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Shopping at Aldi


Aldi is a discount grocery chain that opened in our fair town earlier this year.  They have about a 1,000 stores that operate in only 29 states.  And most of those states are located in the east and southeast United States.

It kinds of makes up for the fact that we don’t have a Trader Joes here.

Kind of.

This store carries mostly private labels in a warehouse type setting.  But occasionally they have a guest appearance by a name brand, at a deeply discounted price.  You can find out what special purchases they have for the week by going online, or checking their circular.

If you are lucky enough to have an Aldi near you, bring a quarter.  You’re going to need it to free a cart from the cart prison.  And when you return said cart to the cart prison, you get your quarter back.

Also, bring your own bags.  I did a post all about the joys of taking your own bags to the grocery store here.  You’ll be bagging your goods yourself.  And there’s no one to help you out to your car.  Oh, and no credit cards.  Check or debit card are accepted.  Well.  I suppose cash is good too.  But who carries THAT around?

This is how they are able to offer such good prices.  And I say, RIGHT ON DEEP DISCOUNT GROCERY STORE!

I love Aldi.  I wanted to share with you the prices of some favorite regular purchases that I make at Aldi.

•  Clancy’s Multigrain Chips:  $1.69
•  Bag of fresh Spinach: $1.69
•  Bag of Cinnamon Raisin Bagels: $1.39
If I’m lucky, I find these at .45 cents each when they are trying to get rid of them like at a “day old bakery” and I buy a bunch and freeze them.  My kids love them with butter, a little extra cinnamon, and a bit of sugar on top – then beamed in the microwave.
•  100% Whole Wheat Bread: $1.19
Again, I buy 4 or 5 loaves at a time and freeze them.
•  12” Cheese Frozen Pizza:  $2.49
•  Bananas: $.39/ lb.
•  Romaine Hearts: $1.99
•  American Cheese Slices: $1.49

Also, I found the most amazing fresh salsa I’ve ever tasted at Aldi.  And I’m from Texas.  South Texas.  I am simpatico with Salsa.  The brand is Grandessa, and the flavor is “Artichoke Garlic.” Don’t worry, it’s mild.  The price is only $1.99 for 16 ounces.

I’ve saved the best for last.  My SIL, Tiffany turned me on to this.  Aldi carries a skin care line called “Lacura” that has won all these skin care line awards.  I quit using Victoria Principal’s line when I found Lacura.  Hang on to your crow’s feet, the prices are unbelievable.

  • Cleanser (almost 9 oz.): $2.99
  • Toner:  $2.99
  • Day or Night Cream: $4.99
  • Eye Care Cream: $3.99

Not kidding.  And people, have you seen me posting about unsightly pimples lately? NO, you haven’t.  I love this stuff.

And btw, this is most certainly not a paid advertisement.  The good folks at Aldi don’t know me from Adam.  I just get a kick out of passing on good deals when I find them to y’all.

Okay, you’re turn.  If you have any Aldi info to share, please leave it in the comments.  Otherwise, if you’d like to link up with your own Saturday Stirrings recipe, or kitchen tidbit, link to your specific post below.

And then link back here.  Because that’s the polite thing to do.  🙂

Have a great weekend, everyone!


23 Responses to Shopping at Aldi

  • Blessings, hugs and kisses for calling it the correct name: Aldi!

    It drives me crazy when people call it Aldi’s. Argh!


  • I know I really need to get back into shopping at Aldi – I know they have great deals, but our store NEVER has everything I need on my list, so I’m sometimes too lazy to go there b/c I know it means another extra stop to get the things they’re out of or don’t carry.

  • I just discovered them. Actuallly I discovered them a while ago, but it was in Chicago and the stores were super scary and sketchy. But the one here is super clean and nice. I LOVE it!! I score so much food for such little money and I love their fit and healthy line.

  • Aldi in Holland rocks as well!

  • We have several Aldis by us in Ohio. They are a wonderful source for families to be able to buy a lot of good food for a pretty low price. The Duggars use this store as well (I had seen it on a show of theirs.
    GREAT posting!

  • There’s an Aldi near my in-laws and since our daughter is living with them now, grandma has turned her on to all the Aldi joy. My favorite purchase of hers was the Ghirardelli brownie mixes (oh how I love thee Ghirardelli turtle brownie mix!) for $1.99. Sadly, they are not always available. When they are, GRAB THEM.

  • One word of caution about Aldi’s. The cake mixes can be a little on the salty side. Spring the extra fifteen cents and get your cake mix at Walmart. 🙂 Everything else is great.

    Oh, and thanks for the heads up on the skin care stuffs. I was hesitant to try their line, but will give it a go when I’m out next time!

  • Love Aldi! I do most of my shopping there. I recently just bought the Lacura eye cream. If only I would remember to actually put it on! We have Aldi stores all over NWI (northwest Indiana) but no Trader Joe’s. I have an ‘Aldi Quarter’ that is kept in the glove box and may never, ever be removed from the car. We drink a lot of coffee, so the one thing we stock up on is the fat-free coffee creamer.

  • We just started shopping at our local Aldi store. To be honest, I it was a necessity to shop there and I was not happy about it. Then my kids started asking for things (as they do in stores) but because of the awesome prices I was able to say yes to everything they asked for! Now it’s the only store they will go without complaining! They cheer when I tell them we’re going to Aldi! I was even happier when we tried the food. I was expecting generic tasting food but everything was awesome!

  • I heart Aldi, and shop there every 2 weeks.

    The only thing that I don’t purchase there are the foods that my girl needs.

  • THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. We just moved to a town with an Aldi. I was going to give it a try, and now I feel prepared. We have a rewards credit card and it’s all we use. That would have been a bit of a problem. And making sure I’ve got a quarter. Very handy. Ready to try the skin care.

  • No Aldi here that I know of, by my daughter discovered Aldo shoes – not a good way to save money.

  • I went once and got so disoriented without my cash, quarter, or bags, I just left and felt frustrated!
    However, one of my close friends has offered to take me withOUT kids one day and show me the ropes.
    She is a good, frugal, bargain-hunting friend, and I am blessed.
    Walley world makes my head hurt, but I go when I have to before a trip for snacks and stuff. They are cheaper!
    I do save a bunch with double and triple coupons and Bogo at Bi-lo.
    Like the brand tips, will check Aldi out!

  • Aldi has a great recipe feature on their website. You sign up, and get access to all these great recipes, and the ingredients are all or almost located at Aldi. Even better, you can create a shopping list for them, organized by where each item is in the store. I love it, saving money and getting in and out quickly.

  • We’re credit card folks so Aldi never seemed practical for us. After reading some of these comments, I’m almost ready to give them another look.

  • I grew up with an Aldi store, and loved that we could always get a soda there, because they were like 5 cents a can.
    Moved to Colorado when I got married, and was without one for the last five years. And now? We have one in GERMANY!! Love it! Except the fact that the carts are 1 Euro. That gets annoying!

  • Yes, we have an Aldi’s – only a 10 minute drive. I have not tried the laundry soap/soda/personal hygiene items (like shampoo) – usually have best luck with Wegmans store brand. But the dairy, canned/boxed goods are good – most of the frozen food too.
    Also definitely a good price on the snack items.

    I love the simplicity of shopping there. The Superstores are just so overwhelming for an older gal like me – I miss the old small town IGA’s and Red & Whites. Or shall I really confess that I spend WAY-TOO-MUCH at the big stores – too tempting to buy all the extra goodies I don’t need. The minute I walk in the superstores my budget completely leaves my head and I am in lala land!

    Back to Aldi: The coffee is decent, and I have heard that the diapers/wipes are good too.
    The Fit & Active products are
    good too (canned fruit/chips, etc.)

    Will definitely the try the skin care line – thanks for the tip!


  • Gave up my Aldi for Trader Joes. Be glad Aldi food is cheap. TJ is not. (Therefore, I never shop there.) But I know lots of people who swear by certain things they buy there.

  • I agree with Megan in their online shopping guide.

    At aldi.com you can look up recipes, add them to your “cookbook”, click and drag them into a menu for the week and create a shopping list with all the ingredients needed with just a few more clicks.

    I tried it last night. I think with a little more practice it will become my new way of shopping. LOVED IT!

  • After reading the comments here I feel like a hillbilly! No Aldi up here and no TJ’s either. Man we must live way deep in the woods!

  • FYI, Aldi and Trader Joe’s are owned by the same people. I have actually heard a TJ employee telling a customer to head to Aldi for a better deal on produce. It’s true. I once felt too superior to be bothered with Aldi, but I have repented and am now a die-hard devotee.

  • Ok I have NEVER heard of this store. May have to test it out.

  • I grew up with an Aldi’s in my town. So, I’ve always known how great they are. Did you know Aldi’s is a German company? I was in Germany in Jan. of 2007 and went in to an Aldi’s there. Fascinating. Tons more beauty products then we have. And wine and lots of german fare, which was cool to see. My fav thing there that I wish they would bring to the Aldi’s in the states…..Large tubes of concentrated tomato paste. The ones in the other grocery stores are half the size and double the price! Aldi’s Rocks!