicken, but just recently stopped and have resumed manually. Due to computer issues. I do balance my checkbook faithfully, and have done so my whole life.
    My husband has nothing to do with the finances – I shudder to think he has entrusted me the past 26 years.

    BUT, I am the worst when it comes to spending and frugality.
    T-H-E W-O-R-S-T! My parents did not have a frugal bone in their bodies, so it does not come easy for me. (My dad was a very successful dairy farmer) I can stick to a budget for, hmmm, two days possibly. But , I am a work in progress and thank you Lord for giving me, one more second chance.

    I am 52 and my husband 66 and we never really had to worry too awful much about money until the last couple years. The economy is brutal, and, as an added bonus – WE LIVE IN NY STATE! Glutton for punishment.

    So I guess you could say that I am a “free spirit nerd”.

    Maybe I should take a Dave Ramsey Class – can’t wait to hear how it goes!

    PS: My two daughters are 23 & 25 and have the gift of thrift and frugality – go figure. Now, I still have my 11 year old boy…..

  • Given the opportunity, I’d be a NERD! However, my dh has wisely chosen to control the checkbook (because I’d use that power and knowledge to know exactly how much I could spend without breaking the bank each month 🙂 ).

    However, I also keep my money in order (which irritates even my ultra-organized dd). Shouldn’t everyone keep their like denominations together and in the same orientation…right-side-up?!?! It makes it so much easier to know exactly how much is in your wallet and if you can afford that darling pair of shoes …which you wouldn’t be able to do if all you could find were the 14 $1’s crammed in on top of the 3 $20’s. Sheesh!! I just wish there was an easy way to organize the coins without having to carry one of those annoying coin dispensers on my belt. 🙂

    But alas…I’d still have to be partially a “free spirit”…because as my whole family can attest, I’m NEVER anywhere on time. But I like to think of it as “making an entrance” rather than being late. 🙂 ha ha

  • I’m the free spirit. My husband handles everything, and should he ever decide to depart for glory before me, I’d be in serious trouble. I don’t even know what our mortgage payment is! At least I know what bank we have our money in. Although, they always have to look our account number up for me. The only number I have memorized is my library card number. Because I would die without books to read. But numbers…they don’t make ANY sense to me. My game? Scrabble!!

  • I must have all of my bills in order and facing the correct way. And I do keep a fairly organized spreadsheet on our finances; however, I would imagine you’d be able to find an error or two in there should you venture a look. AND I’m pretty sure there would be no accountant in his right mind wishing me to join his team (on account of the major Math Handicap I have)!

    Kudos to you for being so nerdy in this department!

  • I believe I am the free spirit, and my husband is the nerd. In a nerdy, nerdy way. Which I appreciate, because it helps control my free spirit a little.

  • I’m the nerd – though after reading your post, I’m thinking that must be DEGREES of nerdiness, LOL!!

    I used to totally keep up with everything in the money department, but when child #4 came along, I gave it up. Now the free spirit in our family handles all of the finances, but at least he’s a very responsible free spirit! :o)

  • Cindy stole my comment. Um, except the part about baby #4. Because I only have babies numbered 1 through 2. But the first one was enough to curb my nerdiness. My husband used to call me “Philemon the filing demon” because I was insane about it. And Quicken was my favorite pastime on the computer. SInce babies, however, (oh, and blogs, ahem)… well, let’s just say I haven’t filed a scrap of paper in YEARS. I don’t think my husband appreciates this, and no, I’m not psychic, he just told me the other day. So I guess my repressed nerd needs to make a comeback PDQ. And that stands for “pretty darn quick(en)” – snort. Wow, I’ve OD’d on corny today, huh? Stopping now.

  • Between my husband and I, I am the Nerd. With a soft spot for my free spirit husband. 🙂

    I got to do FPU with the CD’s and by reading the book. My hubby was NOT on board. “We’ll never eat out AGAIN!!!” I shut my mouth.

    Then…we just “happened” to get free tickets to Dave Ramsey Live through the Air Force.

    We went.

    I had to bring my husband back from a Nerd level I had never seen in him before…it was GREAT!!!

    We’ve been debt-free for months now, and with four kids and an income that is “below the poverty line” according to gov’t standards (apparently), THAT is a wonderful blessing.

    So, I still wrangle the books, but we have consistently had monthly budget committee meetings for over a year now. And I love it…it’s so…attractive…to see my free spirit man get his nerd on. 😉

    However, he still won’t let me call Dave’s show to scream “We’re debt-free” because that’s too “nerdy.”


  • I’m a total nerd! I know where every penny goes, balance the checkbook every morning and refuse to go into debt.