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A Retraction

Evidently, Fiddledaddy does read my blog.  I know this because I received the following e-mail from him after he read my rendition of Cailey’s latest tooth extraction.

Mind you, his office is maybe 30 feet from the kitchen (where I’m usually trapped) but he felt it necessary to have his version of the events recorded.


Subject: correction to your post please

“I did not hold her down. That sounds barbaric. I coaxed her into my arms for a nice, long, sit down hug, gently petting her hair, whilst slowly encasing her legs in a scissors hold. I then gently enclosed her two hands in my one, and within seconds extracted the sideways incisor.”


I’m sure that clears things up.

Moving on.

As you know, Cailey asked me to relay to the Toothfairy a message that she wished to hang on to her extracted tooth for show and tell.  I complied.

The next day the baggied tooth was dutifully carried about and shown off to anyone who stopped long enough to carry on a conversation with Cailey.

And then I forgot completely about it.

Evidently, so did the Toothfairy. Because the morning after that day, Cailey drug herself into the kitchen, carrying her tooth in the baggy, and angrily announced that the Toothfairy had forgotten all about her.

Slacker Toothfairy.

I told her that the Toothfairy was probably confused because of the day delay, and that she should really extend her a little grace.  What with her heavy workload and all.

She sighed heavily.  “Fine.”

The next night I sneaked into her room and discovered the baggy tucked into her bed railing, thusly avoiding the precarious climb up to the top bunk.

I left her a baggy with a crisp dollar bill.  I considered adding a little interest but changed my mind.  And pocketed the quarter.

Thereby tipping the Toothfairy.

Because she’s worth it.


14 Responses to A Retraction

  • I think your and my husband went to the same school of detail school. :0)

  • My mom totally forgot with my first tooth. I was so mad 🙂

  • Our toothfairy, being male, is never on time.

    Umm, that was stated wrong.

    Because our tooth fairy is male, he neglects to ask for directions to our home (which is something he apparently must do, as we are military and move alot), and is forever behind in getting the money to the kids.

    In fact, on all too many occassions, the toothfairy’s guardian angel steps in to take up the slack.

    I’d fire the toothfairy, except he volunteered for the job 16 years ago. So, between the volunteering and the great maps my kids create to help the toothfairy out. . .I just keep him on.

  • I’d be interested in hearing Cailey’s version of events…

  • Our toothfairy submitted her letter of resignation because she is so unreliable:


  • We’ve had to give nice, long, sit-down hugs at our house, too. Not for any teeth, yet, but for nasty-tasting medicine. Those hugs work wonders! 🙂

  • I like your version better. 🙂

    I would have tipped your toothfairy too. She’s awesome.

  • Our toothfairy is very forgetful too. Plus she is always short on cash…

  • Howdy
    As usual no two witnesses see the exact same thing .
    Loved the update .
    Now how about the rest of the characters involved do they get to post their versions 🙂
    I’m game this was all so much fun to read .
    Blessings to you all .
    Have a very happy weekend.
    Happy Trails

  • Why do hubbies always have to set the record straight? Our way is so much funnier!
    Mine also has a saying, “Just the facts” when we are in a hurry. Do you think he is trying to hint that I am long winded?

  • I just love your sense of humor and I see Fiddledaddy has one also!! I check on your posts daily just for alittle chuckle. Keep it up. 😉

  • Like Terry, I’d love to hear both Cailey’s version and the Toothfairy’s.

  • Our toothfairy didn’t have cash with the first tooth and that changed the course of history in our house.

    How could the tooth fairy look at that bright eyed little girl, slipping her tooth under her pillow so sure of what would be and just say “sorry?”

    I couldn’t even figure out how she was so sure. We never talked about the tooth fairy. When were they introduced?

    And she was way to young for the tooth fairy to run out to get money in the middle of the night.

    So the tooth fairy wrote a soppy letter about how she was growing so fast and invited her to a tea party. All fancy.

    And that is what all the kids ask for every time they lose a tooth. A tea party.

  • Details are overrated. 🙂