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The Wonderful World of Blogging

As I celebrate my 3rd year blogging anniversary this month, I’ve given pause to reflect on how blogging has greatly impacted my life.

The only downside is the self imposed sense of urgency that I have to post something Every Single Day.  I know lots of bloggers who feel this way.  Why do we do that to ourselves?  But I’m getting over it.

Besides the awesome sense of community that I’ve been blessed with in the blogosphere, I’ve also gotten some pretty useful information lately!

Why just yesterday, sweet Heather alerted me to the fact that I can download my beloved Nintendo Mario Bros. games (popular nearly 20 years ago) from the Wii Shopping site.

I then turned to Fiddledaddy and said, “Make it so.”

And he did.  Not only was he able to download Mario Bros. 1, 2, and 3, but he also bought me a Wii game called “Aquarium.”  Seriously.  I can decorate it, pick out my own fish, AND THEY WILL NEVER MEET WITH AN UNTIMELY DEATH.

And as an added bonus I don’t have to clean out the tank.  I even put a virtual frog in the tank.  Because y’all know how much I love frogs.

The older games that you can download only cost about $5.00 each.  An awesome price, especially if you consider, HAVE YOU PRICED WII GAMES LATELY??

Thank you, Heather.  I look upon my Wii with completely different eyes.  And I’m not alone.


We start our school year on Monday, and am I ready?  That would be one gigantic NO.  I still have more cabinet dumping and organizing to go.  I’m still in denial that I’m adding Jensen into the homeschooling mix.

I understand that Walgreens is having a fabulous sale on Excedrin.  That will just about cover MY back-to-school shopping.  🙂

Have a wonderful weekend, y’all!


7 Responses to The Wonderful World of Blogging

  • glad I could help another Mario Fan. Around here we are Mario addicts, or at least my 4 year old is. We even have some of the Mario Brothers cartoons on DVD.

  • I can not recount how many hours of my youth I wasted on Pitfall.

    I envy you not having to buy backpacks and lunch boxes. It is a painful thing with indecisive children. My son would deliberate over a pencil sharpener (hand held, non mechanical) for an hour if you let him.

    Happy Three years, you are awesome at blogging!

  • I love your entertainment center!! As we prepare to move into a new house soon, out old one is going to be left behind.
    I can’t think about school yet. As a teacher, it means back to work. I’m hanging on to the precious few days left.

  • You. bought. a frog.

    Albeit a virtual one.

    Lord have mercy, I do believe the world is about to stop on it’s axis. I hear the screeching now …


    I love the fact that we can download old games. We have an XBox360, and for my birthday last year Jonathan bought me PacMan.

    I love that boy.

  • Glad you mentioned the frogs again in this post. So I could comment. ‘Cause I know you will understand like nobody else can …

    We’ve had a pool for 8 years. And dealt with the normal pool owner hassles, including misquitos at night and balancing chemicals to keep the water “perfect” in the Oklahoma heat and leaks in the pipes.

    But we never had frogs. Until this year.

    The owner of the land behind our property has starting building his own little “resort” … complete with a man-made pond. The froggies obviously prefer chlorinated water to the pond water because they’re invading our pool every night now! On the ladders and under the coping … croaking annoyingly from sun down to sun up the next morning. My 15 year-old son has even commented about the “compromising” positions he’s seen them in together (since this is a family site I won’t use his exact expression).

    And don’t ask what happened when I reached in to pull the filter basket out to remove the standard accumulation of dead leaves the other day and my hand grabbed something soft and squishy instead of the basket handle …

    All that to say is that the benefits of YOU blogging is that I don’t feel so alone in my frog terrors. Now, if I could just make my tales as funny as you …

  • Bummer.

    We’ve been blogging about the same amount of time.

    I was hoping you’d been blogging for eons, but shall have to console myself with the fact that you are simply better than I.

  • AWESOME! so totally going to do download them all! Thanks, and if my husband calls or leaves a long winded comment about having to download them, remember we really are a nice normal family!