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Fun Fusion Beads

perler_beadsAt long last, I’ve finally found a use for my iron.  When I found its location and dusted it off, Jensen eyed it with suspicion, “What’s that?”

“That is what women have been a slave to for many generations, my son.”

Okay, I just thought it.

When Cailey was younger, we were perusing a thrift store, and she spotted an ironing board.  “Look mom, a surf board!”

“Why yes, indeed it is.”

To say that I don’t iron would be a gross understatement.  And one that my husband and his dress shirts would attest to.

My SIL, Trish, turned me on to a craft which requires the use of an iron, but that is guaranteed to keep the children busy FOR HOURS.

Oh sure, they learn good eye-hand-coordination and creative expression, blah, blah, blah.

AND IT KEEPS THEM BUSY FOR HOURS.  That’s all I need to see on the packaging.

This craft is called Fun Fusion Beads (or Perler Beads).  I got mine at Wal•Mart, but I’m sure that other craft stores carry them.  This is a bead kit, with a plastic peg board which holds the beads in place.  After the child finishes placing the beads on the board to create the desired picture, the mom then covers the masterpiece with wax paper, and gently irons it until the beads fuse, and can be removed from the form.


Be sure and buy the kit that has the larger clear plastic form, so that the templates can be placed underneath, and the child can see where to place the colored beads to craft the desired picture.

You can also go to Perlerbeads.com to print out more templates and see what all they have to offer.

These are tiny tiny beads, so the child should be at least 3 years of age.  In my opinion, age 5 or older is more appropriate.

I know this because the 4 year boy who resides in my house came up to me one day after his older sisters were working with their fusion beads.

He sounded a little snuffly, although he didn’t have a cold.  “Bom, I can’t bweathe.”  I looked in his nose, and sure enough, he had stuffed a fusion bead up there.

I tried to get it out to no avail.  In haste I went for the tweezers.  And told him under NO CIRCUMSTANCES  was he to sniff.

Before I could return with tweezers in hand, I heard Cailey call out, “Mom, don’t worry, I got it out!”

I have no idea how she was able to accomplish this, when I could not.  Other than she and her brother are twins, born 3 years apart.  They understand each other.   I cannot even begin to figure out either one of them.

I spied the bead in Cailey’s hand, as she and her brother were examining it.  I asked him, “Dude, why did you stick a fusion bead up your nose?”

He answered, “Because I thought it was a booger.”


In his defense, it was the color green.

When his father learned of the incident, he had nothing to say.  It is a well known family factoid that a youthful Fiddledaddy ended up in the doctor’s office with a moth ball stuck in his hear.

Still, this is a craft that I highly recommend.  And happily, the beads are made using a food-grade plastic, so there are no harmful chemicals.  The beads are manufactured in California of materials obtained entirely in the United States.  Take that China and all your poison toys.

One last bonus, it’s a nice workout for my long neglected iron.  AND DID I MENTION THAT IT KEEPS THE CHILDREN BUSY FOR HOURS!

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9 Responses to Fun Fusion Beads

  • I love anything that keeps them busy for HOURS! Gonna have to try it.

  • We love Perler Beads! Finally – something that keeps my kids still and quiet for hours!

    My daughter had the same reaction to the iron. lol

  • That’s so funny about your iron! My hubby was ironing a shirt for an interview so I pulled out one of my shirts to iron too. I also ironed some wax off the pants I wore to the Easter vigil. Then I announced that our bi-annual ironing session was complete.

  • I remember when my sister first got those Perler Beads… we still have some in my mother’s basement SORTED (yes sorted… my mother and sister are organization freaks). Oh, the good old days of using those things. They really do keep kids busy for HOURS.

  • Yes, these beads will keep my children busy for hours making masterpieces. The downside is that this clumsy mom has been handed the precious creation of one of her children only to accidently drop it spewing those little color beads EVERYWHERE. Weeks later, I was still finding those beads! LOL

  • My daughter loves them too. Great for a rainy afternoon — like today!

  • Yes, they are great, except for when stray ones fall to the floor. It is almost impossible to find them all, till you’re walking across the floor in the dark, with your bare feet. haha Also, I had to replace my iron because I got the bottom of my other one red from those beads. Don’t ask me how I did that, because I don’t even know how. All that said, though, they are fun!!

  • I’ve never acutally head of these beads before and I thought I creatively knew it all. lol Looks like I’mm have to make a trip to Hobby Lobby!

  • Oh I love that idea! I am going to try that for craft time with my 10 year old. Thanks