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Size Matters

I’m raising a future wordsmith.  Emme likes to toss around big honkin’ words.  It doesn’t matter if they are pronounced correctly, or used in the right connotation.

Connotation.  That one ought to net me a dollar fifty.

The other day she and her sister were bickering.  As sisters who are close in age, have nothing in common, and delight in torturing their mother are wont to do.  They snipped at one another until finally Cailey said something that hit below the belt.

Something to the effect of, “JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE OLDER DOESN’T MEAN THAT YOU KNOW EVERYTHING.” And then she added for emphasis, “MISSY.”

Emme retorted with, “Well.  That was just INSULTING.”

Cailey looked her square in the face, “Why do you always have to use big words?”

(In Cailey’s world, you add an “ing” to the root word and you’ve got yourself a three dollar word.”

Emme put her hands on her hips, “Because BIGGER IS BETTER.”

Showed her.  Cailey skulked off to her room.

Wait till Emme finds the booger Cailey left for her on her pillow.

Bigger is better.

(And what was I doing during this exchange?  I was doing what any good mother would do.  Writing it all down, my friends, writing it all down.)


11 Responses to Size Matters

  • Oh that is simply riotous! I’m a fan of big words too… she is not alone!

    (I would have been hiding in another room giggling listening to that exchange!)

  • Oh my word. Laugh on, my friend. Laugh on…

  • My study group laughs at me for using big words. But I told them that the thesaurus is my friend. Put one on Emme’s Christmas list.

  • LOL… I needed that laugh today. 😉

  • Hahaha! I’ve heard those arguements among my own girls. Yesterday I heard a new one in my PreK classroom. As I was teaching (meaning doing backflips and singing cute songs about vowels trying to the the little darlings to pay attention) two little girls were whispering in a very aggravated way to each other. I stopped teaching and asked them what was going on. One of them replied, “She’s being POPULAR to me!” Apparently being “popular” means you want to be treated like a princess and get your way all the time. That was her definition anyway. LOL.

  • If you were doing anything other than writing it down, you would be keeping the girls from a future of “but you said before…” moments!

    My rule is to only intervene if there is blood. Or fisticuffs. But usually only blood.

  • I’m so glad I stopped in! After watching all the tornadoes on tv and expecting bad weather in TX. I sure did need that laugh!!! Texans know all about that “bigger is better” thang, LOL!!!

  • Are you sure you didn’t mean to say “Booger is Better?”

  • your last sentence made me choke on the sip of water I was sipping. hahahaha!

  • I’m just shaking my head at the “booger is better” comment. Too funny.

  • As a family we tend to use large words as well. Some of them are just fun to say (malapropism, discombobulated, et cetera). When my daughter was 4 she used atrocious correctly in a sentence (as well as reflection and some other big words).

    My sister, however, was the queen of the malapropism in our family. Our favorite was when she was about 10 talking about a flat tennis ball and she said “this ball has no cleavage!”

    You HAVE to write these things down. Otherwise you will forget them