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It Was Like Vacationing on Broken Glass

We just completed our 3 Day Disney World End of the Season Mini-Vacation Extravaganza.  Which was 2 days too long.

Especially since we made the frugal decision to call home-sweet-home our hotel, and we made the hour plus change drive back and forth each day.

After spending an entire day traipsing through all that the parks have to offer.

With 3 children.  Two food bags.  And a stroller which is on its last wheel.

Shoot me now.

Our final day was spent at Epcot, which has always been my favorite park.  Towards the end of the day, the girls and I donned our secret agent sunglasses and did the new Kim Possible mission.

We went to a secret location, and were given a special “cell phone” which gave us clues to solve a mystery, thusly saving Kim Possible from villainy, and thereby saving the world from certain doom.

Which was just enough pressure to make me want a Churro, but alas, we were in the United Kingdom portion of the World Showcase, and Mexico was 3 foot blisters away.

But I digress.

I’d like to give a standing ovation to the folks who dreamed up the Kim Possible attraction.  I wasn’t expecting much, but I must say, I ended up being awfully impressed.  As we found each clue locale, the cell phone we were provided with would “connect” with some part of the area, and stuff would happen.  Like, for instance, we were directed to go to a shop window and look for a toy soldier.  When we pressed “okay” on our phone, the toy soldier talked to us, giving us new directions.


Once we completed our mission, we found the boys and headed off to the Fairy exhibit, which was a temporary playground, surrounded by beautiful flowers and gardens.  Which I can really appreciate since I am a Killer of All Living Plantlife.

As the children were running around, we noticed that Jensen had come to a grinding halt on the nice rubber mulch (which I want installed in my backyard yesterday, please) and he looked up at us with panic stricken eyes.

“NO!  HOLD IT”  This is a look we know well.  Fiddledaddy snatched him up and deposited him near a Tinkerbell Topiary.

In the last couple of weeks, Jensen has uncharacteristically taken to relieving his bladder and bowels in one fell swoop.  Which is especially odd since he spends so many of his waking hours inside of a bathroom.  And Disney World is a public bathroom mecca for the boy with a fascination for All Things That Flush.

Here’s the part where you will be especially proud of me.  I had packed a complete change of clothes for Jensen, and had stashed a gallon size baggy in the stroller as well.  To keep the soiled clothes, you know, fresh.  I thought of everything except extra shoes.  Which was unfortunate.  Because his sneakers were sadly compromised.

Fiddledaddy carried him to the nearest companion bathroom, and we all 5 piled in.  I say all 5 because we knew from the smell of him that it would take both parents to clean him up while keeping him off the floor.  And we drug the 2 sisters in just for sport.

Do the math.  Five of us.  Plus a stroller.  Trapped in a smallish space.  With a good amount of poop.  And a knowledge that our day at Epcot was about to come to an abrupt end.

By the time we all filed out of the companion bathroom,  every one of us was crying.

It was a touching family moment.

We headed for the exit as quickly as our bunioned feet could travel.  And on our way to the car, one of the children suffered a meltdown of such epic proportions, that I feared Disney security would be dispatched.  I won’t name names, but the child in question is the one with the fiery Irish temper.

For my next mini-vacation, I would like to beat myself over the head with a stupid stick.  Repeatedly.  Somehow, I think it would be more pleasant.

On a completely unrelated topic, I know I promised pictures of the kid’s rooms with the new flooring.  But there is a rather wide chasm between what I call a clean room, and what they deem acceptable.  So, I’m working on it.  Double pinky swear.

Have a wonderful and restful weekend! And stay tuned, I have some very fun giveaways coming up for Mother’s Day!


14 Responses to It Was Like Vacationing on Broken Glass

  • Too funny. I loved Epcot, too. Only with teenagers. I’ve always said, “Never take your kids to Disney World until right before they get married.”

  • I’m trying SO hard not to burst into such loud laughter that my students are disrupted during their quiz-taking….

    No, really, I feel your pain, but…


  • Glad Kim Possible was fun. I have one word for shoes…Crocs! they are completely washable, and yes their sweaty feet might smell but they are washable too. Only Jensen, well maybe not, R4 is the same way, drop the pants and pee in the ditch in the front of the house…don’t you love it!

  • Oh, my goodness – as always, your misfortunes make me laugh out loud and hope I don’t wake the baby up! What a horrible end to your vacation! I’m sorry!

  • Tee hee hee!

    I keep a change of clothes in the diaper bag AND in the van…heaven knows that there have been times I needed both sets. What’s up with that?!

    I second the Crocs idea. My kids wear them and with a quick rinse, you are good to go.

  • It’s not a true vacation until everyone in the family has left somewhere crying.

    Sad, but true. We have had accidents in every major amusement attraction within a 5 hour radius of our home.

    And it took me until our kids were 6 and 7 to quit carrying ziplocs, wipes, and extra underwear everywhere we went. And needing them.

  • Awww, the memories…it reminded me of when my daughter peed while we were next in line to meet Mickey and Minnie.

  • Oh, thank you for sharing your misfortune. I was under the false impression that I was the only one who had messed up vacations.

    You have a great ability to add humor and make the experience worthwhile Family Memories. Of all 5 of you in the tiny space.

  • Save your pennies and keep your ears open for major pass holder discounts.

    A couple of years ago, I got a room rate of $137 at WILDERNESS LODGE!

    Dreams really do come true!!! 😀 Hmm, now I want to go again!!! 🙂

  • Bless your heart!
    At least you didn’t come from a foreign country to have that experience…

  • I have yet to go to Disney World. If I ever go, I will bring you chocolate on my way there. 🙂

  • oh, how I feel your pain! We were also at Disney and Epcot this week. We didn’t have the bonding family experience of poopy pants but we did get the added bonus of projectile vomitting from our 4 yr old in line to see Arabian Nights. 🙂 I thought there was going to be a Swine-flu panic stampede of tourists.

  • I needed that laugh desperately today!!!!!!! We are waiting for the dr’s to call with little man’s 2nd head ct scan results – the waiting is about to make me go crazy!!! So you are my diversion right now!!!!! thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

  • I dunno why, but whenever we’ve planned a big (read expensive) “get away” (I need to write a whole post on why that phrase is a travesty) it is always a flop and we end up miserable. Compare this with a spur-o-the-moment trip to nowhere real special and no real plans which always turn out memorable. Go figur!