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Grill Recommendations

I need to grill y’all about some needed information.

Indeed, I do slay myself.

After the Great Grill Explosion of ’08, my grill finally had enough abuse, and died a sudden and tragic death.

Let us pause a moment to honor Grill’s service to my little family.  May it rest in peace.  Or rather, in pieces, as that’s the only way our garbage collectors will haul it away.

That’s enough.  Time to move on now and get another grill. But what to buy?

I don’t need to talk to any stinkin’ salespeople or look up Consumer Reports.  I go immediately to you all.  The last (and only) grill we’ve ever owned was a Weber.  I loved it, but it’s a little pricey if you ask me.  It withstood about 9 years of abuse.  But in grill years, I’m not sure that’s a long enough time.

What would you all recommend?


15 Responses to Grill Recommendations

  • We have had our Weber for 14 years. It is still going strong. They are a little pricey, though.

    I am envying you in Armpit, FL today as we are iced in and the temperature sitting at a toasty 19.

  • We have had our Weber for 20 years, and it’s still looking good. It was a little pricey, but if you compare the per year cost, I don’t guess it was so bad.

    19 degrees here, too — and 7 inches of snow. I wouldn’t mind being in Florida right about now. 😉 Leaving for Pensacola on Friday.

  • Geez…we havent ever had any grill last over 5 years so I am thinking if you get 9 or 14 or 20 out of the Weber you should just pay the extra $$ and go for it…
    Our current grill is a charcoal grill that my husband built. Now I know we have had it 7 years and he built it at least 2 years before we got married, but its solid iron….he made it to practice welding way back when.

  • We have an Aussie something or other that you can get at Target. It is gas or charcoal. My hubby has a grill obsession so we have a new one every few years. This is our second Aussie and both have worked great.

  • Sorry, we are Weber addicts as well. My Dad has had his 12+ years; ours is 7 yrs old this year. Neither of us have ever had a complaint!

  • Not sure if you want gas or charcoal. We have the Weber Q100. http://www.weber.com/grills/?glid=6&mid=33.

    It’s cheaper than the huge Webers but the same durability. We’ve had it for 4 years and it’s been great. It’s small but we regularly host big groups of people here and it’s always been enough for us.

    It’s also portable which has been nice. It’s not super easy to take places but not super hard either. We’ve been able to take it to the neighborhood picnic or to a church picnic to be used.

    One downside is that the gas tanks it comes with are tiny and we would go through them fast. But you can get a cheap (few bucks) attachment at Home Depot that enables you to use a bigger gas tank.

  • I work in a retail appliance store and the grill we sell is a Bubba Bar-b-q oven. They are around $500 but have a lifetime warranty on the cast-iron burner and a no-flame-up drip pan that catches the meat drippings in a little bucket. You can use them as a smoker, and they have a little drawer you can put wood chips in. I have one and we really like it – they have a web site: http://www.bubbasovens.com.

  • Hey,

    My husband has joined the “cult” of the Big Green Egg. If you’ve got an extra few hundred dollars lying around, and you want to enjoy a charcoal grill that can heat up to 900+ degrees (just in case you need to cremate anything), then I strongly recommend it.

    Seriously, it is a good grill. My hubby makes amazing food on it. Including pizza. Awesome. 🙂

    But beware- BGE fans are a little obsessive. Say you’re considering one, and they’ll talk your ear off about amazing steaks, pizza, etc.

  • We have a charcoal Weber, the smaller one. We’ve had it about 8 years or so. My daddy has the larger charcoal Weber and it has lasted at least 20 years and and least that many more years left in it!

  • I bought Hubs a Char-Broil stainless propane grill at Home Depot abuot 6 years ago. He uses it every weekend. He can grill a mean steak. He loves it and it has held up great. Happy grill hunting!

  • We have a Commercial CharBroil and I love it. It needs a good cleaning right now but other than the filth factor, it is great!

  • We had a Char-Broil that we got used and it was a great grill for many years. Now we have a Brinkman and it has been awesome so far (4 years and would be like new if it wasnt for the dirt and dust of West Texas – it’s just dirty). We grill alot! My parents even bought one after their old no-name bit the dust. And we have a Weber Smokey Joe for camping that has lasted probably 10 years so far. The nice thing about Brinkman is they are so affordable.

  • If it lasted 9 years, stick with the Weber. My hubby has completely destroyed 3 grills over the past 16 years, and the one on the back porch will be replaced this Spring (hopefully!). Maybe we should try a Weber.

  • DeeDee,
    I just happened upon you today. And a great day to comment. Hubs just got a new grill. And he loves it. (Oh, and he researches stuff to a T before buying.) Here’s what it is:

    Blue Ember
    It’s rated top 1 or 2 in gas grills under $600. It’s sold at Home Depot. Hubs believes it is 45,000 BTU with a back infrared burner. A great feature is that it has a power plugin in the back so you can plug in a blender, radio, etc. It also has a light switch inside the grill cover so you can open up the cover to see what you are grilling, if you’re grilling at night. Oh, and he says it has a side burner and a temperature gauge.

    Alright. That’s it. I’ll be back to check you out.

    Happy Grill Hunting!


  • Here’s what a loser *I* am. We don’t own a grill anymore. I just use the George Foreman grill indoors. Yes, yes, I know. You lose a little something. But what I’ve GAINED is not having to spend $$ on a big appliance that I then have to (clean, fuel) move all over the country every time my hubs gets a whim to do something new.

    But I guess that’s not really what this post is about. 🙂

    And I should also mention that we are highly anti-social, in that we rarely host big “grill parties.” So the indoor grill thing WORKS for US.