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Hair Peace

I went to a hoopty ploopty hair salon today.  Armed with a picture of what I hoped for, and a gift certificate.

I knew exactly what I wanted in a hair style.  So I searched the internet, and this is what I came up with.


I wanted some of the length cut from my tresses, with perhaps a smidgen of layering.  Just a smidgen.  Because remember, when it rains, I morph into Rosanne Rosannadana.

I sat in the waiting room.  After being offered coffee and a fresh cookie. (Which was soft and delicious, btw, and I’m not talking Keebler’s.) While I got all caught up on my People magazine reading.  Recent editions of People magazine.  Like from this decade.  And I noticed a sign on the wall that said, “Free Wifi.”

The Hair Cuttery doesn’t offer me any of those amenities.

I was finally called to be shampooed by the stylist’s able assistant.  And there I melted into the chair as my scalp was gently massaged.

I could get use to that.

Finally, I sat in the black leather seat, ready to be transformed.  I showed the stylist the picture.  She kept looking from the picture to me, and back to the picture, then me, lather, rinse, repeat.

And I knew what she was thinking.  “I ain’t no miracle worker, lady.”

But still.  A girl can dream.

Snip snip went a few inches of my hair.  Then she spun me around 3 times, perhaps hoping to make me dizzy enough not to notice some serious layering that was happening to my locks.

And when she finished, my hair did indeed look adorable.

But I looked nothing like Heidi Klum.

I guess I’d have to stay there a whole lot longer and spend a whole lot more money before that miracle would come to pass.

And I’d show you a picture, but when I sashayed out of the salon, sporting my new sassy do, the heavens opened up and rained right down on my head.

Heidi Klum looks good wet.  I do not.

I’ll be posting from the homeschool convention this weekend, and I’m sure to share photographic evidence.

And what luck!  We’re expecting rain all weekend!


11 Responses to Hair Peace

  • Thank goodness for antifrizz products. Or else I would look like your twin! And the reason I swear by those products…I live in SE TX where humidity is a constant.

  • Dee Dee, where will you be? In a booth? I’ll be working in the KONOS booth the entire time. Come say hello! I didn’t get to meet you in January when you dashed out the door at Books and Beyond!

    And please pray for Jessica Hulcy, co-author of KONOS! She was in a terrible accident and is still in critical condition. I was supposed to be in the booth with her this weekend and she was supposed to speak at the convention.

    • Mrs,
      I will definitely come by the KONOS booth to say hi. I heard about Jessica’s accident this morning. I had been talking to Wade and Jessica a couple of months ago because they asked me to work in the booth in Orlando. I finally decided that I needed to take the time to regroup and prepare for the coming homeschool year by attending seminars. My heart goes out to her family and she’s been in my prayers all day.

      I’ll see you Thursday or Friday!


  • We always go to the College of Hair Design, so you rarely look anything like the pictures of the women in the books they have there.

    Don’t know why I keep showing the pictures. Guess the imagination helps the cut somehow.

  • You are a BRAVE woman—to go to a brandnew hair salon—no matter how tuity fruity—right before big convention???
    And HOW who blessed you with a gift certificate—they get a high five.

    • Susan,
      I know. My husband just shook his head. Said it was like getting my hair cut when I’m pregnant. And the gift certificate was a blessing from my friend Brianna. Otherwise, I would have never gone to such a hoity toity place. 🙂

  • Ok, enough rain excuses! I’m sure your hair looks fabulous BEFORE you leave the house in the morning. AND, it’s possible that your husband knows how to use a camera, right? Let’s see the magic!

  • I need a new cut, too, but am so afraid of finding a place to cut my hair. I loved my old stylist before we moved. I think she set the bar too high!

  • I know what you mean about hair dos. My hair don’t do what I want it to.

    Come visit me sometime. I’m sorta new to this.


  • Ahh ha ha ha ha..I can just see that image in my head. 🙂 …Umm..I’m sorry…I meant…You poor girl. How could God open the heavens like that right after you stepped out the door? 😉

    I’ve seen you sporting the sweats & ponytail look, and you look great anyway, Dee Dee. And after the week we’ve had, I’d expect rain 24/7 for the next week. :-\ See you at the convention!

  • Sounds heavenly. And yes, we need a picture.