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Stupid Proof Crockpot Spaghetti Sauce


Spaghetti Sauce is a staple here in the House of Fiddle.  I can toss it over some pasta, make a lasagna, or slather it onto Pita Bread and call it a Pizza Petite.

I have a fool proof recipe for Spaghetti Sauce, that tastes like you’ve been slaving over a hot stove all day.  You absolutely cannot screw it up.

When the children hear we’re having Spaghetti for dinner they all exhale a sigh of relief.  Mom can’t ruin that one.  Can’t get away with calling it “Blackened” Spaghetti.

Anytime I use the word “blackened” in a reference to dinner, it means that something unexpected was ablaze.

It is also the number 1 reason why my children are fearful of fire.  MY MASTER PLAN!  (Insert maniacal laughter.)

Anyhoo.  Here I go with my Stupid Proof Crockpot Spaghetti Sauce.  And I’m doing this from memory because I can.

Stupid Proof Crockpot Spaghetti Sauce

2 lbs. Ground Turkey (can use lean ground beef)
1/2 C. Chopped Onion
29 oz. Can Tomato Sauce
15 oz. Can Diced Tomatoes (with juice)
6 oz. Can Tomato Paste
1 Can Mushrooms (pieces and stems)
1 Package Spaghetti Sauce Mix (I use Wal•Marts GV Thick & Zesty because it has no MSG)
1 large Zucchini, Diced
1/2 Cup Red Wine (plus a few swigs for the chef)
2 Cups Water

Brown your meat and onions.  Give the crockpot a shot of no-stick spray.  Empty all the cans into the crockpot.  Stir in the package of Spaghetti Sauce.  Then add the wine and water.  (If I don’t have Fiddledaddy’s stash of good red wine at hand, then I use cooking red wine….but I don’t swig that stuff.)

Fiddledaddy, if you’re reading this, now you know where your nice red wine really goes when I let you think you drank more than you thought.

Then throw in the chopped up Zucchini and the cooked meat with onions.  And psst, I always add a little garlic powder in with the meat because I am a well known abuser of garlic.

Stir everything up, put the lid on and let it cook on low for 4 to 6 hours.


(My photography skills, and the lack thereof,  do nothing to enhance my culinary prowess.)

You can also do this on the stove top, just give it at least two hours to simmer.

This makes a huge batch.  I use one serving for dinner, and then put the rest into a freezer bag or two for freezing.

Serve over whole wheat pasta.

Have an awesome weekend!


7 Responses to Stupid Proof Crockpot Spaghetti Sauce

  • Yummy! I miss making homemade sauce … the recipe I got from my stepmom is an all-day affair, delicious, but who has the time! So for the last several years I’ve been using the jarred stuff … not cheap, even if I try to hold out for sales. I’m going to try your recipe soon … love the crockpot idea … wonder if that’d work with my old recipe, too …

  • You know, my kids are constantly reminded that people go to restaurants and pay good money for “blackened” food. And here I give it to them for free. 😀

    I have to say, spaghetti sauce is one of the things I’m perfectly content to let come straight from a can.

  • Yummy! I’ll have to keep that in mind. When I say “I’ll” keep it in mind, I mean that I’ll give the recipe to my husband, who is the cook in the family.

    It looks pretty Weight Watchers friendly too (if you use the right meat).

  • Sounds yummy! I wonder if my girls would eat the zucchini. I would definitely have to invest in a larger crockpot – or make it on the stove!

  • Mmmm, crockpot spaghetti sauce is the ONLY way to go! I have spaghetti on next week’s meal plan, so I’m going to try your recipe. Thanks!

  • Sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing the recipe. I’m a horrible cook, so I’m thankful for any recipe that is titled “Stupid Proof” and even happier when it involves the crock pot.

  • My family really enjoyed this, and I loved how easy it was. And that there’s more in the freezer now for next week. I might reduce the water by half a cup next time, but that’s the only change I’d make. Thank you!