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The One Where I Call My Blog a Pustule

I’m experiencing one of the most profound cases of writer’s block I’ve ever had since the birth of this blog.

Typically, an idea for a post pops up early in the morning.  Often sandwiched between my first two cups of coffee.  I allow the idea to germinate, and then grow slowly throughout the day.  I do try to leave it alone, but by and by I pick at it.  By evening, it has festered.  And then after the children are mercifully placed in bed, it just explodes out of me, all over the computer screen.

Then I hit “publish.”

I could blame this particular case of writer’s block on a lack of sleep.  Which would be odd, because usually sleep deprivation only aids in my lack of inhibitions and my blog thrives when I feel uninhibited and punchy.

Those are my favorite posts which cause the more squeamish of y’all to run screaming, “MY EYES.  MY EYES.”

And perhaps I will even blame my new Mother’s Day present.


It’s a new fangled computer stand, which allows me to work from the comfort of my bed.  I have a place to set my wireless mouse, and drink of choice.  I even have a little reading light attached to the side.

(I also scored some of those fancy aloe infused socks and matching sleeping gloves.)

When did I become a 90 year old woman?

Now I can lay in the comfort of my bed and stare at a blank screen.


On a completely unrelated note, I’m counting the minutes until the Florida Homeschool Convention next week.

Anyone else going?


11 Responses to The One Where I Call My Blog a Pustule

  • Although I enjoyed your post about not having anything about which to post, I think I’ve found your writer’s block problem: While I also love your pictures (especially of the container garden), you don’t usually post pictures, but your last three posts have included pictures! When the garden pic popped up, I thought, “Wow! DeeDee’s posting pictures now.” Then your daughter’s wound. “Another picture. Is it really DeeDee posting, or is there a hacker.” Then a picture of your new toy (I’m jealous, by the way), and I’m really wondering what’s going on.

    But there you go. Mystery solved. You’re welcome.

    Perhaps you could have a separate blog in which you post pictures. And here you just. blog. OK, well, I really like your pictures, so please find a way to do both!

  • Have fun at the convention! We went to two conventions in two weeks…the one we hosted as trustees of our state homeschool organization and the one we attended scouting out ideas and just doing a little strolling and looking.

    Your new toy is SAH-WEET! Enjoy! You’ll be in your groove again in no time…it IS springtime in Florida after all. How long can it be before there’s a frog story?

  • I bought the same lap desk a few months ago. Don’t you love it? I often read in bed before I go to sleep, but now I can use my computer too! Enjoy it.

  • Your writers block can most likely be attributed to the INTENSE HEAT that has descended on our fair state! 90’s in early May is just WRONG!

    I too am counting the seconds till homeschool convention! I’m taking a newbie to the vendor hall on Thursday night. That’s always fun! I’m ready to be re-inspired and refreshed!

    Where will your fan club be meeting? 😀

    • Brooke,

      My fan club, which will consist of me and my two crazy sisters-in-law who will be in attendance with me, will be found frolicking on the golf course in bare feet. While singing several stanzas of “Born Free.” As we fan ourselves with our convention catalogues. You’re welcome to join us. 🙂

  • That’s sort of how I handle blogging, at least on my personal blog. I rarely have writer’s block, just writer’s repo.

    I get a great idea for a post and it sort of develops through the day. Then my three year climbs on the roof and it is all gone, like a thin vapor in the wind.

  • After swearing off (no cuss jar involved-well, maybe….) the FPEA convention last year…because, after all, I WAS DONE…due to Jacob (my baby!) graduating!!! Or so I thought….

    God had other plans for me….so now I will be WORKING at the convention. Not sure how this will play out….nevertheless, stop by and say hello – I will be chained to…ahem…at the Circle booth! Hope to see you!

    And I will keep my camera ready to capture the frolicking – now, that would be a great blog pic! 🙂

  • Wish I were going. Since I found out that Sonlight has been banned from the convention in Colorado, my curiosity is peaked. But I might just wait until we are back in FL to attend another (:
    No doubt you will get new material and inspiration soon…I even like reading about your writers block. Only you can make even that sound interesting.

  • You sure know how to have fun!

    Hmmm, better add a pedicure to my list of things to do so i can frolick barefoot on the golf course too. 😀

  • That sounds like heaven to me. Right down to the aromatherapy socks.


  • I don’t have writer’s block as much as I have THE LAZIES. Oh, Spring Fever, MOVE ON.