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We The People

Last week I was listening to one of my favorite radio talk show hosts.  He was reading aloud a letter from a woman in Arizona.  This is an open letter to our government leaders.  I was riveted.  It was like the author and I were sharing a brain.  Except that she is very articulate and well spoken.  (And probably tall and graceful, but that could just be me projecting.)

I’ve read it over and over and each time I become more determined to take a more proactive stance when dealing with governmental issues as they affect my family.

Go read it.  It’s well worth your time.   I promise.   To view the letter, or hear it read, go here.

I rarely get political, because there are many bloggers who do a much better job. (And what with my aversion to controversy and all.)   But it’s no longer about politics to me any more.  Because I’m equally fed up with both Democrats and Republicans alike.

Stepping down from my soapbox now.


Subject jumping:  Since we start back to school next month, my plan is to do a homeschool curriculum roundup this week.  Complete with a Mr. Linky.

Have an awesome week!


19 Responses to We The People

  • Wow. Voting with my feet. Officially removing you from my feed.

    • Angela,

      This is probably the number 1 reason I rarely step into controversy. I’m always afraid of offending someone. Which I evidently did with you. I apologize. You’ve been a long time reader and faithful commenter and I do so appreciate your input.

      I realize that we’re a country with a whole lot of points of view. And we’re rather polarized right now. I hate that. But sometimes I hear or read something that moves me. And I post it. (My husband warned me not to.) 🙂

      Anyway. One place where we all find common ground is in the realm of the difficulties of motherhood. I hope you’ll reconsider and come back. But I completely understand.


  • Geez, sorry the first comment is such a downer. I even bothered to click over from my feed to say a big hallelujah puncuated with an amen. I tweeted this, Facebooked it and might just tattoo it on my forehead. Thanks for sharing.

  • Glenn had that woman on his show on Fox. She’s not tall or graceful, but definitely very well-spoken! I agree about the letter–everything I’m thinking but can’t articulate.

  • As a home school “follower” and admirer(ie, cheaper by the half dozen), I am curious as to why you are starting back to school next month, as in July.

  • That was quite a letter. It pretty much outlined everything I’ve been thinking. (Except why TLC doesn’t stop the madness and cancel Jon and Kate Plus 8 NOW…which we all know they WILL do when ratings fall.) (Digressing slightly. Ahem.) Thanks for sharing this.

  • I really loved this letter. I can’t imagine how it could have possibly offended your 1st commenter. Some people.

    Anyhoo, I think this lady was right on, and that she is right about there being tons of people that share her views. I was never politically minded until the beginning phases of this last presidential election, and when I did start looking into things I was appalled. Honestly, I was made sick to my stomach when I learned of how the Constitution is being ignored. That most of the laws passed by Congress shouldn’t even be considered, since they have nothing to do with the job of Congress. I became a huge advocate of Ron Paul for this very reason. His rather tough approach made me proud (even if he was poo pooed by the Republican Party and the Media and had his words/ideas twisted to confuse the stupid). We need that kind of radical devotion to upholding the Constitution in Washington DESPERATELY. If not, we are truly going to lose what this country stood for in the first place, forever. Honestly, this open letter is a good idea. I think I may take the time in the next few weeks and write one as well! Can you imagine what kind of impact millions of letters such as this one would have on Washington and the buffoons in power there? (Republican AND Democrat alike!)

  • I so agree with this letter. I hate what America has become because of our governments carelessness. I’ve had to give up too much that is important to me because of it. We have not been heard and it does me good to see that the once quiet are waking up and joining together to get it done.

  • Read every day, comment seldom. But today I have to. I agree wholeheartedly with the letter and like the commenter above, I don’t understand how it could offend the first commenter. Oh, and I just saw your tweet about picking your nose. Hilarious. 🙂

  • And I want a million dollars but that’s not going to happen overnight now, is it?

    Where were all of these people the past 8 years? It’s convenient to be outraged and demand change when it’s not your party in office.

    Give the government a break. It’s going to take the Democrats a bit to fix what the Republicans screwed up.

  • I drop by and read you sometimes. I LOVE the letter, and wish I had written it.

    As to the first poster, she should have just written a well thought out rebuttal. At one time, I got into a rather heated disagreement with another blogger. She is a huge Obama supporter, and well, I’m not. We agreed to disagree and are on friendly terms, and we still disagree politically. It was the rather more mature way of handling things instead of just taking your toys and going home.

    As to Shannon, apparently she didn’t completely read the letter. The writer is saying she is fed up with BOTH parties. So far, the Democrats solution has been to throw money at anything that squeaks. Guess what – that money has to come from somewhere, and where is will come from is taxes – your taxes, my taxes, your parents and friend’s taxes. Seriously, do YOU want to pay for this crap? And who is going to pay for this “free” healthcare? There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch – someone has to pay for everything.

    • Thanks you guys. You know, I read some other bloggers that have a drastically different viewpoint than I do. Sometimes they venture into the political arena, or say something that I’m opposed to. And if I can contribute something meaningful to the conversation I do. If not, I don’t. I respect the right for all of us to say what’s on our mind.

      I think in all the years I’ve been blogging, I’ve only received one really negative comment. I know that’s unusual. I’ve been a little bit heartsick over today’s post and the few commenters that have been offended by my views. I considered taking the post down, but thought better. There’s a reason I felt led to post this. I’m sure that down the road I’ll know what that reason is. 🙂

      I also know that this blog is a place where harried moms come to laugh, commiserate, and prop up their bunny slippered feet. I hope that everyone feels at home here. Even if we disagree. Tomorrow I’ll be back to serve up my usual fare. Pinky swear.

  • First, I’d like to say that Angela’s response is just sad. Seems that no one is allowed to have an opinion anymore.
    Second – Thanks for sharing that letter! I’m sending the link to everyone I can think of!

  • And I’m voting with my feet, too — by making your blog the first one I have ever bothered to subscribe to. Thanks so much for having the courage to stick your neck out and share this.

  • I think it’s awesome that you, having the resources to reach many, and having a head on your shoulders, have given thought and effort to putting something out there that is so obviously tearing our country apart, and even at the risk of offending a few. This stuff needs to be put out in common English, by everyday people, and shown to all of those that know something just isn’t right. My fear is that nothing can be done until the next election, and that’s a really long time to wait!

  • A great letter. I don’t agree with everything in it but the basic premise: stick to the Constitution is VERY wise. All of the “rush” lately has me thinking about a saying of my grandma’s. She used to say, “Marry in haste, repent in leisure.” Of course that was when people stayed together. Still. It seems like when big issues face our country taking a bit longer than 2 days to spend more money than we will actually EVER have is prudent. If it is a good idea late Friday night, surely it will still be a good idea in a week. Why the rush? It reminds me of when I know my kids are up to something and they put on an angelic face and scurry out of the room with their hands hidden. If they weren’t up to no good they wouldn’t run away. There are big issues facing out country now and on some I really feel no consensus is possible. BUT on most there is common ground for “average” Americans. Surely passing bills that the Congressmen themselves haven’t even read is beyond insane. I mean what are we paying them for??? If they don’t have time to read it, then surely it is too big a rush. Let’s get back to the day when DIALOGUE was encouraged. You don’t have to agree but surely hearing other opinions may help you understand the issue better. I regularly read people with whom I disagree. First because I am not arrogant enough to think I know everything and sometimes somebody has a good point I hadn’t thought of, second because even when I do think I am “right” hearing another opinion challenges me to make my argument logically. Logic. It’s missing a lot these days, it’s been replaced with anger, name calling, and hostility, but calm rationality is often absent. I have rambled enough. But surely, if friends can’t discuss the country they share and stay friends even when they disagree I have to wonder if they were ever really friends. Some of my best friends are opposite me politically. I rejoice in that difference. Plus I’m hoping they sometime see the light….that was a JOKE! Lighten up people. It’s ok to laugh now and then.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you, for NOT taking down this post. You made my week with it and I applaud your courage in sharing it. That letter is inspiring and truly the heart of America. Many people will not bother reading it, because the link has Beck’s name on it. I strongly encourage those same people to educate themselves and truly discover what this country was founded on.

    DeeDee, if you haven’t already found a 912 group and/or Kitchen Table group in your area, please please look around. I have been heartened and truly happier, in spite of it all, since we found people near us that share our hearts regarding this country.

    Hugs, my sweet friend. I too, could have written that letter. If only I were more articulate and well-spoken. 🙂

  • I read frequently, but have never commented-I’m glad you didn’t take the post down. I read the letter and agree with the author, but couldn’t quite articulate it myself. Thanks for spreading it around.

    I personally feel that part of being a good mom is knowing when to stand up and fight for what’s right for your children, even politically. And unfortunately I think we are stepping into an arena where mothers will be called on to take a stand to make sure our children have the future we want them to have-no matter what “side” you are on, or like the author don’t know if there’s a side that represents you!

    God Bless America!

  • Oooo! I love Glenn Beck. I wish I could remember to catch his radio show. I’m gonna try to remember to listen tomorrow!