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The Lounge Singer

A favorite Christmas gift among the children this year was an electric piano.  Which to me, conjures up images of K.C. and the Sunshine Band right there in my family room.

Let us now pause a moment to pay homage to the greatest musical group ever to grace the juke box at the local roller skating rink, circa 1978.

We (as in me) had actually hoped to inherit an actual piano, but could not agree decide on a place to put it, and who would actually do the moving of a piece of furniture that weighed in at 600 pounds.

Alas, Fiddledaddy was strolling through Target last October and happened to be passing a store employee, just as she was slapping a clearance price tag on a Casio electric piano.  Therefore, a piano that normally sells for around $175.00 was snatched up by my husband for only $45.00.

I’ve taught him well.

As an interesting side note, have you ever tried to “hide” a piano in a rather smallish house, with 3 very curious children under the roof, before Christmas time?

Finally, I covered it in a sheet and passed it off as a shelf in the garage.  And it was truly a Christmas miracle that it was found again in time for Christmas morning.

Fiddledaddy also thought to purchase a microphone, and saints be praised, a set of earphones.

Just in case, you know, the children have inherited my musical abilities.

The gift was a tremendous hit.  As was the microphone.  Jensen was immediately recruited as an audience of one (since the parents made themselves scarce during recitals).

Unfortunately, forevermore he will believe that the tune “Jingle Bells” begins with:

Jingle Bells, Batman smells….

Well.  You get the idea.

And “Happy Birthday to you” is followed by “you live in a zoo, you stink like a monkey….”

And so on.  Shoot me.

The other day I was in my customary position at the sink when Emme gave an impromptu recital.  She did not realize I was in the vicinity.  Her favorite musical renditions are “Danny Boy” and “My Bonnie”.

Because she is 9 going on 80.

In between pieces, she would pause to thank her audience of 2 siblings with, “Thank you, thank you very much.  And now, for your listening enjoyment, I will now play a little number called “Danny Boy”.  Again.”

Followed by groans from her audience as they made a hasty retreat to the farthest corners of the house.

Undaunted, she played on.  With witty commentary between each piece.

I see a Cruise Ship in her future, or Vegas.

Unless I can intervene and get her some sheet music for “Get Down Tonight.”

Whereupon I will dust off my roller skates and stuff my sausage feet into them, hang up the disco ball, and shake my booty.

Traction won’t be so bad.  I really could use a rest.


9 Responses to The Lounge Singer

  • I always thought an electric piano would be fun to have around. Perhaps I was wrong.

    Oh, that’s the way (uh huh, uh huh) I like it (uh huh, uh huh)…ahem, sorry.

  • There are certain songs (of course I can’t think of them now; that’s not how my Pavlovian brain works) that when I hear them–I am taken RIGHT BACK to the roller skating rink.

    Sigh. I’m such a child of the 70s.

  • Ahhh, rollerskating….

    3-6-9 The goose drank wine
    The monkey chewed tobacco on the street car line
    The line broke
    The monkey got choked
    And they all went to heaven in a little row boat
    Clap Clap

    I came to rollerskating in the early 80’s, does it show?

  • Flicka (4 yrs old) got a child-sized guitar this year. We walked into the living rm last wk to hear my 3 year old tell her – “…you play da ‘tar and *I* play pie-ann-o” and gave us an impromptu concert. A crime against music but cute nonetheless! LOL

  • See, that is exactly why this mother of five has not purchased an electric piano…I am not sure how many time I could hear “Jingle Bells, Batman smells”

    You are a much braver woman than I:)

  • When you get your skates out let me know. I just found mine in the back of my closet when we had the new carpet put in. And I think I can find my ABBA record with Dancing Queen.

  • And, now, for the rest of the day – I will be singing annoying songs and dreaming of rollerskating a couples dance with my man. And I never even liked rollerskating to begin with!!!


    But, I did need that laugh today … thanks for that!

  • You might be the bravest parents ever. My hubby got a “keyboard” as a joke, because he keeps talking about wanting one. But I won’t put batteries in it, because I know the kids will want to preform for me…

    I think traction sounds lovely this time of year!

  • We also got a keyboard for the girls, and a singing program for the computer. Oh, and when you add in the oldest’s ipod my head just might explode. Currently, Mercy Me is blaring from the living room, and Relient K from the ipod in a bedroom. I love those groups too, but not when overlapping and with the accompaniment of my 9 year old on the keyboard.