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So, We Ordered the Big Boy Bed

The following are snippets of an ongoing conversation regarding a minor project that began a little over a week ago:

“I ordered Jensen’s twin mattress.”

“Then this would be a good time to rip out the carpeting and put down that nice Cushion Step Vinyl we’ve been eyeing.”

“Well.  Let’s go buy a Captain’s bed for his room.  One with lots of storage.”

“That one is nice, it’s a little higher than I had hoped for, but as long as he doesn’t land on his head we should be okay.”

“True.  But we might look into extra insurance, because the “cushion” in the “cushion step” can only do so much.”


“Well, we may as well rip out the carpet in the girl’s room before the beds come.  And install that nice Cushion Step Vinyl in there as well.”

“Yes, and we’ll stick Cailey on the top bunk since she’s  pretty sturdy.  And not afraid of heights.”

“You know, if we were going to repaint, this would be the time to do it.”

“Golly, look at how much extra flooring we have!  Let’s rip out the hall carpeting and put the extra down there!”

“But that’s just going to make the hideous linoleum in the kid’s bath look so much worse.  Maybe we could paint in there to distract from the flooring.”

(Pregnant pause.)

“Maybe it would be easier to just move.”

“Where are the children?”

“I think they are packed up in some of the boxes in the hall.”

“No wonder it’s been so quiet.”

“Did you order the twin mattress for Jensen?”

Pictures to follow in the coming days weeks.  Right after my lobotomy I find my camera.


10 Responses to So, We Ordered the Big Boy Bed

  • very funny!!!!
    thanks for stopping by…is your friend Gretchen the one that I know?????

  • I can relate. . . to an extent. We have a house built in 1924; therefore, our conversations may start like yours and move a bit like yours, but then end up with the entire demolition of a particular room.

  • I hear you!!!!!! We are just finishing up our 1940’s New Englander and putting it on the market today!!! Yea!!!!! After 12 years its time! Good luck! 🙂

  • You are too funny–Thanks for the laugh, yet again! Oh and you two sound like my husband and I–I have started telling him that we need to keep our projects basic so that we can reach completion! 😉 God bless!

  • I have to say, I love the look of bunk beds and yes we bought them and I hate them. I can’t stand to get up on the top bunk to change the sheets. It’s such a pain! I but I still love the look. Good luck on room remodels.

    • RRMama,

      I KNOW! I’m going to have agile daughter #2 be in charge of all bed making up there.

      Or I’ll have to get extra insurance on me!


  • You say “conversation” and I’m thinking in my house that would be completely one-sided. My side. My husband would ask me if I was planning to do all the work myself, seeing as how he didn’t inherit the handy gene from his grandfather. Can’t wait to see the pictures!

  • This sounds like so many coversations in my own home. I get so tired of repeating myself and answering questions that I’ve already freaking answered. Argh!

  • This is what is known in the Wilson Domicile as “Pushing Over The First Domino”, because it’s never just one thing. Our dominoes are actually in a circle, and we can’t figure out how to reach in and just get one like, say, “paint living room” without knocking over the ones labeled “new carpet/wood floors”, “replace couch” and “repaint ceiling because the little slimy-grabby hand thing has been stuck there since Dubya’s first term and it won’t come off without taking a significant amount of sheet rock with it.”

    You know how it is.

  • I know this is going to happen once I start re-painting the house. I painted every wall except the closets when we moved in – almost 8 years ago. We’ve never lived in one house this long. Two kids later….time to re-paint.