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Going Postal


Our vacation was scheduled in December, and I checked off my to-do list, item by item. All done in the week prior to the beginning of the vacation.

Because always put off for tomorrow, those things that should have been done last month, I always say.

The very last item on the list (besides stocking up on Extra Strength Excedrin) was having our mail stopped. This would include a trip to the post office.

Which to me is like planning a stop in hell. Something to be avoided.

And with good reason.

Our local post office has had more than one instance of elderly patrons confusing the brake pedal with the gas pedal, and these errant roadsters have attempted to install a drive-thru single handedly. And thusly ending up in the waiting line inside the post office. While still strapped in to the drivers seat.

And, by some miracle, no one has yet to be killed.

After this happened a few times, our intrepid post office installed little yellow poles in front of the handicapped parking spaces. Located right in front of the post office. Where our elderly patrons are most likely to park.

I’ve seen these yellow poles. And I’ve seen the 3 ton cadillacs that the geriatric set drive.

My money is on the car. The pole doesn’t stand a chance. As evidenced by the miriad of car paint already bespeckling them.

So I prefer to avoid the post office altogether, especially with my 3 young children in tow.

In a panic, I announced to Fiddledaddy that I still needed to have the mail stopped before we could leave town. And asked for prayer as I picked up my keys to go.

“Hold on!” He announced as he sat down at his computer.

”This is no time to go surfing, man! Start praying that I survive the trip!”

Before I knew it he had discovered that you can have your mail stopped WITH THE CLICK OF A MOUSE! AND YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO LEAVE THE SAFETY OF YOUR HOUSE.

I’m a poet. And didn’t know it.

That’s right, I need never fear being mowed down by a fender in the post office ever again.

But I have to say, a drive-thru post office is not a bad idea. These older folks may be onto something.

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12 Responses to Going Postal

  • I’ve lived in a number of cities and in NOT A ONE have I enjoyed going to the post office. Why are they always crammed in these dinky crannies with approximately two PARALLEL parking spaces, on a busy street?

    Oh, and the kids. THE KIDS! Unloading, waiting in line…

    I always loved the towns I lived in where I could buy my stamps via my mailbox. Leave a check in the box; get stamps. Magic!

    Also! Because I’m not done rambling yet! *I remember the days* when all we had to do to stop the mail was put a personal note in the mailbox telling our carrier what to do. Oh, pure bliss.

    Oh, and I buy my stamps at Stuff Mart now.

    The End.

  • I can’t even remember the last time I was at a post office – and you just reminded me why I avoid it at all costs. It’s a scary place.

    How did we ever function without the internet?

  • I LOVE our post office. I am there often sending packages off. Thought the ladies there were my FRIENDS. Then they tried to teach me how to use the machines to tally up and make my own postage/package stick ons. Not as easy as it sounds. Don’t they love me any more??? Sigh.

  • Wow.. wish I had’a known that one before OUR trip a while back. I will check that out! Thanks!

  • Sweet! Your tip has just saved me countless frustrating hours at the post office. I’ve bookmarked the site, and I’ll remember this for the next trip.

    Please tell your hubby thanks!

  • My husband thinks it’s GREAT fun going to the post office. The old ladies crack him up so he flirts with them.

    Whatever, at least I don’t have to go!

  • I despise going to the post office. Dragging all five kids to the crowded post office is truly torture…so I send my sweet husband:) Gotta love that man!

  • I just love how more and more you can do almost anything online. 🙂 I hate going out unless it’s to Target. 🙂

  • I’ve heard that you can do all those kinds of things online now, but never actually looked into it. Thanks for the tip and I’ll have to remember that should the occasion ever come up that we are gone long enough to stop the mail!

  • I am happy you found out about this. Seriously, there is absolutely no reason to ever need to go to the post office again. You can have your boxes picked up on your doorstep, buy your stamps, even order priority mail boxes that they deliver … for free! Be free of the post office, it’s safer. 🙂

  • I have used this in the past and it’s the ONLY way to do it! 🙂 I avoid the post office at all costs! Good tip!

  • I need to tell you that an unnamed family member of mine was parking in a handicapped place with one of those little, skinny yellow poles you mentioned. Unnamed family member hit the gas instead of the brake, and the pole literally almost sliced the car in two up to the windshield. A tow truck was required to pull the car (a Lincoln towncar) off the pole. Amazing: no one was hurt, and the pole was not even dented! It must have concrete to China. Bet on the poles.