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Shopping for Diapers

Just recently I was able to rid myself of the old changing table in Jensen’s room.  It really was the last vestiges of his babyhood.  The highchair was trashed a year ago, and I burned the diaper genie in effigy on the front lawn a while back.

Prompting yet another letter from the intrepid homeowners association.

Which I then burned.

I still hold on to the stroller, because if I use enough duct tape on him, he will actually stay in it.

Oh, I kid.  Sort of.

I miss none of the baby stuff.  That chapter of my life has come to an end.  Good riddance.

And yet, on Saturday night I found myself wandering down the baby aisle at Publix, grumbling about the high cost of diapers.  And searching for the largest size available.   It seems that the Pampers Cruisers stop at size 6.  Thirty five pounds and up.  Well.  We’ve got the “and up” part well established.

I’ve been putting Jensen into “night pull-ups” for the last year, and they no longer even come close to holding their own.  As it were.

Before you hit “contact” and send me all sorts of advice, I need to explain a couple of things to you.  Yes, he’s 4.  Yes, he’s potty trained.  But at night time, all rules fly out the window.

First of all, I put a gate up on Jensen’s door.  Because I don’t want him wandering around the house at night.  Remember.  This is Jensen I’m talking about.  And as you well know, I cannot yet trust him to be alone in the bathroom.

He still likes to flush his own head.  For sport.

Also, because of his severe atopic dermatitis, we have to really slather on his pressed palm oil (Lard, to those of you who know me well) on his hands and feet before bed.  Then he gets gloved and besocked in wet socks on both hands and feet.  And then covered with another pair of dry socks.

So, a small 4 year old boy attempting to go to the bathroom alone can be problematic at dark thirty.

And yes, we do take him to the bathroom if he wakes up and realizes he has to go.

However, usually he wakes up too late.

And yes, we limit his water intake late in the afternoon.  But unfortunately, his medicine makes him thirsty.


Out of desperation I went shopping for diapers on Saturday night.

I eyed the size 6 offering, scoffed at the price, glanced at the cheaper and more inferior diapers, and threw the premium box into my basket.

Right beside the two bottles of wine.

Which is medicinal.  Just sayin’.

I did pause at the box of Depends, but opted to move on.

When I was checking out, an elderly lady was bagging my groceries.  I call anyone older than I am elderly, btw.  She placed the box of diapers back into my basket and asked the inevitable question, “Aww, how old is the baby?”

“He’s FOUR,” I replied, not blinking.

And the ladylike part of me squashed the really rebellious side who wanted to spout instead, “OH, THOSE ARE FOR ME.”

But then I considered the “35 pounds and up” clause printed clearly on the box and just knew that was a stretch.

The nice elderly bag lady gingerly placed the two bottles of wine into my canvas bag.

She may have wisely concluded that those were a precious commodity in my household.

And she would be correct.

“It’s only a season.  It’s only a season,”  I muttered all the way out to my car.


32 Responses to Shopping for Diapers

  • I got no advice, just reassurance/warning that I know of at least three 7 to 8 year olds still in pull ups, who are just now being considered as possibly requiring intervention. That from a school with only 16 7 to 8 year olds…

    And my very nearly 4 year old is still in pull ups and not looking at all likely to cease any time soon. No socks, no gates, just not enough biology yet. 🙂

  • I wouldn’t worry about it, we are just now getting my 4 year old day trained, let alone at night. My brothers, due to a hormone issue, wet the bed well into their teens. You should try pampers underjams or huggies goodnights. We prefer the pampers. They are made to fit more like underware and because they are for older kids they hold more and fit better.


    good luck

  • Let me know what sort of super absorbency product works for you. I have a four year old who soggs through even the super absorbent overnight pull ups. Sigh.

  • I wore plastic pants to bed until I was 7 or 8 (this was back in the 70s). I always wet the bed – & I still have to get up 2 – 3 times in the night. Can’t even IMAGINE what it will be like when I get truly elderly – I’ll definitely be checking out the depends!

  • Hmm – it sort of looks like I said that I still always wet the bed – not true! I manage to make it to the bathroom now that I’m all grown up!

  • Don’t worry R4 is well 4 too and he still uses pull-ups at night too. We are trying but like you at dark thirty anything goes!

  • My son was definitely still using pullups at 4. I honestly thought he would continue to be stubborn. Until we used one of the thomas trains (I got for like 3 dollars off ebay) he had to have 10 dry nights to earn it, It worked great for him! I was so excited to be done buying those things!

    Are there any cloth diapers that might work? I have a friend who just started using cloth for a toddler, they look great and it would sure save the scrounging around the diaper department!! If I would have known how cute today’s cloth diapers are 5 years ago, I MIGHT have given then a try.

    good luck!

  • Oh please, no worries. My son was day trained at 2.9, but not night trained until 4.9 because of safety reasons (he wandered at night and we gated him in). My second one, a girl, was day trained at 3.0, but is still not night trained now at 3.6. Who cares? Who wants to wake up a million times a night for the kid to go potty, seriously? pshaw. 🙂

    I use Good Nites. They are in the diaper aisle, and are expensive, but they hold a TON TON of pee. They have small size, which is 35-60 lbs, and then they have large size, for 60-120 lbs. They work very well. Only rarely does my daughter pee through them. And they pull up and down. They are made for kids who wet the bed.

    Good luck!

  • no advice just letting you know I have a 6 year old who is potty trained but still wets at night. It just happens sometimes and he uses the goodnights also. hang in there it is a season. and you are not alone! 😉

  • Just some reassurance. Our atopic derm kid wore pull-ups at night until he was 6. We had the same dilemma, he was thirsty from the meds, but didn’t wake up to go or was so encased in his wet sock combo he couldn’t go. We just went with it – he was dealing with enough already. Also, one of the docs told us once that the urge to itch is stronger than the urge to urinate. So, sometimes, these kids don’t even know they have go because they are itching so badly.

    Our son is now 9 and still has occasional accidents at night, especially on nights when he is wrapped. Last night, he was in the full body wrap and had an accident. We just come to accept it is part of this disease.

  • I feel your self-imposed mommy guilt. Just yesterday, a lady eying the mound of pull-ups in my cart asked how old my toddler was- “They are both four.” What I wanted to say was, “My children can read before they are potty trained, Thank you!” but does that seem a bit defensive?
    Why do we let ourselves feel guilt, when we are clearly doing the best by our children?

    PS – praise God from whom all blessing flow that your biopsy and hormones are normal (: (Maybe FLOW was not the best word to use) Clearly you just need more chocolate in your diet.

  • I am a preschool director-it is not a big deal if a child is trained at 4 or not–and certainly nighttime is no big deal. Really, you have until kindergarten for day training and college for night.

    To make your nights and any leaks a little easier to handle–try layering sheets with a waterproof pad in between them. Then, if he leaks through, just pull off the sheet and pad and you will have another one underneath.

  • My daughter was in pull-ups at night until she was 4.5. I asked the Dr. about it, and apparently it’s pretty normal. Most kids will stop wetting the bed at night by age five. If they haven’t by then, you’re supposed to bring them in, just to make sure nothing is wrong.

  • my older 2 boys ( now 8 and 7 ) just stopped wearing “good nites” at the end of last year!!! We tried the cheaper brand – but they leaked! My boys soaked them! tried plastic underwears–totally did NOT work! Just thankful to not have to buy them anymore…cuz they are expensive!!!!! Look for coupons!

  • I hear you loud and clear. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do….I’m still getting my almost 5 1/2 year old up at least once in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and then sometimes he’ll wake up on his own around 5 or 6 to go to the bathroom. He has an incredibly small bladder, i’m guessing!

  • Don’t know if you prefer the diapers route or the pull-up/underwear looking route. We use Huggies Overnite diapers for our 3-year-old. We’ve been getting away with size 5 (they seem to run big) but probably need to buy a size 6 (harder to find). If anyone is dealing with younger kids the size starts at 3 (harder to find too). (Also feeling better about him not being potty trained yet, his birthday is towards the end of summer so we have a little while until he’s 4. Heaven help us, grandma is not happy but I don’t care!) 🙂

  • We had to use Goodnights for a long time as they go higher up in size. No worries – it’s normal.

  • Only TWO bottle of wine? 😀

  • I was going to ask if you had considered Depends – ha ha. 😉 But, actually, I just thought of something – have you looked at those GoodNites? Those are supposed to be for school-age bedwetters who go to sleepovers, so I would think you could find them in a bigger size! Hope something works out! 🙂

  • I have no words of advice, because my children are well past that stage. I can say it is nice being so far removed from the potty training but teenage angst bites! LOL

  • Mine was over 4 before did any training but was like a light switch when did–no accidents whatsoever. Woundn’t worry about it if he’s wrapped up like a mummy. just don’t make it a big deal.

    And you should have thrown some Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls in with the wine. Because Lil Debbie go with everything.

  • Deedee,

    No words of advice here, except to say don’t stress about it and enjoy the wine.

    My oldest was in pull-ups until, goodness, probably mid-kindergarten (5 1/2), although she doesn’t really have any accidents any more, which is good – she’s 6 1/2 now…

    The little one is just barely daytime trained, and she’s nearly 3 1/2. I’m not even going to worry about night time stuff until she’s been doing the undies thing for at least a year, I think. We shall see. :O)

    Anyhoo, thanks for stopping over and your thoughtful comment. I was thrilled! Good luck with Jensen, and I’m certain that the wine will help with the hormones – “normal” though they be. (Yeah… Wine is good hormone therapy. I know. :O)

  • My ds wore Goodnights well past 7–I can’t actually remember when we finally dispensed with them, he may have been 8. Not to worry–happens to a lot of kids. Besides, as someone once pointed out to me, he won’t still be wetting at night when he is 20, so don’t worry about it. It will pass. I also did what Fern suggested, with the layers of sheets. We finally broke down and bought an enuresis alarm system and used that for a while. Now at 9 he rarely has accidents–maybe twice a year. We had to get another alarm and re-train at one point, but now he is fine. (Knock on wood.)

  • Don’t worry about a thing. Sure, there’s a super-duper-slim-to-nothing chance he’s ready to be night dry, but there are many perfectly healthy normal kiddos out there whose bladders just aren’t ready for it yet.

    “This too shall pass” is an excellent mantra. 🙂

  • Seeing as my daughter is only 4 months old, I don’t have a personal experience to share, but both my younger siblings wet the bed well into Jr. High. The only thing that finally worked for them was to only drink milk in the evening. They wouldn’t wet if that was all they had, but if they had juice or water they always had an accident. I don’t know what it is about milk, but it’s worth a shot.
    Don’t feel bad, I think most kids are at least 4, if not older, when they are night trained.

  • Y’all make me so happy.

    I know. One of my girls was in night diapers until after age 5. I won’t say which one.

    As far as the “Goodnights” brand goes, they stink. They disintegrate by morning. Jensen must have some awfully strong hormones. Which comes as no surprise to me. I’ve also tried UnderJams. Same problem.

    I’m going to look into the Huggies Overnights next. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR UNWAVERING SUPPORT. No matter how delicate my dilemma is!

  • You crack me up! I always look forward to reading your posts. I have a 4 1/2 year old who can’t make it through the night either – and he doesn’t have all the hindrances! We tried regular underwear at night for about 3 weeks and I got tired real quick of changing the sheets 5 out of 7 nights a week! Good luck!

  • No worries, DeeDee. I never made a big deal out of the nighttime thing. Nighttime enuresis (bed wetting) runs in my husband’s family, and two of our children were well out of toddlerhood when they were consistently dry at night. I know Jensen has many issues, and I know that you are freakin’ SuperMom with all you’re doing for him and for the other kids.

    That said, I wanted to tell you what helped in our house, just on the off chance that these things haven’t occurred to you. Our oldest had significant sleep apnea which was greatly improved when she had her tonsils and adenoids out at 7.5. In her case, the apnea seemed to cause the bed wetting. She was dry at night from then on. She’ll be 18 in a couple of weeks. I was a child bride. (Just thought I’d throw that in.)

    Our 9yo only started staying dry in the last 6 months, and I attribute that to a wonderful chiropractor. After a few adjustments, he has been dry since October. He has struggled with atopic dermatitis and other skin issues which have also improved with chiropractic care.

    We used the GoodNights for Seth until he decided he didn’t want to wear them any more(about age 6). His mattress has a plastic cover on it, and he learned to change his bedding when necessary. He got tired of messing with the sheets and comforter, so he went to using a sleeping bag on his bed which he could wash, dry and replace on the bed all by himself.

    Jensen is blessed to have such a thoughtful, caring, hysterically funny mom. I know you are equally blessed to have such a spunky little boy.

  • You could try and put a Depends pad inside the diaper. That way you would get the diapers you like AND have a bit more in there to absorb. Does that make sense?

  • My oldest was potty trained during the day at 2 3/4, but needed a diaper till he was over 4. He just would not wake up. Friendly advise from co-workers, of me waking him up prior to me going to bed I tossed out after one night trying. He could not be woken. Than it down on me, he sleeps true the night, has no “bad” sleeping habbits, so why would I try to create one. He was emberased when shopping for diapers, so we made a pack, that we had a “baby” at home. He finally did not need them anymore, and continued to sleep just fine.
    My second one would not sleep tru one night well till after he was one, I tell you, I gladly would have had the oldest in diapers till he was 10. Sleep, for all participants is so much more important. And, by the time he is a teenager he is able to change himself.

  • Oh, yes. My (turning-5-in-a-month) child is faithfully wearing his pull-ups. About every month or so Hubs will ask me to transition him to undies at night and I reply, “Gladly. As soon as you start doing the laundry.”

    That’s good to know about those other brands. I haven’t tried anything but pull-ups (and the generic wal-mart brand).

  • Just wanted to tell you I lurk here from time to time and really enjoy your blog. And I use these nifty things called “Diaper Doublers”, which I get in Publix. They are like a maxi pad you slip in the diaper and it really helps for my daughter. Just a thought 🙂