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All I Want For Christmas

The mailbox has been filled with catalogues. My first clue that commercialism at Christmastime is alive and well.

Most are thrown away. Because I’m all about saving the environment. But I’ve noticed that any and all catalogues featuring anything toy in nature are squirreled away by 3 children immediately upon entering the house.

Then I notice small heads bent over them in concentration. With washable marker in hand, they circle their heart’s desires. And so that no mistake is made, a name is scribbled alongside the object of their affection.

Then these well worn catalogues are left dog-eared, laying around in conspicuous locales throughout the house.

Normally, anything left laying around gets filed in the circular file. However, noting the time of year and all, I leave the catalogues where their owner’s left them.

Emme and Cailey are partial to dolls, their accessories, and the mansions designed to house them. I take special interest in the doll section as well. And hold fast to these fleeting moments before the teenage years. Because I know I will greatly miss the doll era. I played with my Barbies until I was 12. And stopped only because of peer pressure.

Jensen has made his wishes known by exclaiming the Little Einstein franchise, the bestest toys ever made. He’s partial to Rocket, Leo, June, Quincey, and Annie. In that order. I watched him joyfully explain what he wanted for Christmas to an elderly lady that happened to ask him the question.

And I marveled at how far he’s come in the last year. How we can actually go into a public store, and he no longer screams, or runs away from me. I smiled as he conveyed his love for Rocket and pals, his blue eyes dancing, and little body acting out his words.

That’s my Christmas present.

The other day, Emme wanted once again to make sure that I had her list straight in my head. Then she added, “But Mom, what I really want are braces and glasses.”


My first born daughter wants to be a nerd.

If she asks for a pocket protector, I’m afraid I’ll have to arrange some sort of Christmas Wish List intervention.

What’s at the top of your kid’s wish list?

20 Responses to All I Want For Christmas

  • well lets see….Keifer has a new fascination with becoming a transformer and Skeet is into all things animal…
    K is getting more things along the lines of legos and pirates and Skeet will get a bit more diego and some penguin playsets i found.
    they (we) are also all getting a Wii and Rockband…

  • Money. At ages 12 and 10, my two oldest have already figured out that no one grandparent can/will afford to buy what they want (Lego NXT for the 12 and Nintendo DS for the 10) so they are hoping the grownups will give cash they can pool together and buy what they really want.

    Is that bad?

    I think it’s because in a particularly Grinchy mood last year one gave a book with cash in it, and that was it. Commercial? Noooooooo, not here, mm mm. *sigh*

  • He hasn’t asked for it, but we’re getting my son a fish. We have to buy it a couple of days early and hide it at my parents’ house. Pray. For. The. Fish. Maybe we should buy a spare.

  • My eldest son wants the Agents Mission 6 Lego set sooooo badly. He’s really confused, though, because we wrapped it in Elmo paper. He doesn’t believe it’s his. After all, he’s too old for ELMO!! We also have it on top of a closet so he can’t shake it.

  • OOOh, American doll stuff. Thank the Lord for Craigs list! They would really love a puppy, but they know we need to wait till we move, our yard is the size of a handkerchief! Merry Christmas!

  • My nephew wants either Guitar Praise (think Guitar Hero with Christian music) or a digital camera. He doesn’t know it, but his mom already bought the digital camera. So, Guitar Praise has been placed on the birthday list. 😉

  • My oldest has suddenly taken a liking to the Vikings (MN, not historical) so he’s getting THREE auctions I won on ebay (lesson learned, bid on one at a time). Number two is getting tinkertoys, number three is getting a black and decker tool set, and the pink caboose is getting a doll and stroller.

    As for the catalogues, I remind the kids to think of their sibs when they’re circling. They have a lot of fun picking stuff out that they think their brothers and sister would like to have!

  • My 5 yr old daughter wants a REAL cupcake maker. And the 3 yr old is predictably less consistent. She wanted a toy duck. Then she wanted Barbies. Then she wanted a race track. Hard to say what’s winning today.

  • I have avoided this subject with my children…I know, somehow this makes me a bad mom or whatever. But my husband had to take a pay cut this year and I am not sure what we can afford. We have tried to warn them that Christmas won’t be as big as it has been in the past but it seems to be falling on deaf ears…

  • For Chanukah-
    My 16 year old wants me to take the money I would have spent on her and “purchase” animals at heifer international–she gets to pick which ones.

    My 19 yr old son wants cash, or some really expensive baking equipment, or something else that will cost some unbelievable amount of money. He can want all he wants. He isn’t getting-except for $50 cash (maybe).

  • My youngest, 3, wants a REAL John Deer Tractor with a trailer. Yeah when we hit the lottery. My oldest just wants anything Mario and Luigi.

  • My youngest (6yo) wants that $200 Fur Real Pony. Yeah.

    So hard when you KNOW that their choice will bore them within a week. I keep telling her that it’s too much money, even for Santa. So far no dice, but she’s not getting it, so I gotta come up with some strategy.

  • My oldest (6-yr-old girl) wants lots of stuff she sees on TV, but mostly gets art and craft supplies. This seems to make her happy. My youngest (3-yr-old boy) want anything John Deere, Thomas the train, or Cars (the movie). Still young enough to keep fairly happy.

  • My kids?

    They want a bunch of frogs.

    Go figure.

    What *Do* you call a bunch of frogs?

    A herd, gaggle, flock?


  • I’m so glad Jensen is doing so well now! Gives me some hope…

  • A Wii, digital camera for the girl, and some board games.

    Not bad, and I heard you have a Wii, right?
    I hear it counts as exercise…

  • Each of my kids asked for 3 things. Jake wanted Bakugan, a new video game, and books. Emma wanted candy, candy, and a candy cane.

  • Hmmm.

    Child Number one: money toward a gaming computer.

    Child Number two: money toward a passport for study abroad.

    Child Number three: money for set of Dr. Who DVDs (Whatever that is.)

    Child Number four: a Willow Tree nativity set. Gold among the commercialisms.

  • My oldest informed me that he only wants two things: An X-box 360 and all the games that can be played on it.

    Um, yeah . . . so nice of him to be so selfless as to ask for only two things!

  • When those toy catalogues come, I make sure they hit the trash–I usually don’t make it before some small heads have spent some time bent over them in concentration, but then that is it. Into the circular. They usually manage to tear out and stash a page or two, but I find them, eventually. And tv commercials? Not here. I have a brand new (to me, anyway, I bought it used) flat panel tv that isn’t hooked up to anything. Anything. No tv, no dvd, no vhs. It is just expensive wall art for now. Well, we have dvd and vhs in the other room, but we skip the commercials at the beginning of the movies, and we don’t have tv, not even rabbit ears.

    In the past, Granny would bring the Toys’R’Us catalog over and ask the kids to circle what they want. I would try to encourage them to make a reasonable choice, and remind them that it would only be one gift of the three they circled. Then their little greedy hearts would kick into high gear, and there would be excessive concentration on “what I want.”

    NO MORE. From now on, I make my kid’s Christmas lists, based on what things I know they will continue to like long term and on what is educational, appropriate, etc.

    So this year’s list, which my children have never even seen:

    Boy (9) anything science, especially outer space, or anything artistic, especially miniatures to paint, and a used guitar (don’t know if he will get that.)

    Girl (4) anything princess, Barbie, or Polly Pocket (all decently dressed, of course.)

    Baby (21 months) wants anything soft, or anything to do with babies.

    We have bought each child one gift under $20. The rest will have to come from grandparents and relatives. Call me cheap, but my kids have too many toys already, and they certainly don’t need more.

    The result of the new list management system is that most of my children’s energy has been put into what they want to buy for others this year, and they have given relatively little thought to what they want.

    I think it quite likely that they will have a more satisfying Christmas this year than ever before.