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The Revenge of Godzilla

One of my favorite all time shorts, is a little piece of cinematic excellence titled “Bambi Meets Godzilla.” I laugh every single time I view it. I have for years.

Evidently, I possess a refined sense of humor.

And now, thanks to You Tube, I can view it ad nauseum. And I’m happy to share it with you.

Your welcome.

On Christmas eve, Fiddledaddy and I were inspired to stage a little Godzilla type revenge on my Christmas village. Blame it on the Christmas spirit. Or the egg nog.



The next morning, Dinosaur (one of Jensen’s most favorite toys) was discovered, red handed. The children were given strict instructions not to touch the Christmas village this year. They were told that should a stray Die Cast car, or Polly Pocket appear within the village, the penalty would be certain and swift death.

The resident narc in the family wasted no time in alerting us to the infraction of “Diny-Sore’s” appearance within the Christmas village.

“Jensen didn’t do it.”

“But who did?”

“Daddy and I were having a little fun.”

Stunned silence.


Because it’s Christmas. The parents are allowed to have fun every now and again. Right?”

What followed was a slight shake of the head in disbelief, as if to say “Grow up already, Mom.”

Wait until she discovers what awaits her in her stocking.

Parents must find their fun wherever possible.


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