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The Brothers Mario

I’m not a fan of the Wii.  (Ducking to avoid the tomatoes and baby bottles)

My children have a few of the games like Wii Sports, Mario Olympics, Disney Princess, and Hot Wheels.


Don’t get me wrong, my children ADORE their Wii, and as long as I give each kid an allotted amount of time each day SO THEY DON’T TURN INTO ZOMBIES then life is lovely.

It’s just that I’ve tried these games, and well, I’m just not that crazy about playing.

I think perhaps I’m spoiled.

You see, I cut my teeth thumbs on Nintendo Super Mario.

Circa 1990.

LOVED THOSE GAMES.  With their little hand held remote control, and all that JUMPING, the overalls, and the goofy music.

Sigh.  Those were the days.

And yes, I have tried Wii Paper Mario.  Not the same.

Do you see a pattern with me?  I was the girl who could not bear to part with my 8-tracks when cassettes came into vogue.  And CD’s?  Well.  I still have a rack of cassettes, melting in the garage because I cannot bear to part with those.

And I don’t have to tell you that my extensive LP and 45 collection still sits gathering dust and dead wasp remains out in the garage as well.

It’s a sickness.  Feel free to side with Fiddledaddy.  I need some sort of pack rat intervention.

My children found my old Nintendo Super Mario Brothers (original and Super Mario 3) in the bowels of my closet one day while snooping for Christmas presents.  And they’ve been bugging me to set it up on the old 13 inch TV that I keep around only for the MASSIVE COLLECTION OF VHS TAPES.

Finally, a week or so ago I caved.  I set it up so that Jensen could play.  He has not mastered the Wii.  He is my people.

It was a proud moment when I realized that my children are now bona fide Super Mario Freaks.  They love this game.  In fact, they’ve discovered levels and secret passages I never knew were there.  And I even had the cheat notes from a book my mother found for me at a garage sale nearly 20 years ago called “Compute’s Guide to Nintendo Games”.


Oh you thought I was a near-famous actress glamming in up in Hollywood back then, didn’t you?  In reality I was nothing more than a closet Nintendo Nerd.  The whole actress gig was just a mere cover.


(This is my mom in 1990, during one of our marathon Mario games.  The dog passed out from boredom.)

Anyhoo, I can hardly get close to my beloved Super Mario and his trusty opponent Luigi, since my children have commandeered the game.  We even had to rig it by jamming Jenga blocks to hold the game down in the machine so it would play.

We resorted to Jenga blocks only because Emme’s feet kept falling asleep when I made her hold it down with her toes while playing.

Any other closet Nintendo nerds want to come out and let your freak flag fly?  What was your favorite game?

And btw, I could  kick some serious Centipede behind as well.  Just sayin’.


25 Responses to The Brothers Mario

  • did you know you can get all the Super Mario games for the wii. You can download them from the Wii store. They look exactly like the origional, and you can get a classic controller to attach to your wii remote. My son loves to watch me play all the time, when I can tear him away from Mario Kart that is.

    • Heather,
      SHUT UP! Are you serious???? I just may have to embrace the Wii yet. My joy will know no bounds. Checking it out…

  • Loved Super Mario, but before that, Pac Man, Donkey Kong and Frogger on those old stand up games they had in the grocery store where I worked.

  • I’ve got a Wii (ostensibly for the grandkids LOL); their favorite games at Nana’s house are the old classics! 😉

  • I was going to suggest what Heather said – we downloaded Super Mario 3, and my husband and I have had a lot of fun playing it!

  • We downloaded Super Mario Bros 1 and when my kids have mastered that, I promised them they could get SMB2. They are also working their way through the original Legend of Zelda. And hubby downloaded Tysons Punch Out. All downloaded onto our Wii for $5 a game. They have tons of classic games! And you can save and go back, something my Nintendo could not do.

  • We never even made it to Nintendo status. That was reserved for fun times at the neighbor’s home.

    We were the hand-me-down owners of the original atari games. We loved them all. Frogger was a personal favorite though. 😉

  • Oh please, please, please may I come to your house? Please? I miss all of those good games!!

  • Oh my gosh, Centipede was my favorite! I rocked at it, if I do say so myself. And I loved Super Mario. And now much to this mama’s hearts delight my now 9 yr loves the brothers too. So much so for his B-day last week the theme was Super Mario! And all his friends were in awe.

  • Ms. Pacman. I still love her so. But I pretty much hate everything else. Like, everything!!!
    And I have racks of cassettes melting in my attic too. I keep telling my hubby that I’m going to order them on itunes, but I need to keep the cassettes to know what to order. I figure I’ll get that done – along with all my scrapbooking and filing – when the kids are in college… Or I’ll be dead and won’t care! And anyway, I don’t even have an ipod, haha!

  • I was one who did not have a Nintendo of my own. We too had the original Atari. I can kick some serious booty at Tanks and Frogger!

    We have downloaded the classics for the Wii as well. It’s good, because Hubs’ brother inherited the original Nintendo. (insert pout face here!)

  • I have to say that I was an Atari fan…. Kaboom and Space Invaders, Baby! But let’s face it, when Pong came in to my home, I knew my life would never be the same. **sigh**……………… those WERE the days! I know the pride you feel… I still have LPs, an ATARI game station AND a Sega Genesis games station, complete with all the sonic games. I wonder what is impacting my life now that I will still be holding on to years and years from now… who knew then that it would be those video games!

  • I grew up with Colecovision, the poor man’s Atari. Seriously it was incredibly lame. But at some point my brother upgraded to Nitendo and we were blessed with Super Mario Brothers. Just hearing the music play would make me happy!!

  • oh my… love the original Mario brothers… and we had tournaments too. You know – who can save the princess first without warping… *sigh*

    Julie D.

  • We’ve got nothing now to match the nothing we had growing up. However, I was paid to babysit the boys down the street and the cousins down the street. And they had nintendo. 🙂

    I tried to type out the syllables for the Super Mario song, but how exactly do you spell bum bum bum bumbum badum etc etc etc…?

  • We had the original Atari at our house. So Space Invaders reigned supreme. I remember my dad and his buddy staying up all night one time just to see what would happen if you got a million points.

  • I love coming here and getting all kinds of good information. I had no idea you could get all the classics on the Wii. Wow, just what I need — another reason to ignore the laundry! Anyway, I loved Frogger. We, too, had the Atari. I was Astroids champion. My husband and I — when we were young and kidless — used to stay up into the wee hours playing Super Mario World. Ahhh the good old days.

  • We had Atari and I used to challenge all the neighborhood kids in Space Invaders. My brother was an Asteroids champ. My highschool boyfriend had Super Mario Bros. though and so I was pretty good at that too.
    We are packing to move soon, and I was just thinking about all my cassettes and wondering if it was time to bid them adieu. My vinyl I will NEVER get rid of. It’s making a come-back you know 😉

  • We started with an Atari, then moved up to the NES when my sis and I bought one. Super Mario 3 was AWESOME. Not to mention the Disneyland/World game where you had to get the keys…. I don’t remember the name of it. My mother and I were both addicted to those. I miss my NES still, to this day

  • I have only played Atari. I liked Pitfall! My husband and sons have had assorted game systems and now computer games, but I have never been drawn to them!

  • I was at my brother’s house for a weekend, and he put the Wii on for me to play him. I did terrible. We did the sports, and by the second “at bat” my brother said he needed to call the company and tell them that not everyone can play it. I was so frustrated and embarrassed. Course, I never played video games.

  • One more reason to love you!

    Loved Mario and Q-bert. But all time fav is still Ms. PacMan.

  • “He is my people” – I LOVE THAT!

    I could rock some Super Mario back in the day myself. The wii though? Totally Clueless as to the Mario Kart. My 6-year old lurves it though! 🙂

  • Frogger. Love me my frogger.

  • “Let your freak flag fly”….you are too funny!
    I love PacMan…but RULED at Super Mario Bros. I am SOOOO about to search for the Wii game to download. YAY!!!