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Stepping Up to the Plate

Just before the end of 2008, I posted my desire to lose weight, and get healthier.

In other words, I’m sick and tired of looking like a sausage.

I started back on the South Beach diet at the beginning of last week. This eating plan includes two weeks of NO CARBS or SUGAR (including fruits). Proteins and vegetables are highly desirous.

Desirous may be too strong of a word.

Because what I was desirous of, was an entire column of Club Crackers.

A happy byproduct of Phase 1, is that by cleansing your body of the sugars, you greatly reduce the cravings.

And we all know that I have little to no will power as of late. There are far fewer Churros at Disney World, because of me.

But it’s working. I know this because I went to Epcot on Wednesday for a family field trip (insert air quotes), and not one Churro did I consume. In fact, I packed myself all my healthy food and that’s what I lived on.

This is progress. Remember, I’m the girl that has gone dumpster diving to retrieve a forgotten Oreo. Which I then ate. Followed by the licking of the fingers.

Thursday brought with it a real challenge. I found out that I had a meeting scheduled to discuss a possible project which I cannot even talk about or I’d have to kill all of you. And the locale of the meeting was KRISPY KREME. I dearly love Krispy Kreme donuts. I’m getting woozy just thinking about it.

And people, I did not eat one. NOT ONE. Instead, I demurely dined on my fat free/sugar free/taste free yogurt. And then ate the carton it came in.

Drum roll.

I have lost 5 pounds. I have a long haul ahead of me. After this week, I’ll probably only be able to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week on Phase 2. Phase 2 allows you to reintroduce two servings of healthy carbs back into your meal plan, plus fruit.

There’s no magical secret here. I’ve simply finally gotten determined. And as stubborn as I am, when I set my mind to something, I’m not moveable.

Just ask Fiddledaddy.

I have a couple of tips that really have helped me that I wanted to share.

•A glass of Tomato or Vegetable Juice is an immediate pick-me-up.

•No guilt. NEVER beat yourself up if you slip a bit. Tomorrow is another day.

•Check out this South Beach recipe for roasted Chickpeas. Sounds odd, but I love them and it satisfies my need to crunch on something.

So, how are you all doing? What plan are you using, and share any tips or suggestions. I’ve posted Mr. Linky below. All you need to do is link your specific post. And if you don’t have a blog, use the comments section.


17 Responses to Stepping Up to the Plate

  • I’m combining diets. I bought the “flat belly diet” book and am currently doing the first 4-day anti-bloat diet on it. It’s full of fruit and cereal, so it’s sort of confusing me, as compared to South Beach. But if it helps me un-bloat before I get on the first phase of The Beach, I’ll be a believer. Also, as a “woo-hoo” moment for me, I can now jog half and walk half of a mile on the treadmill. That is a major accomplishment, to be jogging at all. Good luck to you!

  • I am definitely going to try that chickpea recipe. I bet my kids will snarf them up~they actually LOVE chickpeas (me too).

    As for my current eating plan, I am eating. BUT I am trying to add more fruits and veggies into our meals. Babysteps for me, otherwise my brain gets all freaky.

  • Is Fiddledaddy on the “plan” too?

    It is MUCH easier if both of you are on the plan.

    I don’t know about you, but I am like a shark… if someone is eating around me… wel… then I am too.

    Nedless to say, everytime Diane has been pregnant, I have gained 10 “sympathy pounds”.

    I’m not sure if this stuff works in reverse and women have the same problem, but I suspect it is probably the case.

    Oh boy… I think I just broke the “man code” and suggested that you force Fiddledaddy onto the plan as well.

    Sorry Fiddledaddy.

  • Congrats on the 5 lbs! Restraint at EPCOT is a pretty impressive thing. Have you tried the Sonoma Diet? I think it’s pretty comparable to South Beach – the recipes in the Sonoma Diet cookbook might give you some additional recipes to try.

  • just thought i would link to my post….i’ve been counting calories for just over a year. i use http://www.my-calorie-counter.com and looooove it. i try to walk on the treadmill everyday also. i love using this method, because if i want a brownie, or my beloved Starbucks, then i just figure it into my daily calorie count. i never feel deprived…..

  • Since last April I’ve lost 45 lbs. . I did not go an any specific diet, I’ve just drastically reduced my sugar intake ( almost none at all ) and don’t eat a lot of carbs. Maybe what I’m doing is a lot like South Beach ? I also excercise for an hour a day, about five days a week. I still have 25 lbs. to go, though. I feel so much better ! Good luck to everyone who’s trying to loose – I know it’s not easy, but it is SO worth it.

  • I’m sort of working on losing weight, too…recording everything in a program called Diet Power- it’s pretty cool, it tracks your weight & all. I’m just trying to cut calories & eat a balanced diet. I lost a few pounds before the holidays, but put all of it back on. I have about 56 pounds to go before, hopefully, June. Unless I get pregnant again, which will derail any weight loss up to that point. So. 🙂 I’m on the train with you all.

    Also, DeeDee, I wanted you to know I nominated you for a fun ‘fabulous blog’ award over at my place: http://ceaselesspraises.blogspot.com/2009/01/guess-what.html

  • Because I am trying to get preggo I am just tracking calories. But I am IN LOVE with http://www.sparkpeople.com. It has really opened my eyes to what I am eating. And I find I really don’t need to eat nearly as much as I previously did to feel satisfied.

    Sat at Krispy Kreme and didn’t eat one. I can’t even fathom how that is possible. You are awesome!!

  • I love the South Beach Diet. Mainly because it works, I’d say. Too many bad carbs make me feel real fluffy. Not a great feeling, but one I am pretty familiar with.
    I lost about 35 pounds with SB and wogging (walking+jogging=wogging) last summer and would like to lose about 20 more before this summer.
    Keep it up!
    Don’t we women love to talk about diets? Or hair. 🙂

  • I wish I could wog. Sadly, I squeezed out two urchins who weighed over 10 pounds weach and the plumbing? It ain’t what it use to be.

    I’m down 8 pounds since last Saturday. I was sick when I got on the scales last week and saw the number I have not seen since I was last baking a baby…almost 8 years ago.

    Hoping for another good week ahead! Hugs to all!

  • I know I need to do something. I KNOW I do. But I have the willpower of an elastic band. Even if I would just walk 20 minutes a day, I know it would help to make my pants stop protesting when I put them on.

    You, my friend, have a much better look on things than I do, not to mention self control. I applaud you and your tasteless yogurt eating self. You go girl!

  • My hubby is back on a low carb diet. It really works! He’s lost six pounds in the last five days. I just wish he/we could figure out a way for him to maintain it. This is probably the 4th go-around.

  • This a post from a week ago http://creativetree.typepad.com/treeswingreading/2009/01/is-lowcarb-good-or-bad.html. I’ve been doing low-carb since Jan. 1. Have had too many diets fail, so I’m kind of nervous about whether I will succeed or not. My weight is a hugely (no pun intended!) emotional issue for me…need support! Thanks for this!

  • I’m trying to eat less sweets and be in better control of portions. I’ve found the best answer to that is food journaling, and I keep track with sparkpeople.com.

  • Down 10 lbs. Just wondering how everyone is doing. It hard keeping the family on this eating plan. It is not one you can approach a meal without planning. Otherwise, we’d be eating spaghetti!
    Making black bean soup tonight and salad.

  • Good for you. Me? I have done nothing. Except finally learn how to make really good spelt bread (nothing too good for Baby, you know, after all, she can’t have wheat). With lots of butter, of course. DH has gone all strict, and won’t eat carbs at all, so I need to get on board and join him. Or at least get off my back side and move around a bit.