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Oh no, a list

Whenever I feel stretched so thin that I’m see-thru, I start making lists.  I had a few things I wanted to catch you all up on, so I’m accessing my bullet points. (Which is “option” 8.)  Thrilled me to no end when Fiddledaddy let me in on that little technological secret.

•  Well.  You all have blown Gretchen away with your support, suggestions, and general bloggy encouragement in the Naming of the Blog extravaganza.  She was also a little shell shocked by the photos of our 80’s hair.

I told her that the thing that has really hooked me on blogging, after these nearly 3 years, is the sense of community that bloggers have.  And I am deeply blessed to have such amazing and supportive readers and commenters.

You’ve given Gretchen a lot to mull over.  I’ll let you know what she decides.  Or if it’s a few titles, we’ll just post a poll and let y’all decide.

In any case, thank you for making her feel so welcome to this little community!

•  So I’ve been waiting patiently for all the results of the tests I’ve been taking lately.  While I’ve not gotten the biopsy results, I did get the results of the blood work.

I was tested for a variety of things, but most importantly, my doctor was looking into my Thyroid and Hormones.

The conversation went like this:

Doctor’s Office:  “You’re blood work came back just fine.  You’re Thyroid and Hormones are normal.”

Me:  “What?  Have you met me?  Are you sure?”

D.O.:  “Yes.  Normal.”

I relay the information to Fiddledaddy.

Fiddledaddy:  “WHAT?  You’re hormones are NORMAL?  Are they SURE?”

Evidently my issues run much deeper, it would seem.

I fully expect that my biopsy will be normal as well.  And my body is just getting even with me for giving birth to 3 children late in life.  Like strained muscles and STRESS aren’t enough.

But, I’ll let you know.

•  This is so off subject, but you know me.  My television viewing has taken quite a hit lately.  I haven’t watched “Survivor” in a season and a half.  “DWTS” has failed to capture my attention since Marie fainted.  “American Idol” isn’t even a contender for my affections.

And get this.  You know how I LOVE “24” and all things Jack Bauer related?  I’ve only been able to catch, gulp, something like 3 episodes this season.  I will admit that on Monday night, I turned it on after vowing not to watch until I was all caught up.  And let me just say, I am VERY disappointed in Tony Almeda.

The only show I haven’t missed a nanosecond of is “Lost.”  Which is why I don’t sleep on Wednesday nights.  OH THE ANGST.  I love that show.  LOVE IT.

•  I know I’ve promised pictures of the new flooring and beds in the kid’s rooms.  That’s on my list of things to do this weekend.  Pinky swear.

•  And lastly, a while back I told you I was in the midst of a curriculum change decision and was looking into Virtual Schooling.  The V.S. situation in our fair state has reached critical mass because of budget cuts, so the waiting list is 4 miles long.  Or something like that.

I’m leaning towards going with Lighthouse Christian Academy which uses Accelerated Christian Education materials.  (Frankly, I’m can’t put my faith in our state regarding what they would chose to educate my children with.)

My friend Diana uses this curriculum, and she has perfectly lovely and intelligent children.

And now, I’m counting the minutes until the Homeschool Convention next month.  You know, for educational purposes and all.  Yeah, that’s it. Educational purposes.

•• UPDATED TO ADD:   The biopsy results just came in and they are benign.  WOOT!

Have an awesome Thursday!!!!


17 Responses to Oh no, a list

  • Ah the homeschool convention! Ours is next month and I CAN. NOT. wait!

    You are probably familiar with Mark Hamby of Lamplighter Publishing. Check out his website to see a list of the books he publishes and sells. They are wonderful stories of Christian character and virtues that are rare to find in modern day books. Anyway, he will be speaking at the Florida convention. I know this because our convention is the same weekend and he won’t be here…I’m very sad! If you haven’t heard him speak, try to go to one of his workshops. He is a wonderful, powerful speaker/communicator with an awesome testimony.

    Praying that your biopsy results are okay. Have a blessed day!

    • YES, I’ve heard Mark Hamby speak. I love his message. Sorry we’re hogging him! 😉 And I comb all the used book sales searching for books from Lamplighter Publishing! I am always looking for books infused with Christian character and virtues.

  • Good news on your blood work. “Pinky swear” reminded me of this past weekend with my granddaughter. We were outside and I had to go in for a minute and told her to come go with me. (I don’t like leaving her outside alone, she’s only 2.5) Anyway, she ran and sat on the steps and said, “I’ll sit wite heeaar til you tum bak, I pinkee pwomiss.” and held up her little pinkee. 🙂

  • Yea!!! Homeschool Convention. I’m ready to be energized and encouraged!

    I’ve been pouring over my list of seminars trying to decide how to get to all the ones I want to hear! 😀

    Aprox. 40,320 minutes…………..

  • Why oh why do you get to go to homeschool convention in a decent month?! Our is in JULY…in PHOENIX, AZ?! I am sorry, but it is miserably hot walking into the convention center. And to offset the blazing heat outside, the convention center apparently doubles as a meat locker. So I wear shorts and a tee shirt into the convention center and once we get inside, I put on my parka. LOL

    BUT with all that said, I LOVE going! It is a date my husband and I have on the calendar:)

  • Tony, Tony, Tony. You make me want to throw something at the TV and never watch again.

  • What an answer to prayer! God is good!

  • *Happy dancing*

    You know, for finding out you’re normal and all that jazz. 😉

  • Praise GOD for your results…you have been in my prayers!!

    And can I just add…you know me, I always have an opinion – take a peek at Learning Adeventures as a curriculum contender…it is a wonderful unit study – covering everything except math. Their website is http://www.learning-adventures.org

    I loved it and wish I had found it before 5th & 7th grade for my two youngest.

    Anyway, so glad you are OKAY…well, in theory that is! 😉
    ps. the guys in Afghanistan got a kick out of “Claude”….

  • I’m not a homeschooler here, so I’ll stay away from that topic. It is NOT for our family, let’s just leave it at that.
    Anyhoo…so glad your test results came back and everything is fine!

  • I hesitate to say this, since you have made your decision to use LCA and all … but *I* am a product of the ACE curriculum.

    I used it (in an on-site school situation) from 7th to 10th grade, competing all my HS requirements by then.

    Then? I went to public chool for two years to basically goof off.

    Now, my own kids are using it this year.

    But, that is another story for another day.

    So, basically, you can take or leave me aa personal recommendation for the ACE environment.

    And then hold me blameless for the outcome.

  • Wonderful news! Praise God From Whom ALL Blessings Flow!


  • Dee Dee, wonderful about the results. God Bless

  • Great news on the health front.

    Glad all is normal!!!


  • Sorry I missed all the excitment of yesterday’s post.

    However the good news is cause for celebration. Oreo anyone? 😉

  • So glad for the good news, sweet friend.

  • Great to hear that all the test came back good!

    God Bless,
    Robert & Diane