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Not So Lost


The writing of a post seldom occurs on a Wednesday night, if I’ve had Awana and “Lost” is on.

It’s a mad rush to get home.  Without taking the time to stop at the liquor store. Which is a temptation after a night of playing Awana leader.

Oh, I’m kidding.  I would never dream of entering a liquor store.

While the children and I are dressed in our Awana attire.

That would be bad form.

(If you are new here, I employ a good deal of satire.)

In record time, I had the children safely tucked in bed, and I planted myself in front of “Lost”.  And immediately began nibbling on my cuticles.  There are virtually no calories in a cuticle.

Last week, I wrote a post about the possibility of “24” jumping the shark.  A few of you suggested that “Lost” may have jumped the shark as well.  And I have just one question for you.


Holy smoke.  Monster.  I don’t think I breathed through the entire episode!  Finally, we’re getting some answers.

Now I know why Danielle was always in such a bad mood.

And yes, more questions may have been asked than answered, but it makes for some totally awesome television.

Soon, very soon, I suspect that Daniel Faraday will travel back to a time when he meets a very young red headed little girl.  And he will tell her to leave the island and not come back, or she will die.

Sniff, sniff.

Any predictions, observations, or answered questions for you all?

As far as I’m concerned, there’s not a shark anywhere near this shore.  And I’m TOTALLY digging the “Lost Untangled” epidsodics.

I just used “digging” in a sentence.  My credibility is shot.


13 Responses to Not So Lost

  • This made me remember the time I needed a couple of bottles of liquor for some recipes that I was making. I was HUGELY pregnant and driving the minivan with my other four children in it (oh and the sticker on the back that tells what church we go to…). I didn’t think anything of it but apparently I was like watching the circus because EVERYONE was staring! LOL

  • haha, your coolness factor just went up though!

  • Being the Awana leader for the T and T 3rd and 4th grade girls, I DVR Lost….and I just finished watching it.

    OH. My..

    How in the world is Ben going to get everyone to go back….

  • I haven’t watched this week’s episode yet, but your post was a total teaser….*GRIN* I’m making myself stay away from Rocks In My Dryer until after I watch, but your post was great….totally getting me revved up for watchin tonight. I really really hope LOST doesn’t ever jump the shark. I would be so sad.

  • I think Daniel’s mother is also red headed’s mother. And my husband thinks that Richard is Red headed’s father.

  • Oh my word, I sure hope Daniel and Charlotte aren’t related… that would be awful… However, I do have a theory that maybe it was Daniel’s dad who told her in the past not to come back to the island — if Faraday’s mom knows all about the island, maybe his dad was involved too. It just seems like any future Daniel would already know the futility of trying to warn the past-Charlotte, so it wouldn’t really make sense.

    Lovin’ the Lost! And your post was *hilarious* — I’m glad I stumbled upon it. Check out my blog sometime maybe! 🙂

  • I think the island is the Lost city of Atlantis. Hmm? Speaking Latin??

  • Different strokes for different folks…

    I’ll hang on to LOST, but only because they’ve promised next season is the last. People are gonna get found, or die, by next year!!

    My hubby thinks I’m nuts, btw. He looks forward to LOST every week.

    I guess the “two steps forward one step back” way of it disturbs me. At least Jack Bauer saves the world, no questions asked, by the end of his season!!

    No way Faraday and Charlotte are related. I’m not even believing it!!

  • Don’t block my ISP, but I’ve never seen the show…backing out s l o w l y…..

  • So, if Daniel goes to talk to young Charlotte and tells her not to come to the island…. she must ignore his advice, because we’ve seen her die, she can’t un-die now, can she??? My head hurts… We didn’t see Richard at all this week. Hmmm. What’s he up to?

  • I’m with Chris – my brain hurts way too much after one of these episodes… but perhaps, because I’m such a loyal fan of yours, I will give it One. More. Chance.

  • No sharks are around – show is still cool. Wonder if they dropped the DUI charges and that’s why they brought Jin back. Made my day when Sawyer ran up and hugged him.

  • I ate cuticles, too! It was really exciting again, finally!