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When A Door Closes

Life is fluid. Seasons come and go. When we reach detours, we just alter our course and go on. Especially after throwing the GPS out of a moving vehicle.

Life is about change. This thing called change?

I don’t much like it.

On Thursday, I received an unexpected e-mail. I read it, reread, and then sat staring at my computer screen. Assessing the changes that were eminent and were completely out of my hands.

I then mentally rehearsed the speech needed to break the unexpected news to my children.

The e-mail I received was from our homeschool group leader. We have belonged to a very large homeschool group for the last 4 years. My children have been very involved in a number of the activities offered. And were looking forward to the next year with great anticipation.

And now, because of circumstances unforeseen, our nonprofit homeschool group is closing. Effective immediately.

I was forced to tell my children about the closing on Thursday, only because they were to attend a function, and I knew it would be discussed. Otherwise, I would have pretended never to have received the e-mail. Avoidance is my favored coping technique.

The children’s grief was thankfully overshadowed by the horrifying news that their mother was leaving to fly home to Texas that evening. Without them.

Thursday was an emotional day in the House of Fiddle. Even the fish cried.

But, there is a reason for this uncharacteristically personal post.

To the lady who has lead this large homeschool group for the last 7 years, and reads this blog, I have a few choice words for you.

Dear Carla,

I just love you. Thank you for the many millions of hours you have devoted to my children, as well as to hundreds of other homeschool families. I so appreciate you, and the sacrifices that you have made. Your work is often under appreciated and overlooked.

I will miss you terribly. I will miss your friendship and your constant encouragement. I know, you will not be that far away, but you know my flair for drama. It is a gift.

I type these words as I cry bitter tears. Face down in an airport terminal.

God has opened a wonderful window of opportunity for you. I’m excited to see what He has planned in your life. You will be such a blessing where you have now been led.

Because of you, and all of your work, my children have made life long friends. And so have I. You have planted seeds here that will continue to grow and flourish. Do not ever doubt that.

I’m excited to see how God will use this opportunity to shove coax some of us out of our comfort zones. Ahem. And in the last few days, I am encouraged by some of the moms who are stepping forward to keep a few programs together. I have little doubt that we will eventually evolve into a strong support group. I hang onto that.

Thank you again and again.

You will be greatly missed.

10 Responses to When A Door Closes

  • Those co-op groups are such a blessin’. I’m always amazed at how smart and yet down to earth my mom friends are. Then there’s the whole “socialization” and “learning” things, but you know, “side issues.”

    I had to leave an established co-op when we moved across the country. It was a sad, sad day for me to say “goodbye” to all of that. Now I’m in a new place and part of a newly-forming just-a-field-trip-group. But it’s still fun.

  • When we lived in GA we had a great home school support group — monthly meetings, monthly newsletter, field trips, skating parties, talent shows, all kinds of things. It had begun informally with one lady and a few friends and grew phenomenally. When this lady had her 7th child, she just couldn’t keep up with it any more and had to shut down. For the next year a few moms kept some of the things going, but after that year 3 or 4 divided the responsibilities this one lady had had and brought it back to life. I imagine the same thing will happen to your group, as you said — some will be coaxed out of their comfort zones and step up. The interim time is kind of awkward and uncomfortable, but these groups are so helpful and valuable people realize they don’t want to let them die.

  • A very sweet and heart felt note to your friend. Not only are you lucky to have here but I am sure she feels the same way. I will be praying for you in the days to come.

  • I am now wishing that I belonged to a homeschool co-op…that might be something that I look into this coming year.

    I am sorry to hear that your co-op is having to close, but I am sure later you will see that this is a start of something even better for you and your children:)

  • I’m so sorry for this change, but trust that God will rise up others who will keep your co-op going. Hang in there!
    Blessings to your friend.

  • So sorry! We moved away from our co-op and sadly haven’t been able to find a replacement. Hope y’all can pull together to keep it going.

  • I do not like change either. In fact, I crave routine, which is why it seems God does not allow we to be indulged with too much of it lest I lose my desperation for Him. Blessings as you all deal with this change.

  • Thank you DeeDee. I just heart you, too.

    You know we are kindred spirits in so many ways…from kissing Donny to our Farrah Fawcett graduation hair to raising kids – no, wait I am done and your fun has just begun!

    I know this little distance will not keep us apart as I will feel “Close to You” (chime in The Carpenters) every morning as I read your blog. And yes, I have learned not to drink my coffee while reading or I will be cleaning my keyboard – you always make me laugh and most especially on those days when I need it the most.

    I am so grateful to have been blessed by your friendship and to know your beautiful family. Please keep in touch and tell Emme to write me…I think I have found a penpal for life. I love her flair for the dramatic – can’t imagine where she gets it from…

    I am so honored by your kind words….it was a privilege to serve your family and all the families…and I will miss you all terribly.

    I know God has great things in store for you all….just listen for the whispers. It is much better than having spewing sewage to get your attention. Trust me on that one.

    Please don’t be a stranger – this is a great place to come and play for a Saturday!

  • I’m so sorry! Something perfect is in store for you guys.

  • What?? You didn’t sign up immediately to lead the whole thing yourself??

    Maybe God is freeing you up for something else grand and beautiful! 🙂 That’s what He did for me when I lost something I loved.