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The Top Bunk

Whenever we have had the opportunity to stay at Disney World, our favorite location is Fort Wilderness. Because we like to rough it by camping.

And by camping, I mean that we rent a little cabin in the Pine filled woods. It has a flushing toilet, shower, and a full kitchen. With a 12 cup coffee pot.

The rough part came when I realized that I had neglected to pack my extra capacity coffee mug. And the only coffee mug offering in the cabin cabinet was something equal to the tiniest of teacups.

Intended for one of the 7 dwarfs. I had to refill that miniature cup a good ten times to feel adequately caffeinated.


The last time we were able to stay at Fort Wilderness, Emme was 4, and Cailey was a solid 2.

Jensen had not been thought up yet.

There is a small bedroom in the cabin which contains a bunk bed,and a full sized bed. We usually had the full sized bed taken out so that we could use a pak-n-play bed for Cailey. Emme was relegated to the bottom bunk.


Since she wanted to climb that mighty ladder and sleep on top. But her mean mommy said, “Absolutely not. Not until you are 8.”

I was still fairly new to this parenting business, and had visions of her rolling up and over the security railing in her sleep, and plummeting 7 feet to the dust mite infested indoor/outdoor carpeting. Landing on her curly head.

Which in hindsight causes me to chuckle. Since of my 3 children, she is by far the most cautious. And has yet to land on her head.

So, for the last 4 years since we have been back to the cabin, she has talked of sleeping on the top bunk. Ad nauseum.

At age 7: “Gee mom, next year I’ll be 8 and can sleep on the top bunk.”

At age 8: “I can’t wait to go back to Disney World, because I’m EIGHT now and can sleep on the top bunk.”

At age 9: “FINALLY! We’re going back to Disney World and I can sleep on the top bunk.”

Cailey: “Can I sleep on the top bunk?”

Emme: (haughtily) “NO. You’re only 7.”

The moment finally arrived. Emme raced into the bedroom and looked up at the top bunk. She went to the side and took hold of the ladder. One deep breath later, she ascended 2 steps.

And stopped dead in her tracks.

Climbing down, “I can’t do it. It’s too high.”

No amount of convincing could get her up that ladder.

She eyed the bottom berth, threw puppy dog and yellow blanket in, and called it home.

Meanwhile, Cailey climbed the ladder and moved into the top bunk. I was fine with that, even though she is only 7. She’s fallen on her head lots of times.

The boys slept in the living area in the murphy bed and couch, respectively. And I suffered in silence as I declared that I would take the full sized mattress next to the bunk bed.

Because this mama bear had tested out all mattresses, and ended up with the softest one. And that’s the way it should be.

All was well and good until the middle of the first night when Cailey climbed in bed with me. She was cold, it seems. Since the air vent was directly over the top bunk.

Nice design job, Mr. Disney.

Note to Cailey’s future husband:

Cailey likes to sleep perpendicular, she’s rather violent, and she talks in her sleep. I would recommend ear plugs. And body armor. Just sayin’.

Your embattled future MIL

Wearily, the next morning, I downed 15 tiny cups of coffee. And I I looked up at that top bunk. “I’m going to end up there tonight, aren’t I?”

And the visual of me attempting to climb over the safety rail was more than I could bear.

The next night, I bundled Cailey up and sent her climbing. As I nestled into my nice soft mama bed, wearing my black zorro mask and ear plugs.

And dreamed of large mugs of coffee and maid service. At the happiest place on earth.


8 Responses to The Top Bunk

  • We just went to Disney during Thanksgiving week and we had planned (ahem!) for the daughter to sleep with me since we had two doubles and Mr Tall Hubby needs his space in such a short bed. Well, that lasted ONE night. We called for a rollaway bed after a night of slapping and jabbing… and she’s THIRTEEN and hasn’t outgrown all of that stuff YET!

  • Awww, poor Emme. Was she disappointed? I mean I know it was her decision and all, but….

    • She wasn’t disappointed at all. She thought the bottom bunk was “cozy.” She’s already talking about sleeping on the bottom bunk next year!

  • Ft. Wilderness (especially the cabins) is Disney’s best kept secret. I love being there at Christmas time and seeing people string up lights outside their motorhomes. Glad you guys had a great vacation!

  • We are departing for the first Disneyworld trip for our 9 and 7 year old at Pop Century for a week.
    I was wondering if you have any words of wisdom to bestow on us newbies?
    BTW I totally will be packing my JUMBO coffee mug. And ear plugs, and Benedryll..
    So glad you had fun!
    Are their frogs there, too?

  • Sounds like you still got to sleep decently despite the perpendicular daughter. Hope you were able to come home to a top notch bed.

  • My family stayed there in Sept. The kids (ages 3 & 5) thought the bunk beds were so cool that the first day, when I said “Let’s get ready to go to the Magic Kingdom and see Mickey Mouse” they whined and said they wanted to stay in the room and play on the beds!!!

    And fyi…I slept on the top bunk with earplugs too! 🙂

  • Meanwhile, Cailey climbed the ladder and moved into the top bunk. I was fine with that, even though she is only 7. She’s fallen on her head lots of times.

    beyond hysterical. hahahaha!