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Sibling Rivalry and Weapons of Mass Destruction

Of my 3 children, Cailey is by far superior when using creative means to exact revenge on hapless siblings.  One such incident was chronicled here.  And another one here.

Today she astounded even me, her seasoned mother.

In an attempt to keep Jensen’s skin hydrated because of his Atopic Dermatitis, he has to take two 20 minute baths a day.  He knows the drill.  When he first arises, he trudges into the bathroom and gathers up his favorite bath toys for the ritual.

Let me pause here to explain that Cailey and Jensen were cut from the same mischievous cloth.  Mutt and Jeff.  While they tolerate love each other dearly, they also achieve extreme delight in pushing each other’s buttons.  In fact, they both have the others buttons on speed dial.

Seizing a prime opportunity to torture her brother, Cailey sauntered into the bathroom during Jensen’s morning soak.  He had only 5 minutes logged in the tub, and another 15 to go.  Cailey announced she intended to have her morning constitutional, and it couldn’t wait.

Those are not the words she used, I’m just attempting to be delicate.  She is, after all, the child that taught her brother how to burp on command.

When Jensen, who is in possession of heightened olfactory senses, realized what was happening just a mere 12 inches from where he was sitting, he began voicing his displeasure.


Followed of course by much gagging, and he even went so far as to stick his finger down his throat in an effort to hurry her up.

Cailey was unfazed, as she is suffering from a head cold, and is void of her usual keen sense of smell..  She derived a good deal of pleasure in taking her sweet time.

I stayed in the kitchen, rather enjoying Jensen’s predicament.  Because, hello?  You can’t pay for this kind of entertainment.  I would call into the bathroom at 5 minute intervals, “Cailey, are you through?”

To which I would hear a small satisfied, “Nope.”

And then more gagging and complaining from the younger brother.  THAT STANKS.  YOU’RE STANKY CAY-CAY.  EEWWWWWW.  I’M GONNA FWOH UP!

When at last she bored of the game, or her legs fell asleep, she finally left the bathroom.

Jensen continued choking and sputtering in the aftermath, as the paint was peeling off of the wall.  His 20 minute soak had concluded, and I had absolutely no trouble getting him out of the tub.  Which is not always the case.

I’m going to partner up with Cailey.  Imagine all we can accomplish if we join forces.

I know for a fact that I never want to be on the receiving end of her revenge.


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