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Apparently, I’m See-Thru

Last night Jensen came running into the kitchen clad in Scooby Doo underwear.  He stopped short in his socks when he spied Fiddledaddy removing a frozen pizza from the oven.


“Why yes son, indeed I do.”

Phhhht.  But it was the MOMMY that actually got the pizza out of the freezer, ripped open the box, and turned the oven to the appropriate degree mark.

Which counts for zero in my son’s eyes.

I watched the admiration level for his father rise a few more degrees.  As if that was possible.

Last week, Fiddledaddy was out of town.  Jensen, sensing the shift in power, pulled out all the stops in his quest to drive me to the brink of insanity.  And then kick me over.

And yes, this was the period of time when Junior triggered the security alarm.  The absence of Fiddledaddy just made the whole event more festive.  I didn’t want to announce that factoid on my blog, “HEY, CALLING ALL MARAUDERS!  I’M ALL ALONE HERE WITH THREE HIGH STRUNG CHILDREN.  COME JOIN IN ON THE FUN!”

Ever since his daddy has been back home, Jensen has been known as “the shadow.”  Not bearing for Fiddledaddy to be out of his sight.


Not really.  It’s me who has to deal with the aftermath if the man needs to take a shower, or, you know, whatever.

Jensen asks a lot of questions these days.  I MEAN A LOT OF QUESTIONS.  And if his father is in the room, he’ll direct his questions to him.

Thusly, spreading the wealth.  Not unlike our new administration.

However, if I happen to answer the question at hand out of habit, Jensen will pointedly repeat the inquiry again to his father.

The answer is, of course, the same.  But it is as if I weren’t in the room.  Or on the planet.


Let’s let the kid survive on frozen pizza for a week or two.

And then see who rules the roost.


(Who is really not all that bitter)

10 Responses to Apparently, I’m See-Thru

  • For some reason, my son at a very early age to a liking to his dad and both grandfathers. Everyone else was a 2nd class citizen. Every time I hear, “I Only Have Eyes for You,” I think of this phenomenon.

  • I giggled at the “Daddy, you can cook now?!” That is priceless. Frozen pizza…. silly kids. My boys are impressed with Dad’s Super-Special-Secret-Ingredient-Soup. Uhm, kids? It’s just ramen noodles.

  • Mine used to cry inconsolably every time his Daddy left for work in the afternoons, leaving me to deal with the emotional wreck. I was SO happy when his nap needs shifted and he started taking naps before DH left!

    And if Jensen has to subsist on frozen pizza for a couple of weeks, and Daddy’s feeding it to him? It will just up the esteem level, dear. Make Daddy feed him broccolli and spinach and see how that goes. 🙂

  • My oldest son did the same thing! Mommy’s answers and cuddles were looked upon with disdain. Daddy could do no wrong. Ah well. I guess it’s the nature of things.

  • I am about to leave town for a couple of days and leave my little ones in Daddy’s care.
    McDonalds, your about to get a stimulus package.

    Anyway, I have left out their outfits for everyday, full pantry, and detailed instructions. I am somehow not thinking that the laundry and the dishes are gonna get done… oh well! I wish I was heroic, but I’ll take them just realizing I am the oil that keeps this machine running!

  • As long as you’re not bitter.

  • My Hubs will say the same thing as me and they all snap to it. If I say it nothing.

    And my boys would love to live on frozen pizza for weeks on end. You would have to ruin the pizza – add some dreaded veggie and then see how fast he turns. (Muwahaha!) I mean, not like I’ve ever tried it or anything. 😉

  • LOL…must be a boy and dad thing. My son from about 1 yr. on was ALL about his daddy and would fall on the floor in a fit when he’d leave for work in the morning. It was worse if he left early before he awoke to tell him “bye”. Oh the horror! Poor kid, then good old mom got the aftermath of it all. And darned if there was nothing I could do to sooth it.

    Ah, the Joy of a son! Thankfully, he shares the wealth a bit now. When he’s sick, it all about Mom taking care of things. 🙂

  • That’s funny. I hope this switch in my son will happen at some point- he’s 14 months and a COMPLETE Mama’s boy! He loves his daddy, and squeals, “DA-da” when he sees him, but when he wakes up, he has to have me or he will not calm down.

  • I have 2 who are 10000% daddys….when daddy is home its as if i dont exist…
    i make spaghetti using the exact same cans of sauce C uses and somehow they look at me as if i have grown a second head and fuss that its not daddys spaghetti…OMG where do they think daddy learned to make it???
    and the 4 y.o can be sick and cuddling me and begging me sing mama and i will tell him i love him and he says….but i wuvvv daaaaaddddyyyy