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Git ‘er done

If you are a male reader, don’t run in horror.  I won’t get graphic.  I know, unusual for me.  This is an important  message for all the women in your life.

I’m going to jump up on my soapbox today, and give you the lecture that I give to all of  my sisters-in-law and girlfriends every year.

When I was in my 20’s, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer.  It was detected through a yearly pap smear and caught in the very early stages.  Therefore, the treatment was not as prolonged or invasive.

And why I was diligent and responsible enough to have yearly pap smears in my 20’s, I’ll never know.  Especially since my 20’s were marred with really stupid decisions.

For many years, I had to have a pap smear performed every 6 months. Always something to look forward to.


I went for the annual scraping of the cervix last month.  And my test came back abnormal (as in, there is an abnormality in my cells).  My doctor is not concerned because the HPV test came back normal.  She wants to retest in 6 months.

Since I’m all about being proactive in health care, I will be retesting sooner than 6 months.  It will save my cuticles, and the rest of my family from all the hand wringing and heavy sighing they would have to endure.  What with me being so dramatic and all.

AND the appointment that I look forward to most of all is the annual Smooshing of the Boobs on a Cold Metal Tray.  Otherwise known as the Mammogram.  That’s scheduled in January.

My mother-in-law is a breast cancer survivor.  The annual mammogram saved her life.  And for that, I am grateful.

Have you been checked this year?  If not, GIT ‘ER DONE!

Stepping down from my soap box.  Carry on.


23 Responses to Git ‘er done

  • Totally been working on all this who-ha. All checkin’ out great. Glad you are providing friendly reminders, and nothing the men shouldn’t be applin’ to themselves if for no other reason than experiencing the joy of old dr. office magazines like the chicks. Nothin’ like a back issue of last year’s Better Homes and Gardens! 🙂


  • Did I hear 35 is the new 40 for mammograms? Guess I need to get to it. Finding some boobs, that is.

  • My mammo-whammo is for the day after Christmas. Nothing says Happy Holidays like a mammogram!

    My first one was last year on Halloween. I had to go back for another one, but whatever showed up on the first one had disappeared by the second.

    In all honesty, the mammogram wasn’t nearly as terrible as people make it out to be. I’m with you — do it!

    Hooray for you for writing this post.

  • Hello DeeDee!
    Thank you for your “soapbox”! I am on it with my girlfriends too! I have been getting my yearly and my mammo every year since my 20’s as well. Well, the mammo started at 40! And at one point we did catch pre-cancerous cells so the inconvenience is ALWAYS worth it!
    P.S. My kids love the “Kiss My Face” products…thanks again!

  • I just lost my job, but I have insurance til the end of the year. My first call was to make sure the girls and the who-haa are okay. (They are).

    Hang in there DeeDee.

  • Thank you for this reminder. I went through the same thing in my 20’s – the abnormal pap, the laser conization, the re-test every six months for years. I’ve been great about testing since then. Until last year (yes, it’s been two years). And you know all the excuses – they all boil down to “I don’t want to make time for it” and they’re all nonsense. I’m making my appointment today. Thank you.

  • Great soapbox! I started later than most women and wish I wouldn’t have feared going annually much sooner. Since I’ve lived here, I’ve seen my GYN more times than I’ve seen my best friend or my mom. Luckily, he’s been proactive with me about some stuff, so it’s well worth it!

    I wish more gals were honest enough to encourage getting exams to their daughters and loved ones!

  • Dee Dee,

    Thank you for doing this. My mother was a breast cancer survivor until she lost her battle to pancreatic cancer six years later (the doctor said that the two cancers were unrelated but I’m not so sure.) Anyway, I was 29 when she had her breast cancer and have had the Annual Smashing of the Boobs on a Cold Metal Tray since I was 30. I am also diligent with my annual pap smears, as well. I’ve had four babies, a hysterectomy, and several other surgeries where I’ve been poked and prodded with very little dignity with the fancy schmancy beautiful (cough, cough) paper “gowns” we have to wear in the doctor’s office. . .

    And my husband moans and groans and kicks and fights when it is time for his annual physical! (which he puts off as long as he can.)

    What we women have to do for our families. . . . *sigh*

  • Awesome post! Every womans needs to be proactive about their health care. Early detection saves lives!! I saw a bumper sticker just yesterday with a pink ribbon and it said… Save the Tah-Tah’s!

  • I didn’t have a “well woman” exam for a couple of years in my 20s, until I got pregnant – and discovered I had huge fibroids that would necessitate a C-section. If I had been proactive about my health care, I would’ve known that before trying to get pregnant, so it wouldn’t have been so abrupt or scary.

    And my Grandma is a breast cancer survivor – so I’m going to get a mammogram just as soon as the doctor thinks I should (I’m only 30 and pregnant again).

  • Friday is pap smear day and since I hit 40 last January, I will now have my annual mammogram in about a month.

    I watched my grandmother die from cervical cancer and my aunt die from breast cancer. Thank you for using this forum to remind women how very important it is to take care of themselves. It’s all embarassing and uncomfortable, but the alternative is no fun either.

  • My wife was really worried about her first pap smear. But it turned out that the fear was worse than reality. She said it wasn’t bad.


  • I was diagnosed with HPV in 1996- when I was a freshman in college. I’ve since gotten my pap smear every year and by the grace of God I haven’t had any weird stuff come up. Thank you for this post- women have to be pro-active about our health. Early detection is so important.

  • Oh that annual paper skirt visit…I probably should make an appt to have it done since the last one I had was after the birth of the baby~that was 20 months ago…

    While I am at the OB/GYN’s office, I will ask about the mammogram thing. I am only 35…wondering if I need one yet…

  • I am 36, put it off last year out of fear of discomfort.

    You are giving me a great reminder. I will schedule it for Januaury. I promise.

    Fun times. Thanks for the warning!

  • I had my first “smooshing” this year (age 33) b/c of family history. It wasn’t bad at all. I need to schedule a scrape for next year before our COBRA runs out! 🙂

    Don’t forget if you’re age 50 or older to have a colonoscopy. Yes, I’ve had one of those too. It’s not that bad, but you do need to buy nice toilet paper (and plan to be home the day before your test)!!! (A few months after baby #3 was born, he thought it would be nice to give me a hernia, and at the same time I developed an abdominal tumor that looked like it was in my colon, turns out it was in my small intestine, guess how I spent Christmas 2005?)

  • My mother and aunt are both survivors of breast cancer, both caught by their yearly mamograms. My midwife found two lumps at my yearly physical when I was 31and within a month they were out. I don’t look forword to having my girls flattened again in the next couple of years, but know it must be done. Thanks for the friendly reminder.

  • I haven’t had ‘er done in about 8 years…shudder.

  • Thank you for reminding us all. My cousin is being treated for breast cancer, and thank goodness it was caught early.

    After my mammo this year I changed my facebook status to “I just got smashed and so should you”

    I do not want to hear anyone say they don’t get mammograms because they are afraid of the pain. C’mon. Do they think a mammogram hurts more than cancer?

  • I have always wondered if it was a man who invented the mammogram machine. It is very much like having a garage door used to squash your boob. A woman would never do that to another woman. Surely there is a better way on the horizon.

  • Amen!

    When I was 26 at my annual pap smear my dr. discovered a node on my thyroid b/c he always did a thyroid exam as part of the visit. Turned out to be thyroid cancer. 9 years later at 35 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. And just 2 months ago I was diagnosed with a thyroid cancer recurrence.

    When people ask me what they can do, I respond with, “You can take care of yourself, eat healthy, get check-ups and scans and -oscopies. You can hug your hubby and your kids tighter every day, and you can learn to live… to really live each moment with which God blesses you.”

    Glad you are vigilant about reminding us of the importance. And I just lifted you up in prayer that this abnormal pap would turn out to be nothing.

  • Keep us posted on how you’re doing and we’ll keep you lifted in prayer for a good clean report. That sound like a trade – I’ll pray for you even if you don’t keep us posted!

  • ok – I needed your soapbox. Have you been in my home lately? I “just” realized it’s been FIVE years since I have been to the doctor. I never ever had to go in because I got pregnant all the time and thought I lived there….then time just flew…bad, I know. Need to get it on the books now. My sil isn’t a breast cancer survivor. Lost her battle at only 34 and it didn’t even run in the family. What am I thinking. Ok – get down now. You’ve done good for the day. :0