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A Workbox System That Works!


The Back to School Edition!

We’re right smack dab in the middle of our third week of homeschool.  The kids don’t mind going back to school in the middle of July since it’s 135 degrees outside.

And they know that they are going to get the entire month of December off!

I wanted to talk about something I brought up last month during the Curriculum Roundup.  I was just getting my Workbox System all set up, and hadn’t actually put it to use yet.

I’m back to tell you that I DON’T KNOW HOW I FUNCTIONED WITHOUT IT!  The Workbox system was developed by a gal named Sue Patrick.  (I understand that she’s speaking at the Heart of the Matter Online Home Education Conference.)  You can customize it to fit any type curriculum, and can use bins, drawers, or envelopes.

I found these 7 drawer (12×12) carts on wheels and got one for each of my girls.  I use each of the drawers for their 6 school subjects plus one for Bible Study.  I include in each drawer everything that they will need for that subject.  So no more running around the house searching for a ruler, a dictionary, or the duct tape to keep one small younger brother in one place.

Oh, I kid about the duct tape.  Sort of.


I also got the girls light weight 4′ adjustable folding tables (from Sam’s Club for about $30), so they can set up their work area in different areas of the house.  And that frees up the kitchen table FOR ME!  (Insert maniacal laughter.)  Emme has taken to doing her work underneath her table.

They are moving through each “workbox” at their own pace, and are enjoying a good deal more independence.  I’ve noticed Cailey’s work ethic has improved HUGELY with this new system.  She now sees what work she has accomplished, and what she has left to do.  And she keeps her workspace VERY TIDY.

Color me surprised.

I think we’re off to a wonderful start.  And I still have LOTS of Extra Strength Excedrin left in the bottle.

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8 Responses to A Workbox System That Works!

  • You homeschooling moms impress me to no end. And here I think I’m all organized because I ALREADY have new backpacks! 🙂

  • Oh yes! We love the Workbox system too. We haven’t got back into the swing of things yet, but when we do we’ll def. be using our boxes. 🙂

  • We do exactly the same thing and it works!

  • I’m starting to homeschool this year! LOVE THIS!

    Melanie!!! This news makes me so happy! Welcome to the insanity!


  • It’s always nice to find a system that works for you and your kids. I’m about to start kindergarten with my little bundle of hyperness and I’m really nervous about it. He’s nothing like his big brother who was fairly easy to get to sit and do his work. This would have worked well for him, back in the day, but I guess he’ll have to figure out how to deal with his own stuff this year as a college freshman!

  • I love the workbox idea love how you set yours up.

    Where did you get your carts?
    Were they expensive?

    Thank you,


    I got them from Target for about $30 each. I think they were intended to be used for scrapbooking. I looked at them as an investment that I’ll be using for many years. 🙂


  • Oh, this is great!! I may have to rethink the cabinets I was GOING To buy..hmm.

  • You are the 8 zillionth person to tell me about them but the first picture I’ve seen. I am more interested, now. I usually give each kid a list of what the day’s work is with a folder full of the papers, etc. I tried doing a weekly list last year for my eldest but that seemed too overwhelming to him. I wonder if the workboxes would be a different experience?