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Bring the Rain

After what feels like 40 years of drought, I awoke to rain this morning.  Praise God from whom all blessings run down the rain gutter.

With Jensen suffering from Atopic Dermatitis, the dry conditions of late have been making him miserable.  And it was a wonderful relief to have him sleep through the night last night.

I feel almost human again.  A few more nights like that, and my sunny disposition might even make a guest appearance.

But, as my so-called-friends have reminded me, with the rain, so cometh the frogs.

I’m happy to report that I haven’t seen a single frog since January, when I inadvertently invited one into my home.

I know you miss my frog stories, so I’ll go ahead and share.

Some time around mid-January, I thought I’d take down my pretty red velveteen Christmas ribbons from the front of the house.  They would have been a lovely addition to the house for Valentines Day in February, but I didn’t want the neighbors to be envious of my decorating expertise.

I shook the ribbons out to rid them of dead bug carcass and came back into the house.  Jensen and I were enjoying some alone time.

When I got to the dining room, a frog leapt out of the ribbon, clung to my shirt, and then dropped onto the cheap linoleum.

I couldn’t even scream.  Or breathe.

Jensen just stood there watching me.

He is best entertained when I freak out.  And by the twinkle in his eye, I knew he was hoping for a full blown broadway style show.

I was determined NOT to give him the pleasure.

I crouched down and tried to steer the hapless frog toward the sliding glass door.  The frog jumped onto a kitchen chair.  And sat there, blinking at me.

Much to Jensen’s delight.


I opened the back door and did what any reasonable woman would do.

I threw the chair with the frog still attached out into the backyard.  Then closed and bolted the door.  And drew the curtains. Good riddance.

When the rest of the family arrived back home, the inevitable question was posed, “Um, Mom, why is the kitchen chair out in the back yard?”

“It needed a little air.”

And that chair was not allowed back into the house until Fiddledaddy could inspect it thoroughly.  We really didn’t miss it for the first few days.

And with that, I would now like to share with you a little video that my bloggy compadre, Veronica, sent me a while back.

This absolutely made my day.  I hope it will yours.


9 Responses to Bring the Rain

  • I laughed so hard I spewed coffee over my computer! Hilarious! “The chair needed air”… HA! and that guy can play a mean recorder… unlike the sounds my son squeaks from his on a daily basis… oy!

  • Haha! Those guys are funny! I understand your frog fear. I’m afraid of lizards. My husband has had to come home from work on more than one occaison to remove/kill lizards that have crept in the house. I wonder if Rhett and Link have a song about lizards.

  • Hehe – got to love the intense look on the guitar player’s face. Did you say amen at the end of the song? 😉

  • I just came here from my homeschool toolbar and WOW. am. I . Glad . I came. What a great story. It’s funny cause we have two tadpoles here for our science. It is so cool to watch the metamorphasis.
    Well hope to see you soon.

  • The eczema you describe, my daughter from the age of approx 1 yr to now 10 years gets it from dairy. Too much dairy leads to anaphylaxis in her system but the eczema was the beginning sign. She first got it on the inner sides of her feet (bumpy, scaly, cracked skin)…big toe to arch, also on her face, and the backs of her knees. It would get so dry and cracked that sometimes it bled. At first they all (ped & ped allergist) said no allergy to food and we chose to do the elimination diet. Do the elimination diet and it will help rule out culprit. When we added milk back…yogurt & ice cream, food that has dairy added…eventually we saw signs again. To this day when she has dairy, she gets what looks like a sunburn on her face that scales over…too much dairy (her body is indecisive w/how much is too much) her face and neck swell…looks like a child w/down syndrome…very unrecognizable compared to what she looks like on any given day and she ends up with trouble breathing. I pray you get the allergies figured out. It took me a while, and yes I did ignore the docs cause they were wrong…sometimes mom knows better. Coconut oil (straight from the food section) works really well as a moisturizer and has a natural antifungal/antibacterial properties.

  • The guy playing guitar is rather intense. FUNNY! Glad you got some rain…

  • Can I just say how HAPPY I am that it’s frog time again in Armpit?!

    Ah, the sheer joy.

    I think I will get out Kermie and do a “Hoppy” Dance…

    (Thank you, I’ll be here all week.)

  • It rains a lot in the Pacific Northwest. In case you’re looking to relocate.

  • It did make my day. Indeed, it did.