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I Pose a Question to all Mankind


I’m just curious.  How is it that someone who has a college degree, and can explain the intricacies of megabytes and gigahitawhatevers until my eyes roll into the back of my head and I fall to the floor, cannot seem to finagle the above contraption.

And btw, a new fresh roll was within reach.

Is this a gender issue?  Or another attempt to ground my very last nerve right into the cheap linoleum.  Just wondering.

(Postscript:  I sit here with egg on my face.  Well, it’s actually on my plate.  A very indignant Fiddledaddy just informed me that it was not him who perpetrated the crime.  After interrogation of other family members, and torture that even Jack Bauer would be proud of, Emme confessed.  I promised Fiddledaddy I would print a retraction.  And then bury it on page 6.)


24 Responses to I Pose a Question to all Mankind

  • AHHH HAHAHA!! This cracks me up! My husband is responsible for intricate pool operating systems…he’s an aquatics facilities manager….and he used the line on me that he couldn’t figure out how to use our washing machine.

    It’s that dang y chromosome.

  • At our house, I just call it “Man Eyes.” It’s a beloved expression that means, “ARE YA BLIND?”

    I also refer to Hubs’ “Man Eyes” when he’s looking for something that is right. in. front. of. his. face.

  • I used to think it was a gender issue – (I have the same problem at my house with the person of the opposite gender)
    However, at work where I use a Ladies only bathroom I have encountered the same issue…. people unable to hook on
    a new roll. (here too the fresh roll’s are within reach). So I’m am too striving to find the reason behind this issue so I can
    make sure my kids know how this very complicated contraption works.

  • You know I’ve been wanting to post about the toilet paper things for weeks! But didn’t think anyone would care! I’m so glad you do! It’s not a gender thing, it’s a “maturing with age thing.” My 11 year old daughter will take out another roll and leave it sit on the floor. I have no nerves left, free lobotomy, sweet.

  • I don’t share a bathroom with my husband but rather my kids and I refuse to clean his bathroom for him. On the rare occasion I set foot in his bathroom, there are empty rolls all over the place and the current roll is sitting on the floor UNDERNEATH the holder. What’s up with this? It drives me up the wall!!! I could stock a kid’s art class with the empty tubes sitting around. So he knows enough to get another roll but never puts it on the little roller. Apparently all of his time in that room is taken up by his “deep thinking.”

  • I’ve been married almost 39 years. My husband is a smart man, holds 2 college degrees, and is pretty good with household fix-its.

    In all those years, he’s changed the toilet paper roll ONCE – and that was when I stood over him and made him do it.

    It’s gotta be a man-thing.

  • Would you rather have him put the tp back on the holder the wrong way??? I’m sorta glad when DH doesn’t put it on. He always gets it backwards. 🙂 (And yes, if he DOES put it on and it IS backwards I don’t change it.)

  • It is SO much more than a gender issue! I have discovered that only the Mommy or woman in the household can manage this mystery replacement thingy. hehe

  • I live a house full of boys, the only other girl in the house is the dog. I feel like I am constantly cleaning, wiping, and refilling things in bathroom. And by the way I hate to clean the bathroom. It’s my least favorite cleaning job. But because they are boys, it gets cleaned and I mean scrubbed every week! I know I have OCD issues.

  • I solved the problem by eliminating the holder. I put a decorative basket on the toilet tank and put the TP in there. For some reason that seems to work for him. Why does he “get” a decorative basket and not a slightly mechanical apparatus? Who knows.

  • In our house, it is a rule that whoever uses the last of the roll must put a new one on, and both parents are expected to provide an example (even though we have our own bathroom). Even my 3 1/2 year old knows. My husband is VERY good about changing it. I have his mother to thank for that. 🙂 I’m trying to bless someone else’s wife/husband by training my children to be responsible as well. It surely takes a lot of work! 😉

  • For the record: I replace the toilet paper at our house.

    …several months ago I cautiously asked if my wife even knew how to do it (because that’s not something we’re born knowin’). She assured me that she did, indeed, know how to replace the TP… and then set the new roll back on the sink instead of putting it where it belonged.

    I don’t understand it.

    Honestly. I don’t.


  • That’s classic!
    My husband gets the new roll and then puts it on top of the TP holder. *rolleyes*

  • I really wish I could blame it on the male gender, but I do the same thing. I use the last piece, INTEND to replace it, but between wiping and flushing, I forget by the time I wash my hands. Mommy brain, I tell ya!

  • I am soooo glad to know that our household isn’t the only one who constantly encounters this. Understanding about this is still beyond my reach. I am the only one in a household of four that can manage the TP holder. Otherwise, it just sets on the edge of the sink or on the floor.

    I think it is one of the greatest mysteries of the universe. We, as a people, can solve physics problems and make things run with nuclear power, but a large percentage of our population can’t even run the TP holder. Amazing.

  • Married to an attorney with the same problem!

  • LOL
    Omy goodness (tears rolling down my face)
    I am the ONLY female in a house with 5 men/boys. Can we say EWWWW now??!!
    I love reading your blog.
    Take care and God bless

  • It’s a gender issue. Although my FIL would disagree.

  • That is hilarious! I am the ONLY one in my house will change a roll. It drives me nuts! I laughed out loud when I saw that, lemme tell ya! 🙂

  • i actually am the only person in my house who can change the toilet paper, plunge the toilet when needed, change the 5 gallon bottle of water when empty. What is wrong with the world????!!!

  • On the toilet paper roll thing – I’ve got my little ones trained to replace!! The hubby, gave up on that one after about a month of marriage. I just do it!

    The other great mystery to me is how my dear sweet hubby can find dishes to eat on and pots to cook with but has no idea where to put them when he washes dishes for me.

    I just put them away, because who wants to complain when someone else washes the dishes but it is something I would like to get a zillion dollar grant to study! 😀

  • Funny post! Fiddledaddy is off the hook this time. =)

  • I posted on that a couple of weeks ago, with pictures, and showed how my whole family likes to prop the new roll up against the wall so that if you try to look for it at night you knock it off and it rolls under the toilet with all the “pee misfires” from my son.
    If I knew how to leave a link right to it, I would. Alas, I am such a newbie at all of this blog stuff.

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