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Food for Thought

After spending nearly 6 days at Disney World, and walking 794 miles, you would think that I’d have lost a little weight.


Because Disney World serves Churros, my friends. Little carts line Main Street, and kindly vendors will hand you one of these long fried morsels of deliciousness covered in cinnamon and sugar.

AND GET THIS! All you have to do is hand over money to receive one. Or 27.

So now my stretchypants are feeling a little snug. And my willpower has not only left the building, but the country as well.

And you know what that means.

It’s time to go back on South Beach. Phase 1. Since Phase 16 doesn’t seem to be working for me.

I’ve written about the South Beach diet before. In between child #2 and #3 I lost quite a bit of weight. But after packing on 50 plus pounds with Junior, and still carrying around a bit of baby weight (the baby is almost 4), it’s time to do it again.

I started Phase 1 last summer with great success, at about the time Jensen was diagnosed with severe food allergies. And after the diagnosis, I started eating everything rice and potato based right along with him.

But look! It seems that Rice and Potatoes are a carb! And carbs in massive quantities are not my friend.

Because I like to garner sympathy be transparent, I will document my weight struggles on this blog. But I wanted to get a consensus.

Who wants to do it with me?

C’mon, it’ll be fun!

If enough of you are game, I’ll do a little Mr. Linky thing on Fridays so you can share your failures, success, recipes, tips, or extreme displeasure that I even suggested this in the first place.

Of course we should weight wait until after the first of the year because that’s what everyone does. Resolutions. Whatever.

Let me know if you’re in. And if you’ve ever lost weight on The South Beach Diet.

And if you’re worried, it was written by a REAL doctor, it is a healthy lifestyle of eating, AND the recipes are wonderful. (You can check the cookbooks out at your local library.)

AND it does allow chocolate in Phase 2, which follows Phase 1 (2 weeks). Caffeine is allowed in all Phases. Otherwise, I would have chucked the whole thing out of the window.

Have I sold you on this yet?


29 Responses to Food for Thought

  • I’d be happy to join, since I’m still carrying baby weight from kid #1, who is now 16. But the only way a diet will work for me is if someone tells me EXACTLY WHAT TO EAT. I’m not good at substitutions, counting, math, or, obviously, self-control.

  • I too am planning on starting a diet after the first of the year. I too have fallen off the wagon when my two children were diagnosed with casein and soy protein intolerance. I started to cook a lot of rice and such in our dinners.

  • Ooh…churros are my weakness, too. They are so addicting.

  • *sigh*. Just what I needed, someone to hold me accountable. I’m in. And I am familiar with South Beach. I, too, have been carrying extra baby weight for several years now (MY baby is 21!!). It is so true that when you hit 40 it’s harder to get the weight off. I had really packed it on over the years and developed type II diabetes, so I finally went to a doctor and he started me on South beach. I have lost 35 pounds, but it has taken me almost a year. Not as fast as I want. Esp. in the last 6 weeks – I am completely stuck. BUT, on the plus side, I haven’t put any back on, which is my usual. My grand total goal is 100 pounds. A long way to go. I have been watching “The Biggest Loser” and its pretty inspirational.

  • I’m prego right now, so the scales will keep going upward after the first, and second, of the year!! I’ll enjoy reading about everything though!!

  • I have done the Zone Diet and lost 30 lbs a few years ago. I have since gained about 10 to 15 of it back in the last six months due to stress (I eat when stressed) but I am going to start the Zone again in January. I’ll watch as you and I can loose the weight and those stretchy pants will no longer be tight. 🙂

  • Ugh. I might even join a gym. For the first time in my life.

  • I did the South Beach diet a couple years ago and I spent the first three weeks with a constant headache. I was SO sick and my husband finally told me, enough is enough. I only lost five pounds in those three weeks…so not even worth it for me.
    But I hope that it works really well for you this time!!

  • My husband is with you all the way! I’m still needing a bit of convincing to go back to Phase 1 (we did it in 2004, after baby #2). Serving chicken nuggets, crackers, and chips to the kids all day does not bode well for me having self-control in phase 1. 🙂

  • no. no you haven’t.

    I promised myself when baby #4 was in school (I am weird, a SAHM whose kids go to public school) I would join the gym again. Because lifting weights, to me, is FUN.

    sorry. good luck to you all. I’ll just continue to live in procrastinatorville until fall. At which point I may have to move to denialville.

  • I was planning on starting Adkins after New Years day. I reached my ideal weight with Adkins before I had my kids. Almost 7 years, 2 kids and 40lbs later – I need to loose the baby weight! I am game to try to loose along with you, but I’m not completely convinced on South Beach.

    I don’t have a blog, so I don’t really know anything about the Mr. Linky thing?

  • I’m in. I lost 25 lbs. a year ago on SBD and something very wrong happened this holiday season – like, my house was burglarized (everyone needs an excuse) – and now I’m gaining! And eating those forbidden carbs again! I already needed to lose another 15 but now have gained 5 back so, doing the math, that means I need to lose 20 now. I do have the NEW SBD book (supercharged) and there are NEW recipes – along with exercises.

  • I thought I’d lose weight at Disney too until we started using the dining card that included dessert. woops.

  • I’m in too. I’ve been on the yo-yo diet since March: up and down countless times. I’ve been in an accountability group but they’re not mean enough. It’s pretty bad to be dieting for 9 months and only weigh 3 pounds less. I have lost weight on the South Beach before. So I’m ready. And after New Year’s sounds great – I just finished baking a cheesecake and gingerbread cookies and don’t think I can say no until they are gone! Let’s do it!!!

  • I’m game. I’ve been trying to loose the last 25 pounds of baby weight myself. (I’ve lost 10 of it since September..)

    Up until a few weeks ago – I was going to the gym regularly but wasn’t seeing much progress – so I lost the motivation to go.

    Maybe this coupled with the gym again will help me loose those last few pounds!

    Oh yea, and I did the SB diet a few years ago too and lost about 10 pounds…I’m really bad with will power and food though!

  • After losing 157 pounds on Weight Watchers, I’m a die hard WW member. But I’ll be cheering everyone on! You can do this!

  • I would love to try, if I can make myself get started. If I can get started I can do it, but I have so much trouble with the first few weeks.

  • What a fantastic idea to do a Mr. Linky and all! One question, do we have to do South Beach or can we do whatever (weight watchers, diabetic diet, etc) and still post here and be encouraged and accountable?

  • You could come join us at http://ourbluheroverhaul.blogspot.com/ too if you wanted to- we’re all working on weight loss! 🙂

  • I was going to do it anyway, so count me in. If I can do it without a blog.

    I do a “modified” Phase 1 with a touch of whole grain carbs. I can’t give them up completely and still work out. And working out is a big part of my plan too. I have to because of a knee injury. Either that or go to PT.

    I have great success with what I call my “eclectic” diet plan. I combine the “South Beach Diet” with the “Weigh Down Diet” then add Leslie Sansone’s “Walk Away the Pounds.” This combo works great together.

    The problem is sticking to it …

  • Count me in! I need some accountiblility.

  • Hello this is Joy,
    Two of my four sons have severe food allergies as well and I did the same thing. It is so easy with rice, potatoes, and bread!
    I just got the book (South Beach) and I am going on it as soon as I finish the Phase one Chap. I would so love to do this with you as well. We can do this!!!
    God bless

  • I have an 8 month old and had weight I needed to lose before I even got pregnant with her. The last time I lost all my weight was with weight watchers and running three times a week. But back issues (unrelated to my weight) probably won’t allow me to run again….so I’ve doubted I can get it off….did you get it off before without a lot of exercise?

    • Tonya,
      I did absolutely no exercise when I lost the weight the first time, I’m ashamed to say. And it took a little longer than if I had been exercising.

      Now, a few years later, exercise is a must for me. Mostly because of my issues with depression. But all my exercise is low impact (treadmill, eliptical (sp?), and weights).

      It will be interesting to see how I do. Especially so publicly. Yikes.

  • I have had a lot of success with this diet and would love to try it again. And Need to try it again, but alas I am trying to get preggo and I don’t think the 2 go hand in hand. But if you are still on phase 1 in a year or so, count me in 🙂

  • Oh….ugh…..sigh….I so need to do SOMETHING!!! So maybe this will be it…and it will keep us a little “connected” at least in misery because you know how much it loves company my friend! So yes, count me in! Gulp!

  • I’m in! I’m with another group of ladies with the exercise stuff…maybe this will motivate me with the eating stuff! Yikes…

  • Me too, me too. After three children, I decided it was time to lose all the baby weight, especially since I was breast feeding normally (as in without massive supplementation with fenugreek and marshmallow root) so I would lose the weight quickly. My nutritionist even pointed out to me that I would never have another opportunity like this. Then baby went and came down with massive allergies, and any thought of what I was eating went out the window. When you don’t have a lot of self control anyway, and you spend all your time thinking about food (ie. how to feed baby), you don’t lose much weight. Yes, rice and potatoes. And baby is supposed to have lots of butter on everything, doctor’s orders. Guess who else ends up eating it? So yes, I am in!

  • I’m in. I just got on the scale in my birthday suit only to find I weigh more than I did when I had just given birth…to my second born. If I had a suckling attached it probably wouldn’t bother me so much but no one has hung from the mams in 7 years. However, the mams, they is a hanging. ::weep:: ::gnashing of teeth::

    I’ve done WW after baby number 1 – lost 21 pounds and looked fantabulous. Lost after baby number two on South Beach – did great on that one too except I didn’t keep it off. And that would be because I ‘heart’ food and have a cakehole that I can’t quit stuffing.

    South Beach, here I come.

    Has anyone done their weekly meal plan thingie? I just did the quick analysis they offer where they coldly tell me that my BMI is more then it should be. Wow, thanks Einstein. You think? I’m wondering, however, if the weekly thing ($5 – drop in the buckey baby if it works!) is worth it?