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If you were to be privy to the goings on with the Family Fiddle, you might have overheard the following recent conversations:

Me: “JENSEN!  Why are you banging your vacuum on the wall?”

Jensen: “Because I’m trying to fix it.”

Me: “Well then, stop hitting it!”

Jensen: “But that’s the way that Daddy fixes stuff.”


Cailey (during a recent thunderstorm):  “Jensen, there’s nothing to worry about, that’s just the angels bowling.”

Jensen (startled by lightening) “BUT WHAT’S THAT?”

Cailey: “That was just God taking a picture of the angels bowling.”

(Cailey will be handling the Science portion of our homeschooling)


As I was arriving to pick Jensen up from childcare at the gym:

Childcare worker: “Jensen, who is that?” (pointing to me)

Jensen: “I have no clue.”


Cailey (who is 7):  “JENSEN, you just punched me in the boobies!”

Jensen (who is 4):  “NUH-UH!  YOU DON’T HAVE BOOBIES!”


Me (peering into the vast wasteland known as the freezer):  “HOLY COW!  We just plowed through TWO cartons of ice cream in less than 2 days!”

Fiddledaddy: “We have issues.”


Cailey (just today at the crowded public library):  “MOM!  Jensen’s naked.”


Emme: “Mom, what’s for dinner?”

Me: “A Margarita.”


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