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Scrambled Eggs ~ Saturday Stirrings


I started posting recipes on Saturday nearly 2 years ago or so.  It turned into a carnival, so Saturday Stirrings had friends.  Then last year, when Jensen was diagnosed with severe food allergies, my culinary enthusiasm took a direct hit and I went into survival mode.

It was then my sweet blogging compadre, Carol, offered to carry the Saturday Stirrings torch for me.  While I cried over my son’s rice cakes.

As you know, we later found out that his skin issues had nothing whatsoever to do with his diet.  BRING ON THE CHICKEN NUGGETS!  He can pretty much eat what he wants, with the exception of certain fish and peanuts.  And grass.  Can’t eat grass, but that usually isn’t a problem.

All this to say that I’ve been considerably more amiable to cooking.  Well.  That and WHO CAN AFFORD TO HIT 2 ON SPEED DIAL AND ORDER CARRABBAS TAKE-AWAY?  Not me.  Sadly.  So it’s not unusual for me to cook 3 meals a day, 7 days a week.

If you count grilled cheese for the kids cooking.

And yes, I do.

You also know that I just spend 2 hellish weeks on the South Beach diet Phase I-Just-Want-To Die #1. The phase that allows your body to detox from all the sugar and carbs.  The phase that makes you want to eat the plaster off the walls.

And I survived.  And am still doing well.  This week I’ve reintroduced healthy carbs back into my diet in the form of 1 fruit and 1 complex carb a day.  Next week, I move up to 2 fruits and 2 complex carbs.

That’s when I’ll pull out my happy dance.

But what’s this all got to do with scrambled eggs?  When you’re in Phase 1, all you get for breakfast are eggs.  For the most part.  I’ve gotten all kinds of creative when it comes to eggs.  I can make an omelet or a frittata that ordinary mortals would die for.  But I’m most proud of my scrambled eggs.

And there’s a secret to these eggs.  Which I will now share.  Here’s the thing.  It requires a super duper blender.  I use my Vita-Mix.  Which is like a blender on steroids.


Scrambled Eggs (for a family of 5, give or take)

1 Cup Egg Beaters
5 Large Eggs
1/2 Cup 1% Cottage Cheese
1 Yellow Squash, chopped (Raw)
Salt & Pepper to taste
1/4 (or 1/2) Cup Cheddar Cheese, low fat

I throw everything except for the cheddar cheese into the Vita-Mix, and blend until smooth.  Then I pour the mixture into a heated skillet, which I first give a generous shot of cooking spray.  Cook on medium heat, stirring nearly constantly.  Then I add the cheddar when the eggs are almost set.

My children have no idea that they are getting the extra calcium from the cottage cheese.  Not to mention a shot of vegetables.  Can’t taste the squash at all.  And LOOK, it’s yellow.  Just like the eggs.  They are clueless.  Parenting by deception.  Works for me.

And the fact that it’s a raw vegetable, so all the nutrients are intact is a bonus.

This is why you need a really strong blender to pulverize the squash.  A regular blender would work just fine with just the cottage cheese, btw.

Best tasting eggs I’ve ever had.  And even though I’ve moved on to Phase 2, I still enjoy them.  WITH A PIECE OF WHOLE WHEAT TOAST, FOR LOVE OF PETE.

Have a great weekend everyone!


12 Responses to Scrambled Eggs ~ Saturday Stirrings

  • Have you tried the cookbook “Deceptively delicious”? It’s fantastic!

  • So, my crappy blender that we got from Walmart for $10 right after we married over 16 years ago will probably not work for this recipe?? It sounds awesome, and I would love to try it. I give you props for actually cooking. I’ve been told I ‘heat’ not cook. So, what can I do if all I have is the crappy blender?

  • Pure genius! Now if only I could afford a Vita-Mix.

  • I’m really teetering on the cusp of South Beach, but I CANNOT ABIDE eggs. Well, except in brownies. And cake. You see my problem. My question is, do you think a person can “do” SB w/o egg dishes?

    • Dana,
      I think I read on the South Beach website that you can do Phase 1 w/o eggs. Just make sure you have lots of protein. And you can eat cottage cheese, or sugar-free yogurt. On Phase 1, you can have (I think) 1 Cup of milk a day. Cheese would also be a good sub for an egg breakfast.

  • Question– can that recipe be made without the egg beaters, or is that a vital part of it?

    • Brandy,
      You absolutely can omit the Egg Beaters! Just use all eggs. I’d use like 9 eggs for my hungry crew of 5.

  • And if grilled cheese is too much work, throw a piece of bread & a piece of cheese on the highchair tray & call it good. 🙂 Same nutrition, right? RIGHT??? 🙂

  • I used to be off gluten, and then that allergy mysteriously went away, so I can once again eat wheat, but I NEED to go on something like south beach, but I just don’t have the will power to give up my beloved carbs.

  • Aww come on Dee Dee, is Phase 1 that harsh? I haven’t been surfing blogs in a while and am now getting back so maybe I missed something , have you tried Phase 1 before? I lost half my size doing SBDiet a few years ago. :O)

  • I am on this crazy soup diet, or was. It was basically all veggies, fruit, no carbs with a pot. and steak thrown in so I would not eat my own leg. Ha! Who am I kidding I could never stretch that far.
    Anyway, I am sugar free and my hubs says I have never been more crabby. Something has gotta give. Also, my family is a little tired of all the things I CAN NOT eat. Like going out for ice cream, or popcorn at the movies (NO, they can not just eat it beside me). The plus side? I am minus 7 pounds. Amen.