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Getting My Act Together

I may ramble in this one, so just get in, sit down, and hang on.

Thank you so much for all the comments, suggestions and support from yesterday’s post on Jensen’s Atopic Dermatitis.  A wonderful thing about the internet, is that other moms with kids who suffer with this will be able to read through and glean some awesome information.

And let’s face it, the moms in the trenches are the best source of information.

I went through and answered questions and commented on some of the comments throughout the comment thread.  Because I can.  Thanks to the new WordPress update.

Thank you WordPress.  You complete me.

Now, for a confession.

I’m scheduled to speak at a conference in a little over a week.  So, this rambling mode of writing will likely continue until then.  All my free time (which is basically NONE) will be spent preparing.  And by preparing, I mean FREAKING OUT and praying for Jesus to miraculously take away the fear.

Or come back and get me.

Oddly though, I’m feeling more peace the closer we get to the date.  Which I can only give credit to Jesus.  Because it ain’t me.  Or my confidence.

I’m perfectly comfortable sitting behind my keyboard spewing nonsense wisdom to the masses.  Or to all 10 of you who faithfully read this.  But, getting up and publicly speaking is most certainly not in my comfort zone.

And this is the nice comfy place that God has been nudging me out of.  In so many ways.  Fiddledaddy would say that I’d be just as happy to live in a rut.

And he’s right.

But that’s not where I can grow.  Or be used to glorify Him in any way.  Other than “Oh LOOK, what a nice clean toilet.”

Which is a lie, because my toilet is not all that clean.

So, please bear with me.  And pray for me.  That I not faint dead away in front of a live audience.  Or worse.


11 Responses to Getting My Act Together

  • You’ll do great, I know you will! In the days leading up to your moment, let us in on some of the content of your presentation (unless that gives it away for too many of your readers! :-)). Will be prayin’ for ya!

  • Well, good thing, ’cause I’m in need of a few doses of rambling. It always makes me laugh. I’m sure your live audience will love it even more in person. Good for you! I’ll be here cheering you on.

  • Saying a prayer, I know what it feels like when God nudges, pushes, pulls us out of our comfort zone. I freak!

  • Didn’t you once play poker with Brad Pitt?? If you can do that without being nervous, I think you can make it through the speech 🙂

  • You will do great! But if you need a laugh just picture your kids sitting in the front row sticking their sweet little tongues out at you!

  • I have complete confidence that you will do just fine. The Lord has given you a gift and He will complete the work He has started. So sit back and allow Him to work through you, dear sister:)

  • I feel you on the hating public speaking thing . . . but I know you will do great!!

  • Just think of all the money you’ll have in the cuss word jar!!!

    Hang in there – I’m pretty sure you won’t drop dead. Let the potter mold his clay.

  • To quote from Hook, “I believe in you – Peter Pan.”

    Now go show that gator who’s boss. 🙂

  • Aww, there must be more than ten of us who depend on you for a daily dose of (in)sanity. You will do great! Where can those of us who won’t be able to hear you speak see what you said? Just remember, Jesus will never lead you where His grace will not keep you, but He also won’t give you the grace for a given task until the moment is upon you.

  • All that “free time spent preparing” was very much appreciated by those of us attending the conference. We have 5 kids and our fourth (Peter) seems to be a spitting image of Jensen. One thing I can say with GREAT conviction is that Peter won’t be allowed anywhere near those red handles on the wall with “Pull” written underneath… 🙂