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What’s In Your Drawers?

Last week, for my Works for Me Wednesday tip, I talked about the use of my collection of canvas bags when grocery shopping. In lieu of amassing hundreds of plastic bags.

And a few of you lamented the loss of the plastic bag, because of creative uses. Such as for the collection of pet feces.

I pause to shudder. Because, people, when you bend over to pick up the offending feces, you’ve got to feel that it’s warm. Even through the plastic.

And that’s all I can think about whenever I see someone walking their pet. Especially those enormous dogs. The kind you can ride.

I’m afraid in that instance, I’d just bring along a shovel and bury it. The poop. Not the dog.

And now I’ve digressed so far into the gutter I may never find my way out.

Yet, I press on.

A few more of you loved the canvas bag idea, and even have a collection of your own. But always forget them when heading out to the store.

I have to say that a number of brilliant commenters actually store their canvas bags in their car. I am humbled to be in your presence.

I wanted to talk today about my own little solution.

I bought a storage unit that holds those pretty canvas drawers. Because I was tired of everyone leaving their junk laying around on the counter, kitchen table, or the floor.

I assigned each person a drawer. Emme’s drawer is blue, and she stores her purse, Sunday School Bible, and anything she wants to hide from her sister.

Cailey selected the zebra print, and her drawer holds her Sunday School Bible, and an extra backpack. She also squirrels away treasures that she doesn’t want her sister to find.

Apparently, I’m the only one privy to this use of the drawer.

Jensen’s drawer contains his backpack, filled with cars, and a change of clothes. Because you never know when a change might be in order due to a fashion whim. Or when one pees one’s pants. Hypothetically speaking.

My drawer is hot pink. Which needs not be explained. I store my purse inside. And inside of my purse are my keys, wallet, camera, and tampons. In case I need a book mark.

If you are tracking with me, these are all items that we need to grab when we’re running out the door.

Fiddledaddy declined a drawer. He felt it too predictable. Knowing where your keys, wallet, and phone were at all times. It’s altogether so much more fun to play hide and seek. Whatever.

This left me with two extra drawers, if you’re doing the math. One drawer is devoted to my stash of canvas bags. That way, I grab them at the same time I’m going for my purse. And I never ever forget my purse.

The last drawer is for anything library in nature. I have one large canvas bag used to haul books back and forth. I also store old magazines in the drawer, to take to the library for the free magazine swap table.

And the basket that sits atop the whole thing is the library basket. Filled only with library books. So the library books do not intermingle with the personal books. Because that would be just wrong.

That is my organizing tip of the day. But in the interest of full disclosure, please know that if you were to open a closet, you would be killed upon impact.

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21 Responses to What’s In Your Drawers?

  • Great tip – found you through WFMW.

    I LOVE my recycling shopping bags too, and leave mine behind all the time.

  • Hee, hee! You so perfectly described my husband (as we have a similar set-up). We have bins for each person by the door. They hold shoes, gloves, hats. (it’s “stair-stepped” from Ikea — 3 sections). One top section is library book, one is the phone area, and one is for purse, keys, camera.

    Do you know that man can NEVER find his keys, so he ALWAYS uses mine! Same with wallet, calculator (in purse), tape measure (in purse), and cell phone.

  • Nice unit. I wish I had room to squeeze one more thing into my tiny house.. I’d snag me one of those. But we don’t. There is a big pile on the bar. Every. Day.

    Laughed my head off at the um bag discussion. We have a cat. ’nuff said.

  • So, where did you pick that up? I like that it’s high vertically since floor space is at a premium around here since the move. I also like that you were able to choose the design on the boxes. I’ve got 4 kids. Many of those I find have either pink or blue boxes and only four of them leaving me and dh in the lurch! So, do tell…

    From Lowes, my friend. And I could purchase the canvas drawers separately. I’ve seen them other places as well. I think at Target, too.


  • Color is an excellent way to organize a home. I made a canvas message center that had pockets for each family member where the front of the pocket had a stenciled heart in their favorite color. The pockets held small treasures, mail for them, notes and/or messages, gum or candy treats.

  • if only i could be so organized — I always forget my canvas bags — and I’m not sure if this would even help since I’ve been known to forget my purse as well! Unfortunately, my husband and I both operate a little more like fiddledaddy! haha thanks for making me smile this morning!

  • Hey, I have one of those dogs that you can ride! And while Dexter, the Great Dane is a lovely dog, he makes a rather large “mess”…but I can smile because that isn’t MY job. ROFLOL!!

    On a different note, I am now considering getting one of those storage units to put by the door. Although I will admit right now I am carrying a giant handbag that weighs as much as my 3 year old…and I am pretty sure it won’t fit in one of those drawers…

  • I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday and purchased one of those gift hat boxes with a cute Christmas design. I told the cashier she could just put my other items in there.

    She completely ignored me.

    I then remembered your post from last week and said,”So I can help save the plastic trees.”

    Then I laughed to myself out loud, mind you. She did not get it.

    Then she proceeded to ask if I wanted her to put the stuff in the plastic bag inside the hat box.

    That is when I banged my head against the counter.

  • It just looks so tidy and fun! I just wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I weren’t searching high and low for sunglasses, keys and cell phone, though. I’d have to take up a hobby or something.

    Very cool!

  • What a great idea…I’m always hunting down my keys, cell phone, etc. But my canvas bags? They’re in the car!

  • What Works For Me – the under side.

    Hiding chocolate in the tampon box as I’m the only female in the house.
    Shoving a tampon (light days) up my nose when it won’t stop dripping. 🙂

  • Ha! I throw my plastic bags in my truck in hopes I’ll remember to bring them into the recycling bin when I got to the store. Yeah, doesn’t work so well, I only notice them when they’ve completely taken up the front seat.

  • I DO have them in my car. And I STILL forget them. Gah!!

  • You never fail to make me laugh! It’s so much fun to read your posts.

  • I love this idea. And I do have one of those bins from my old daycare stuff!

    I should get them for daycare cubbies!! So awesome! You rock!

  • That is a great idea! We have one of those benches/coat rack near the door. (But I do keep my canvas bags in my trunk-sorry that sounds so much more organized than I really am!)

  • i got my set up like that @ target…need to get another one for the back door thats a good idea…

  • Ok, now that is just brilliant. You have totally inspired me to get rid of my tiny shoe rack and replace it with this bit of brilliance– do yours store their shoes in their bins? We have shoe issues.

    But I love, love, love using one of the bins for library books– you are so speaking my language about the library books. The trouble with me is, we have six kids, so the six bins would get completely taken up by the kids. Sigh.

    Where did you buy your canvas bins?

  • I love this idea!! I need to do this, we have hide and seek issues with library books, shoes, and just about anything else they need when walking out the door.

  • Well… I have my bags in the car and still forget them. Even moved them right in front of the car seats!

    I love the canvas box idea and we have a spot for them – but not sure I could handle all the mismatched colors. I would have to get all the same color and label them! Great idea though.

  • Love it, great idea.

    I, too, forget my canvas bags even though I store them in my car. It’s the getting them back into the car after each use that is the tricky part. You hate to make a special trip in the cold/rain/whathaveyou just to dump a bunch of bags onto the trunk. And yet the next time you head out the car for a legitimate reason, you forget them. This is why your idea is superior – and I’m not too proud to admit it!

    And don’t even get me started on the mingling of the library books! Oh!