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Linking Logues 7-27-09

This woman avoided foreclosure by being one smart cookie.  Or something similar.  I just want to applaud the entrepreneurial spirit!


Attn. Homeschool moms! Don’t forget to enroll your kids in Pizza Hut’s Book it! Program.  Your kids can earn a free pizza every month by reading books!  Homeschool families need to register individually, as they are no longer accepting registration from homeschool groups. The registration form can be found here.   The program runs from September through March.


I have something at the Mom’s Homeroom Board that I need help with.  There is a reader who has a question about transitioning from homeschool to public school.  If anyone has any experience with this, please go here to leave your thoughts.  To sign in, you just need your e-mail address (will remain private) and a “handle.”  THANK YOU!


Jo-Lynne of Musings of a Housewife wrote an awesome post on the ins and outs of Twittering.  VERY HELPFUL.  Especially to those of us Tweets who are Twits.  🙂


I wanted to share this video that was presented at our church service on Sunday.  AMEN AND AMEN.

Happy Monday!


6 Responses to Linking Logues 7-27-09

  • Thanks for sharing the YouTube video. AMEN again. We had a short video at our morning service too, a preacher was preaching that Jesus could return at anytime, and suddenly most of the congregation disappeared, the preachers Bible dropped, the people left behind started dropping to their knees…so sad, a real wake up. It will be like that one day. We have to be ready.

  • Thanks for posting the video! We missed church yesterday because I’m not feeling well, and then had a rough night last night (I have a 3.5 mo old). I needed that reminder this morning about who the Lord is! Thanks much for the pick me up.

  • I remember doing the Book It program when I was younger, and the Twitter info is VERY good! Oh, and yes, I love that video too!!!

  • Awesome video!! I feel like I was just at church!! Thanks for sharing…

  • yeah, thanks for the book-it reminder! I have 5 in that age group this school year.

    Mary, mom to 10