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Linking Logues 8-3-09

UPDATED TO ADD:  I just joined the Crystal Light Water Way Challenge!!!  Go to my review page to see what that’s all about.  And you’ll learn my secret recipe for The Emergency Margarita.


For the love of all that is good, go look at the trailer for this movie.  I cannot wait.


There is a new episode of Mom’s Homeroom that discusses heading back to school.  Go check it out here.  And btw, we just finished our second week of our homeschool year, and no one is in therapy yet.  I just thought I should report that.


Fiddledaddy has continually e-mailed me this gal’s web address.  Not kidding.  At least 6 times.  I finally subscribed just to get him to leave me the heck alone appease him.  And, psssst, It really is a wonderful site!  FULL of information that I need to be implementing.


What is all the hype about Skype???  Fiddledaddy signed me up because he’s tired of me being 10 years behind the technological times.  Do y’all use it?  And for what?


Please lift my sweet friend Kelli up in your prayers.  This woman is my everyday inspiration to keep my eyes focussed where they ought to be.  Amen and amen.


Have a blessed week everyone!


8 Responses to Linking Logues 8-3-09

  • Skype keeps me sane.
    We moved 6000 miles away from our kids. Do you think a regular phone call is going to be sufficient for keeping in touch? Of course not!
    Being able to see their faces makes all the difference in the world!
    It’s also been great for staying in touch with other family and friends…although my FIL with advanced alzheimers keeps asking “Who are those folks” whenever we video skype with him and mom. LOL
    Oh, and when the other person has skype? IT’S FREE, FREE, FREE!!!!!!!!!
    The End.

  • Skype was fabulous for me when my bff moved to New Zealand. They’re back now, and I’ve not used it since. Can’t get any of the Luddites in England — all of my husband’s relatives — to use a computer.

    [In no way am I indicting the British in any way, shape or form. I am merely indicting my British husband’s family members.]

  • I’m absolutely looking forward to seeing Julie/Julia this weekend! I have the perfect date night planned. Now I just have to find someone crazy, er, KIND enough to babysit!

  • We use Skype to “visit” with our son and daughter-in-law in West Virginia (we are in Ontario, Canada). We are lucky to visit in person twice a year. Most importantly, it allows us more contact with their 18-month-old son. We started using Skype after our visit to them in March, and it is clear that he still recognizes us. He gets very excited and “talks” and uses his baby signs (my husband is deaf) to the computer. Grampa would, in person, put his hand on his head with a goofy facial expression, and our grandson would copy him. As soon as he sees Grampa’s face on the computer screen, he does the same thing! Can’t wait until they arrive here on Saturday to see if he’s confused by seeing us in person rather than on a screen. 🙂 Hopefully this way we’ll be a little more familiar to him than if we only had face-to-face contact twice a year. And his parents can sign to my husband on screen, so it’s much better for him. All in all, it’s just plain fun, so much more satisfying than a phone call!

  • Skype ROCKS! We use it because Hubby is a pilot . . . so the kiddos can actually see him when he’s gone – they think it’s awesome.

    We also recently installed it for Gmas so they can see each other as well 🙂

    Too bad it might go away forever . . . lawsuits are looming.

  • we love skype – we use it to “see” our family in texas….it’s a fun way to chat!

  • Also, SO excited for Julie and Julia! Probably won’t see it in the theaters because of the expense, but my birthday is at the end of the month so we’ll see 🙂

    Congrats on two weeks of school, Jensen included?? I’ve been schooling since the beginning of July and yesterday we finished day 6, so it’s going a bit slow for us (too many distracting activities)

    My sister lives in Australia, so we Skype with her. If I didn’t have family who lived so far away, we wouldn’t use it at all. I also have a sister in Dallas, we live in Denver, but we never Skype with her since we have unlimited long distance on our cell phones.

  • now i can’t wait for the movie! it looks great!!