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Linking Logues

My friend Ann-Marie that I work with at Microsoft sent me this link.  The reason I was hired in the first place was because I’m a mommy blogger.  (Certainly not because I am technically sufficient.)  And thankfully I call her “friend” mostly because she keeps me from falling on my face.  And blowing up the internet.

That article should make you fellow mommy bloggers proud.  We are totally vindicated.


I am completely fascinated by very small spaces that people call home.  I have always been most comfortable in small spaces.  Well.  Before I had to share my space with these 4 other people.

My first apartment all by my lonesome in college was an “efficiency.”  Which was code for you could spit from one end to the other.   And my little house in Burbank was just about 700 sq. feet.  I dearly loved it.  It gave Fiddledaddy the willies because it was so small.  (He would argue it was “cluttered” but I take say it was “comfy” and said a good deal about me.

I’m cluttered and comfy.

This article that I wanted to share is about a guy who makes coming out of the closet an art form.


And in keeping with the above theme, I could spend hours perusing this website.

And then there’s this site. Now this is extreme, but check this out.


8 Responses to Linking Logues

  • You have helped give meaning to our bloggy world. We count. We are women, hear us roar. Oh, wait. That was the 70s. Would love to hear more about your Microsoft job…

  • I like tiny spaces. I especially love to see what can fit in tiny spaces and how to best organize them.

    That said, with four boys, I LOVE my big house! Now, maybe if we lived in an area that was conducive to a lot of outdoor time, I’d be okay with a smallish house and a large yard. But, we aren’t in such an area, so I need the space inside.

  • Our present home is 3800 sq ft and my next one will be <1000…a boat house on the lake. Can't wait to downsize! Hope we can get going on it in the next few years.

  • Definitely not for people who are (1) claustrophobic, and/or (2) childbearers.

  • When Jimmy and his Cousin Cathy were wee little struggling actors in New York in the seventies, they rented a closet in an apartment in Brooklyn. Actually, they each rented a shelf in the closet. That’s where they slept, each of them on a shelf. I kid you not. This is true.

    Later, Cathy rented the ability to sleep on a sofa in an office. She didn’t actually rent the office. Just the sofa. She’d come in after dark. I think she had a deal with the night watchman!

  • That is not a tiny house. That is called a camper. 🙂

  • Oh, and for the longest time my youngest son slept in the closet in the pack and play. Eventually though he did come out of the closet. ahem. 🙂

  • This is an area the hubs and I are very interested in, and over the years I’ve bought him gifts of DVDs and books on straw bale construction. We’re getting ready to get away for a weekend to celebrate a recent anniversary and we chose our destination because there’s a straw bale house we want to see 🙂 The hubby has been in touch with the owner who’s going to spend some time explaining what he went through to get it built here (where it’s still a very new thing).

    We bought Susan Susanka’s book “Not So Big House” when it first came out. She has a website now, too. Great stuff!

    By the way, Dee, I doubt you want to fuel Jensen’s obsession with toilets OR give him excessive amounts of sugar, so you’d just better hope your local stores don’t start carrying this gem of a new candy that blogger Hood Mama describes: http://hoodmamamel.blogspot.com/2009/06/cause-i-mean-who-wouldnt-want-little-of.html