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Tip of the Day

I haven’t found the humor in this, and probably never will, but felt it worthy to share.

I’ve always thought that our house is childproofed.  All the electrical covers are in place (even though I know that the children have the capability to pry them off…with their teeth), medicine is up high, matches are so well hidden that even I have no idea where they are, and you get the point I’m sure.

Today my son found a flaw in my otherwise failproof safety system.

I was finishing up school with the girls, and Jensen was quietly playing in his room.

The “quietly” should have given me cause for alarm, but I could hear him merrily chirping away as he turned his matchbox cars into small killing machines.

The quiet was shattered by a loud crashing, followed by a four year olds screams.  I broke the “no running in the house” rule and dashed back to his room.

We had gotten Jensen some new bedroom furniture a couple of months ago.  (Yes, I’ve been promising pictures and have yet to produce.)  One piece of furniture included a tall dresser with 5 drawers.  We placed the dresser against the wall, with nothing heavy on top (for safety reasons you know).  Directly in front of his dresser is the end of his bed, which rests on the floor.  Some day, when he is older, and I am more agile, we’ll turn his bed into the high captain’s bed that it is meant to be.

Evidently, young Jensen opened all 5 of his drawers at once, causing the entire system to fall over onto the footboard of his bed.

The only reason that Jensen wasn’t trapped underneath, was that I had strategically placed a laundry basket full of unfolded clothes in front of it, against the wall.

Therefore, he was standing to the side of his dresser when it fell over.

It was quite heavy.  In fact, it took both Emme and I to lift it back in place.

Mr. Drill has made a guest appearance as I install tip proof straps to all Jensen’s furniture.  Once I stopped shaking and could actually hold Mr. Drill steady without adding another hole to my own head.

When the girls were small, I did have their furniture strapped to the wall.  But I just hadn’t gotten around to strapping Jensen’s yet.  Which is insane.  Because just the mention of Jensen’s name should invoke fear and panic in any reasonable mother’s heart.

We were very lucky.  I have only one broken drawer, a scuffed wall, a scared little boy, and 45 more gray hairs to show for my carelessness.

Let this serve as a little warning, moms.  Walk around your house and recheck your safety system.

My tip of the day.


11 Responses to Tip of the Day

  • We thank our Lord that Jensen is OK. And also, this now gives me proof that I should never really feel bad about never ever having my laundry ALL put away. Our God can even use laundry to get His plan accomplished (:

  • I had a piece of furniture fall on my older one. She is my calm one. I don’t know what she was thinking. A “my legs don’t work” fake-out and a trip to the ER and Wendys’ and she was fine

  • I’m so glad he wasn’t hurt! We haven’t done that with any of our children’s furniture, although I know we absolutely should.

    And by the way, good luck with that getting more agile as you get older. 😉

  • Great tip. I have a close friend whose neighbor’s child was killed when she pulled a chest over on top of herself. This happened a year or so ago in Kansas City.

  • How scary! So glad he’s ok.

  • I believe that we all get a certain, unknown number of free passes in raising our children. I watched my son tumble off a climber at age two; his neck bent back almost ninety degrees. My daughter slipped under the bath water at six months; luckily I was paying attention at the time. Both kids were fine; both incidents left permanent marks on my heart. This was one of yours; I hope you’ll have many more near misses as opposed to direct hits. Thank heaven your son is fine.

  • we did the same thing with my daughters bookshelf in her room. We just never got around to putting on the safety straps. Well one night when she was supposed to be sleeping we hear a scream and a very loud crash. She had pulled the bookshelf down. Luckily it wasn’t very big and didn’t have heavy books on it, just small board books (she is 2) Needless to say all furniture is now strapped to the wall.

  • Oh, Deedee, my heart goes out to you in this! Thank the Lord that he is okay! Believe me when I say that I KNOW that heart-stopping-frantic-praying-fast-moving feeling…

    We have had a number of near-misses… And a couple of direct hits. My eldest broke her arm on the school playground last year at age five. I’m grateful I didn’t see it because I probably would have melted. I was able to be calm and collected by the time I got there and in ushering her to the hospital. This is also the one who broke her nose at age 4 by running full steam into our front door. And don’t get me started on the little one! She ran away from me and got lost last year. I still shudder to think about that most horrible ten minutes.

    I seem to have unusually accident-prone children. Poor things! And although they come by it VERY naturally (the Daddy and I are both extremely kluzty), it is never fun to go through something like that.

    Have a cup of hot tea, in fact, make it a “tea party,” snuggle them close to you, take a deep breath, and remember that it’s truly okay. Blessings on you!

  • I totally did that when I was a little kid. I got such a great reaction from my mom . . .

    . . . I did it again.

    Jensen, I’m glad Mom put the safety straps on.

  • This is a painful subject for me. Thank you for writing about it, and for strapping Jensen’s dresser to the wall.

  • Yikes. I’m so glad Jensen is ok!! Great lesson learned, shake it off, move on.