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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Since I didn’t want to give you the false impression that our little mini-vacation was as bad as I made out in the heat of the moment, I thought I would continue the saga story.

So. Last Friday my cell phone rang.  I knew who it was before I retrieved it from my purse.  Tentatively I answered, trying to act nonchalant, “Hello?”

“Where are you?” (she hears very distinct back ground noises)  OH.  I KNEW IT!  YOU WENT BACK THERE!  ARE YOU INSANE?”

That’s how my SIL Trish and I talk to one another.  She had been listening to me rant about the events of Wednesday, and how it was going to be a long lonely day before I would go anywhere with these children again.

And yet there we were.  On Friday we had thrown all caution and good sense to the wind and headed back to Epcot.

To erase the memory of Wednesday.  We’re adventurous, if nothing else.

Epcot, as I had said, is my very favorite of all the parks at Disney World.  I could spend an entire week there, and still not experience everything.

In fact, it is my lifelong dream to stay at the Beach Club Resort, within walking distance to Epcot, and then eat my way through the World Showcase.  In every single country.

My lifelong dreams generally involve some sort of food.  Don’t judge me.

Friday turned out to be a glorious day.  The girls and I continued on with our quest to rid the world of evil by participating in the Kim Possible attraction.  We thwarted villains in both Japan and Norway.

I felt just like Wonder Woman.  But without the groovy boots and lasso of truth.

And perky breasts.

The main reason that we wanted to return, beside erasing the memory of Wednesday, was that Epcot is hosting the annual flower and garden festival.

Another lifelong dream of mine is to no longer be a murderer of all living plant life.  And I was in dire need of direction.

I want a beautiful container garden.  Not unlike this one.


And I want to grow my own vegetables in containers as well.

I am sold on the container garden idea because the chances of me getting friendly with the business end of a shovel are not good.  Especially here in Florida.

And our lot is not unlike a postage stamp in size.

So, get this.  We even went back on Saturday so that I could attend classes on gardening.  I KNOW!

I’m armed to the teeth with information.  Now all I need is the time to implement my dream garden.  Gardening will commence in the Fall (we can get away with that here in Armpit).  Especially since I seldom step out of doors in the Summer.

And for the record, during the last leg of our mini-vacation extravaganza, no one pooped in their pants.

I thought I should report that.

Any gardening advice from you all who sport green thumbs? Besides, “stock up on extra strength Tylenol.”


12 Responses to How Does Your Garden Grow?

  • I grew up as a kid in Orange County, CA, very close to Disneyland. One of the things I remember the MOST is how beautiful their flowers were.

    I, too, can kill anything green.

  • Start with dandelions. You can eat the leaves on salads, make wine out of the heads and they are impossible to kill even if you want to.

    What more could you want from a garden flower? I’m still at a loss as to why they aren’t more popular with beginning gardeners.

  • Keep all containers you do not wish to be considered a sandbox-like-contraption cordoned off with police tape, traffic cones, and security systems.

    Or else out of reach of children.

    Whew! What fun memories I just traipsed through…. haha!

  • I love container gardens as well. But I can’t grow anything so I just admire everyone elses.

  • I too have a similar problem with all things green. I have determined it is because said “green” things don’t pipe up and tell me they need water; and it doesn’t occur to me that they might until they are brown. . .

    I do have good luck with perrenials. They tend to be quite stubborn, and while the 1st year may not look so good, they come back in force the 2nd year.

    I also tend to be good with all things “fruit” (although, they just changed the definition of “fruit” to mean most anything. . . but I mean what most of us typically consider “fruit”) which is the only reason DH allows me to garden any more.

    I do know one thing though. Container gardens dry out quickly. Not that that means I’ll remember to water them, even with that knowledge. But, DH has been married to me long enough now, to know I won’t, so he does it for me. :p

  • my mom used to work for a florist and she is always giving me flowers and saying “oh these ones are so hardy – impossible to kill”
    Apparently not so impossible as she thought!

    🙂 good luck though – hopefully you will be better at it than i am!!

  • You know, if I had someone tending to my flowers like Disney does…I would still probably kill them. LOL I am good with inside plants but those outside ones still elude me.

  • Of course life long dreams revolve around food. Why would anyone think any differently? We always plan our vacation destinations around where and what we’ll eat.

  • If you have specific questions about veggies, there is a good group of “green” people here:

    There was recently a short discussion about container gardening:

    Good luck!

  • I love container gardens too. We decided we want to grow our own veggies and herbs – what a great way to do it!

  • Might I suggest the book Month-by-Month Gardening In Florida by Tom MacCubbin…it has helped me immensely.

    Also you might want to consider a micro irrigation and a timer. Both are available from your local Home Depot and will allow you to vacation without returning to the charred remains. (Also helpful for those of us that forget to water.)